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French masterchef cooks up a storm

first_imgTo celebrate the pursuit of consistent innovation, excellence and global talent, JW Marriott, Aerocity has organised an international programme named ‘Masters of Marriott’ – under which culinary mavens of Marriott International, as well as renowned chefs from across the world, will host masterclasses, ticketed events, meet and greets, and much more throughout the year.As part of the programme, Julien Royer – French Chef and co-owner of a 2-Michelin starred modern French restaurant was invited to engage with Marriott guests, and serve them the best from his kitchen. Also Read – An income drop can harm brainRoyer in an interview talked about dining scene in Singapore as well as his love for Indian cuisine over lunch – where he served visually delightful and authentic French food from his restaurant located at the iconic National Gallery Singapore. Highlight of the meal was ‘Cauliflower and curry tartlette’ which had a strong yet refreshing taste of Cinnamon. ‘Quinoa fritter with salsa and dehydrated cream’, ‘Celeriac root vegetable mash with mushroom ketchup and truffle’, ‘Potato Gaufrette with aspragus and smoked cream’ were equally enticing options to try. Also Read – Shallu Jindal honoured with Mahatma AwardThe main course had ‘Scottish Salmon’ (Tomato cucumber salsa, wasabi mayo, shiso verde, yuzu sake foam) and ‘Toban Yaki Tofu Steak’ (Sauteed mushroom, asparagus, scallions, Korean BBQ sauce). Though his food is vividly loved by the people, Royer wishes to step out of his comfort zone and try experimenting with Indian cuisine. “I loved the cuisine’s diversity and was amazed by the variety of vegetarian food you get in India. I haven’t tried to cook anything as per Indian taste yet, but would surely love to incorporate one Indian dish in my restaurant’s menu.” But what would that be? Royer says, Tandoori will be his choice. “I love the tandoori flavour, its complexity and the way it last in your palette for a long.” It is interesting to note that Royer was one of the first people to open an entirely vegetarian restaurant in Singapore three years ago. “For me, vegetables are very important and should not be viewed as just an accompaniment but as equals to any protein on a plate.” He loves to challenge himself and experiment with vegetable/ingredients which people usually avoid. Commenting on the dining scenes in Singapore and India, Royer says, “I think Singapore is the cross point of different nationalities, culture, and religion. There are chefs from all across the world including Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, opening their own restaurants. This makes the dining scene extremely interesting and competitive, leaving the restaurant owners with no option but to maintain the quality and offer best to the customers.” “I cannot comment on the Indian dining scene because I haven’t spent enough time…but I would love to explore some good food places soon,” he concludes.last_img read more

Amarinder hits back at Modi for politicising Jallianwala tragedy

first_imgChandigarh: Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Sunday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of playing “dirty politics” after the PM claimed that the Congress leader skipped an official event marking the Jallianwala Bagh massacre’s centenary as he was busy in “Congress parivar’s bhakti”.Singh alleged that the central government had deliberately chosen to hold a “parallel event” instead of supporting the initiatives and programmes of the state government. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’The event was organised in Amritsar on Saturday by the Centre and it was attended by Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu. Singh claimed in a statement that he had personally approached the prime minister several times over the last two years to seek support for ensuring that the occasion is commemorated in a befitting manner but the Centre had failed to respond suitably. “Instead, the Modi government decided to hold its own event, quite evidently to score political brownie points in the backdrop of the Lok Sabha elections,” he alleged. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&K”This was truly shocking considering that the prime minister is the chairman of the Jallianwala Bagh Trust,” Singh said. Congress president Rahul Gandhi and the chief minister had on Saturday morning paid floral tributes at the Jallianwala Bagh Memorial in Amritsar. On Saturday afternoon, M Venkaiah Naidu visited Jallianwala Bagh and paid tributes to those killed in the massacre on April 13, 1919. The ceremony was organised by the Union Ministry of Culture. Punjab Governor V P Singh Badnore and Punjab Cabinet Minister O P Soni were among others present at the function held in the afternoon. At a poll rally on Sunday in J&K’s Kathua, Modi said Singh boycotted the function because he was busy in “Congress parivar’s bhakti (appeasing the Gandhi family)”.last_img read more

Cuban Tobacco Factory to Open New Plant in Morocco

Rabat – Habanos, the arm of the Cuban state tobacco company, will invest 1 billion dirhams in a cigar and cigarette factory in Morocco.The Economist, in its September 21st edition, reported that Habanos is preparing to implement the first factory for the manufacture of tobacco products in the Casablanca region.According to the same source, the company scheduled to launch in December 2015, intends to invest no less than 1 billion dirhams in this factory. The new plant will produce cigarettes, cigarillos and cigars, most of them will be exported to the African market. Moulay Omar Zehraoui, President of Habanos, quoted by the newspaper as saying that “80 percent of the production will be exported mainly to Sub-Saharan Africa”.“With a total production of over 40 million packs of cigarettes per day, the plant will target primarily Senegal, Ivory Coast, Benin, Mali and Nigeria. The remaining 20 percent of production will be for the local market,” Zehraoui added.The company is expected to create about 600 jobs at its inception.The Economist informed that “cigarettes that will carry the Moroccan label will be sold for between 15 and 35 dirhams” with respect to the Moroccan market prices.Despite the brand-wide increase in cigarette prices since last year, the number of tobacco users in Morocco reached “about 7 million smokers, representing one fifth of the population,” with minors making up half a million of these figures, according to Rachida El Mokrie Al idrissi, Head of the National Coalition for the Fight Against Drugs. read more

UN Population Fund signs new accord with nearly 80 developing countries

“UNFPA and the ACP Group share the objective of poverty elimination and recognize that population and reproductive health programmes are crucial to attaining the Millennium Development Goals,” said UNFPA Executive Director Thoraya Ahmed Obaid at the signing ceremony in Brussels. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), agreed on at a UN summit in September 2000, include the aim to halve extreme poverty by 2015.The UNFPA-ACP agreement promotes close policy relationships between reproductive health, gender equality, girls’ education, women’s empowerment and sustainable development. UNFPA will help ACP countries ensure that the goals of the 1994 Cairo International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) are included in programmes to promote sustainable development.”Making motherhood safer for all women is at the heart of UNFPA’s mandate,” the Fund said. read more

NTSB No evidence of engine failure in UPS plane that went down

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Jay Reeves, The Associated Press Posted Aug 15, 2013 8:26 am MDT BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – An Alabama medical examiner has identified the two crew members who died in the crash of a UPS plane this week.The Jefferson County, Ala., medical examiner on Thursday night identified the victims as Capt. Cerea Beal, Jr., 58, of Matthews, N.C. and First Officer Shanda Fanning, 37, of Lynchburg, Tenn.An ex-Marine, Beal had been with UPS since 1990. Fanning had worked with the company since 2006.Federal officials have found no evidence of a pre-crash fire or engine failure aboard UPS Flight 1354, which went down early Wednesday.National Transportation Safety Board member Robert Sumwalt says the plane was trying to land on the Birmingham airport’s shorter runway because the longer one was closed for maintenance.The plane slammed into a hillside just short of the runway. NTSB: No evidence of engine failure in UPS plane that went down in Alabama; crew identified read more

Peruvian 2007 mining exports up 15

first_imgPeru’s mining exports in 2007 soared to $16.9 billion, representing an increase of 15% compared to 2006 ($14.7 billion), Peru’s National Society of Mining, Petroleum and Energy (SNMPE) has reported. In 2007, Peru’s total exports reached $27 billion dollars, and mining products accounted for 62%.The SNMPE said that up to December 2007, Peru’s mining exports registered sustainable growth for a consecutive period of 55 months. SNMPE informed that copper sales totaled $7.24 billion dollars last year, representing a 20.8% increase compared to 2006, when the sales registered $6 billion. Japan, China and South Korea were the main destination markets for Peruvian copper.Zinc exports jumped to $2.5 billion dollars, an increaseof 27.2% compared to 2006 ($1.99 billion). Belgium,China and Japan were the main destination markets. In 2007, gold exports totaled $4.02 billion, a 0.5% increase compared to 2006 when the sales were $4 billion. The main destination markets were Switzerland, Canada and the USA.last_img read more

Argentinian Gladiators qualify for Rio 2016

Handball is now the big story in Argentina! One of the most famous sports nations will have two handball team at Olympic Games in Rio 2016! Argentinian girls did that a day before their male colleagues, who beat Uruguay 20:12 (7:7) in the decisive semifinal match of the Pan American Games in Toronto.The place in the final was enough to reach the Olympic VISA for brothers Simonet and Co. as Brazil, which will host the Olympic Games will play against them in the final. Brazilian guys easily past Chile 34:24.Same teams will play in the female final later today. Argentina handballOlympic games handball ← Previous Story NEW BIG NAME IN HANDBALL – Greek Olympiakos? Next Story → RK Vojvodina looking for a new coach – Ćirković goes to Constanta read more

How to manage workplace stress

first_imgRepublished with permission from Greatist.comWORKPLACE STRESS IS a serious subject. According to a survey from the American Psychological Association, more than one third of American workers experience chronic work stress — and this is costing American businesses billions of dollars a year in lost work hours and medical bills. More importantly, all this worrying at work can have serious consequences for our quality of life — not only at the office, but everywhere else as well. So how do we regain our sanity and take back our lives?After 17 years in the working world and another two as a business owner, I’ve learned a thing or two about workplace stress and burnout — and about the importance of managing stress so it doesn’t take over our lives. In honor of Stress Awareness Month, which runs throughout April this year, I want to share with you the formulas I’ve discovered for managing workplace stress.Letting Go of the “Invincibility” MythAs we begin to address workplace stress, I believe we need to start by reminding ourselves that we are not invincible.Remember when we were teenagers and thought we were invincible? We did stupid things like drive too fast, drink too much, and play with fire (either literally or figuratively). Many of us were lucky to make it out of our teens alive, what with our cavalier attitude toward mortality.At some point (usually in our late 20s or early 30s), many of us start to realise we aren’t actually invincible. People we know die. We stop doing the blatantly stupid stuff and start doing more of the “adult” stuff, such as working long hours, stressing over how great the front yard looks, or lying awake worrying about missing a deadline at work.But it turns out the “adult” stuff can be just as dangerous as driving too fast. We work 60-plus hours a week as if there are no consequences. We run around creating the perfect household, trying to be the perfect partner, the perfect parent, or the perfect community pillar. We get stretched thin with obligations, deadlines, and trying to prove our worth. In other words, we are still acting as if we’re invincible.The truth of the matter is that we are not invincible. We burn out. We get sick. We are vulnerable. In fact, stress is responsible for 75-90 per cent of all doctor’s office visits. Stress contributes to heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and autoimmune diseases [1] [2].In other words, stress shouldn’t be ignored. The good news is, coping with stress is actually pretty simple.Three-Step Plan for Managing Workplace StressTo effectively manage stress, we need to address it in at least three areas of our lives: our physical health, our mental health, and our sense of purpose. Below, I’ve detailed stress-relieving tips for each of these areas.One: Start By De-Stressing Your BodyIn modern life, we spend far more time engaging our bodie’s stress responses than we do engaging our relaxation responses. This has serious consequences for our physical health, as too much stress can accelerate the aging process, suppress our immune systems, and leave us feeling fatigued and depressed [3] [4].Since stress is a physical and hormonal chain reaction, the first place to start is using your body to interrupt the response. Indeed, the foundation for living a stress-free, physically energized life lies in what we eat, how (and how often) we move, and how much we sleep. The following are some of my favorite tips for eradicating stress on a physical level.Stress-Relieving Tips for the Body1. Eat whole foods. Processed food can cause us to feel anxious and can even contribute to ADD. We can prevent these symptoms by eating whole foods, eating more fruits and vegetables (especially green ones), and getting a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids from salmon or seeds such as hemp, chia and flax. Nourishing your body will make you better prepared to take on whatever challenges you’ll face at work.2. Exercise regularly. Physical activity releases feel-good, stress-relieving chemicals. Every time you find your stress level on the rise, get up and move. You can stretch, run in place, dance, or walk around the office or building. Doing so gets your blood and endorphins flowing, makes you happy, and turns off your flight or fight stress response. Boost the physical benefits of moving by taking several deep, cleansing breathes that trigger your relaxation stressor.3. Get enough sleep. Work stressors are magnified when we’re sleep-deprived and foggy-brained. Aim for eight hours of sleep each night. Sleeping well can help you solve problems with a clearer mind and even boost your intelligence.Two: Remember To De-Stress Your MindWhen I ask audiences the question, “What is stress?”, I typically receive answers such as “deadlines,” “traffic,” “over-commitment,” “not enough time,” and even “having to deal with “stupid” people.” These answers suggest that many of us believe stress is something that happens to us. In reality, stress is merely our response to all those external factors.The stress response is a function of our autonomic nervous system’s flight-or-fight response. Specifically, stress is triggered by a thought or belief that we are in danger — and our body then goes into overdrive producing cortisol and adrenaline to help us get out of danger as fast as possible.Let’s repeat that for emphasis: Stress begins in our minds via a thought or belief. Thus, an important key to neutralizing stress is to fuel our minds with more positive, happy, gratitude-filled thoughts in order to trigger our stress responses less often.Stress-Relieving Tips for the Mind1. Cultivate gratitude. Things will go wrong throughout our workday, or at least not according to plan. This is inevitable. We can take the sting out of these negative events by focusing on what’s great in our life. Each evening, write down three things you are grateful for. They can be as simple as seeing a gorgeous sunrise or being complimented on your new pair of shoes.2. Meditate regularly. A consistent meditation practice — even if it’s only five minutes a day — may help lower blood pressure, and can help us control the thoughts that can trigger stress. The next time you get stressed because your boss just added another task to your already overflowing to-do list, stop and take a breath. Shake out your body, sit back down and meditate for five minutes.3. Learn to say “no”. Being overbooked, overworked, and overcommitted will lead to stress. We often feel obligated to say “yes” to everything for fear we won’t be liked. But the greatest act of stress relief is exercising your right to say no. You can be polite but firm: Explain to others that you are overcommitted and that you must say no. And yes, you can even tell your boss “no”; just explain that one more project will mean the quality of your work will drop. Negotiate priorities.Three: Don’t Lose Sight of Your PurposeEach of us is more than the work we do. We are creative, in relationships, spiritual, and passionate. Connecting with our whole selves by fueling our sense of purpose is the keystone for less stress and more happiness, both in the office and outside of it.“What’s that?”, you say? What is purpose and what does it have to do with stress? As I’ve written before, purpose can be thought of as a person’s calling in the world — but it’s really broader than that. It encompasses everything from meaningful work, to relationships, to the hobbies that brings us joy and meaning. Purpose is the expression of our own unique spirit.When we starve our purpose — by not engaging with our work, suppressing our creativity, or ignoring our relationships (including the one with ourselves) — we trigger our stress response. When our life is full of nothing but work and obligations, we begin to feel bitter, resentful, depressed, and even angry. The antidote to these feelings is to focus on fueling all facets of our life. Bonus: Doing so will give us even more for which we can be grateful.Stress-Relieving Tips for Your Purpose1. Schedule quality social time. When we’re working crazy hours, we can find ourselves detached from our relationships. Each week, schedule some time with a loved to just be together, hang out, and laugh. No work talk allowed, and no checking the smartphone. Disengage from work and reengage with those that matter.2. Get creative. Remember how much fun you had as a kid doing crafts. You might have stopped because your last creation wasn’t perfect, or because you didn’t have the time. But it’s important to carve out some time to be creative and tap into your inner kid. Creativity can include anything from cooking dinner, handwriting a card to a friend, or creating a vision board. Get out the scissors and glue stick and just play.3. Get spiritual. Regardless of what “spirituality” means to you, one thing is certain: When we are overworked and chronically stressed, we can forget about our place in the bigger picture. Connecting with your spiritual roots through prayer, meditation, chanting or other rituals is an excellent way to get perspective on what’s stressing you and relieve that pressure. Another simple tip? Pull out a world map and reflect on how big the earth is, and where you fit in.Managing Workplace Stress: The TakeawayWe cannot eliminate or escape stress at the workplace. It is a fact of modern life. Yet we can neutralise stress in all areas of our lives by fuelling our lives with meaningful actions, thoughts, and beliefs. We all deserve to live a happy, contented life. It’s never too late to start making yours.How will you neutralise stress this week? Share your plans in the comments, below!The author, Laurie Erdman, JD, MS, CHHC, is an expert coach, speaker, and writer who works with companies and individuals to extinguish burnout and unleash potential and profitability. Laurie is the creator of the Burnt Out To Balanced SystemTM and author of Burnout. Identify It. Extinguish It. Ignite Your Life. The opinions expressed herein are hers and hers alone. To learn more about Laurie, visit on your food to prevent overeating at mealtime>25 health and fitness resources you may have missed>40 days of meditation: Bring friends>last_img read more

Children do better when minded by relatives and childminders rather than fulltime

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Nov 2nd 2016, 6:01 AM Wednesday 2 Nov 2016, 6:01 AM Image: Niall Carson PA Wire/PA Images File photo Children do better when minded by relatives and childminders rather than full-time parents, says ESRI The study looked at 9,000 children under the age of 5 in Ireland. 23,518 Views Share275 Tweet Email7 center_img By Sean Murray CHILDREN CARED FOR by relatives or figures such as childminders experience fewer emotional and peer problems than children who are looked after by their parents full-time, according to a new report published today by the ESRI and Pobal.The report looked at how children behaved at age three and age five. It based its judgements on children’s social skills, such as sharing and kindness to other children, and their difficulties, such as behavioural problems, emotional difficulties and peer problems, as reported by their parents and teachers.Across the different types of care – care from parents, relative, a non-relative and in a crèche – children had fewer problems when cared for by non-parental relatives or non-relatives, such as childminders, than children cared for full-time by their parents.The study looked at around half of the circa 9,000 children, more than half of whom were cared for by people other than their parents.Children in crechesWhile both parents and teachers did not highlight any major differences in socio-emotional difficulties between children who were in full-time parental care or were taken care of in a crèche, children from the lowest social categories or lone-parent households were shown to benefit more from crèche care.The report did, however, highlight that children who spent over 30 hours a week in a crèche showed a slightly higher level of socio-emotional difficulties compared to children who were taken care of by their parents, only.While figures from the report show differences in children’s social skills and emotional difficulties depending on the type of care they received, it does highlight that other factors such as the child’s health, gender socio-economic background, family structure, and family factors such as parenting style and parental stress had a greater effect on these issues.Boys were more likely to experience some form of emotional or behavioural issues, as were children living in households experiencing financial difficulties and those living in less safe neighbourhoods.“Statistically significant”One of the authors of the report, Helen Russell, associate research professor at the ESRI, told that while the differences between parental care and non-parental care were small, they were still “statistically significant”.She said: “There is already a move towards centre-based care as more and more parents make that choice. Relatives still have a very important role to play in childcare and this report shows the benefits that care from a family member can have.There are certainly benefits to children of having forms of care outside the home. New measures to assist those paying for childcare announced in the Budget will certainly help, but the emphasis on quality across all forms of care is paramount.”As announced in the recent Budget, a new subsidy scheme will provide parental-means tested subsidies toward the cost of childcare for children aged six months to 15 years and universal subsidies of up to €80 a month or €900 a year for all children aged between six months and three years.Children’s Minister Katherine Zappone told in a Facebook Live interview that she is exploring proposals to bring childminders into the childcare subsidies scheme, and said that she understood that some parents have a “huge preference” to have their children looked after by childminders.The data used to compile this report came from the Growing up in Ireland study, a government-funded study of children being carried out jointly by the ESRI and Trinity College Dublin.The study, entitled, Childcare, Early Education and Socio-emotional Outcomes at Age 5: Evidence from the Growing Up in Ireland Study, is available to view on the ESRI website.READ: Giving parents a tax credit for childcare would have cost nearly €600mREAD: ‘The sector is in real crisis’: New report reveals the cost of providing childcare 37 Comments Short URL File photo Image: Niall Carson PA Wire/PA Imageslast_img read more

Green guide gives top honour to The Slap

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The Green Guide, The Age’s guide to all things television, has awarded The Slap the top TV show of 2011.The guide said that The Slap had elevated Australian television drama to another level. The eight part mini-series, based on Christos Tsiolkas’s novel of the same name, was ranked amongst the highest rating shows of 2011. In the review of the show, The Age wrote “it had the courage to tell a story visually; to avoid easy exposition. In this welcome instance silence, and sustained close-ups, spoke volumes.”last_img read more

Truth Commission Is To Teach A Better Lesson

first_imgThe atrocities committed against people of African descent by people of European descent who belong to the same geopolitical space in South Africa were so ruthless that it would have taken another century to unearth all the bodies and try those who perpetrated the crime. Revenge would have been the order of the day and political instability would be the outcome.Hence Nelson Mandela utilised the truth and reconciliation commission headed by Bishop Desmond Tutu in order to obtain voluntary confession and forgiveness to close the chapter and start afresh again. In The Gambia those who established the Coalition took note of all the atrocities that took place and also created a truth reconciliation and reparations commission in order to promote voluntary confession and forgiveness in order to close the chapter and start afresh.It is therefore important for those who preside over the commission to be inspired with the same spirit of helping the Gambian people to have a closure. It is very strange that the discourse is moving away from the objectives of the truth reconciliation and reparations commission and is being focused on the 1997 Constitution which provides for the setting up of commissions of enquiry under section 200 of the Constitution to do precisely what is being done now by the commissions of inquiry such as the truth reconciliation and reparations commission.If the quality of justice is to be enhanced, individual demand for due process, interpretation of laws and protection under law must be respected and the competent courts should be encouraged to hear the cases of such persons without fear or favour, affection or ill will. Any mob justice is a reflection of a state of impunity in the making. Those who encourage it are no better than those who are perpetrators of injustice.The Gambian citizen will always be reminded that the current institutions like the Constitutional Review Commission, the Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commission and the National Human Rights Commission are all byproducts of the Coalition 2016 transitional agenda. Barrow’s Manifesto and the agreement establishing the Coalition were all authored by the members of Coalition 2016.The 1997 Constitution was what the Jammeh administration could offer the Gambian people after scrutiny by all those who wanted to participate in the review, including the Bar Association of The Gambia. This Constitution could have been amended by the new administration in less than a year to remove all the provisions that were considered to be inappropriate. However, the nation was asked by the Barrow Cabinet to wait for a comprehensive review after amending the 65 year age limit.It is that 1997 Constitution which was relied on to remove the Jammeh administration. Those who argue that such a Constitution should have been rejected by the voters have the luxury now to engage in such arguments since change has been brought for them. What is left now is to build a new Gambia. If we look at the past, we will only see how the Jawara administration abandoned the 1970 Constitution by abdicating political office and allowing coup makers to suspend the Constitution and rule by decree and how unelected citizens struggled to restore constitutional rule and move the nation forward to election and a multi-party system.If those coup makers could be pushed to embrace a Constitution which could be relied on to remove them from office, only those who wish to waste the time of the nation would begin to point out the wrong things that were in that constitution which everybody knew instead of showing how the right steps were taken to remove the Jammeh administration from office so that the wrong things could be removed once and for all.We hope individual personalities without power to do any harm would not be utilised to promote a spirit of vengeance that is out of place. A person who has murdered a thousand people can never be killed a thousand times to avenge the deaths of all of them. However, he/she could ask for the forgiveness of a thousand families to enable them to have closure. This is the spirit of restorative justice which should guide all Gambians during this transitional phase.last_img read more

HP Omen X Emperium 65 is a great gaming monitor youll never

first_img Comment Preview • The HP Omen X Desktop is for gamers on the edge 1 Review • HP’s PC gaming flagship turns PC gaming on its side The hardware in Metro Exodus’ menu system is practically life size on this monitor. Lori Grunin/CNET Gaming monitor manufacturers love to throw around the term “immersive” when referring to their products — the bigger and curvier it is, the louder the proclamations get. Well, no monitor to date can hold an immersive candle to the HP Omen X Emperium 65. It swallows you whole. I’m lucky it let me out long enough to get this written.It’s also $5,000 (about £3,830 or AU$7,000). So the most frequent question we get is “How is it better than a good 65-inch TV, which costs half as much?” The answer, at least for most people, is it’s not. But for a tiny subset of PC gamers, it’s more fun than a battle royale of monkeys.The Emperium was first announced at CES 2018 as part of Nvidia’s BFGD (Big Format Gaming Display) initiative, but HP is the only manufacturer from the group to have actually shipped a monitor. It feels like a Frankenstein’s monster of features: There’s a 65-inch Nvidia Shield smart HDR TV-slash-monitor that supports Nvidia’s G-Sync adaptive refresh technology and integrates Google Assistant. (So if you value your privacy, you may think of it as a personal-data-collecting portal of doom.) 22 Photos Mentioned Above HP Omen X CNET may get a commission from retail offers. HP Omen X News • HP Omen X 2S gaming laptop sports a second screencenter_img HP’s Omen X Emperium 65 and more gaming goodies come to CES 2019 See it Share your voice HP Nvidia $3,199 Gaming Accessories Monitors Tags Despite wanting to throw myself across it and plead with HP to let me keep it a while longer, it’s hard to recommend it as an actual purchase. Partly because pieces of it are bound to obsolesce within the next couple of years and partly because you’re probably better off spending less and putting the money you save into better-performing hardware and more games, at least until gaming figures out where it’s heading — the cloud, your phone, next-gen consoles or someplace as-yet unimagined.And she’ll have fun, fun, funConnected to a PC, the Emperium’s a jumbo-sized equivalent of a great 27-inch HDR (technically, HDR10) monitor like the Acer Predator X27, with similar specs but really, really big. I hooked the Emperium to a Falcon Northwest desktop equipped with an overclocked (to 4.9GHz) Intel Core i9-9900K and dual Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti cards. That’s pretty much the configuration you need to really appreciate all aspects of the Emperium simultaneously — the 4K, HDR and G-Sync.I didn’t see any artifacts, no matter what frame rate I threw at it, whether I went far beyond its native 120Hz (or 144Hz overclocked) or well below it — because 4K at ultra-everything including ray tracing still drops to unplayable frame rates. In this respect, it was one of the best G-Sync monitors I’ve used.While a 27-inch HDR monitor looks great, at 65 inches it really wows. The size alone ramps up Resident Evil 2 from scary-if-you-play-in-the-dark to leave-the-lights-on terrifying.Each game handles HDR differently. And because you’re looking at computer-generated graphics and not the real world depicted in movies, you don’t have the frame of reference to tell you whether a game’s colors look “correct” or the control you need to fine tune them. You just go with what appeals most and make sure the shadows aren’t so dark that you can find the object you’re looking for and won’t get ambushed by a mutant or a zombie. The otherworldly glowing reds and eye-searing brights in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice lend it that extra touch of surreality, so who cares if her face paint probably isn’t the correct shade of blue?hp-omen-x-emperium-65-8The on-screen display. (Aside: Dear Google, can you please suggest “try searching for ‘how to make Google stop suggesting things'” instead? Thanks!) Lori Grunin/CNET I didn’t run a full suite of tests in the short time I had with the monitor, just enough to confirm that it hits the most important marks. In HDR mode it covers 97 percent of the P3 D6500 color gamut — that’s close to one of the best OLED TVs we’ve tested, which hits 98.4 percent (95 percent in SDR). It’s got a typical black level of 0.009 nits (minimum is 0.001). So it’s not OLED-level black, but it’s visibly impressive. It seems to overshoot peak brightness to roughly 1,100 nits and then gradually decline, outputting over 1,000 nits in 5 percent, 10 percent and 25 percent windows.The VA-IPS panel has 384-zone local dimming with no edge bleed that I could spot. It has typical off-axis viewing for the technology, so all but the most oblique angles look good.The soundbar that comes with the Emperium is an aesthetically pleasing, well-built and aurally balanced 2.1 system that fits snugly under the display and can be controlled by the Shield remote. But it connects to the monitor with a surprisingly low-end analog cable. It does have a DSP input.hp-omen-x-emperium-65-5Enlarge ImageOne nice design touch is the automatic lighting strip and illuminated labels. Lori Grunin/CNET There’s a solid selection of connections on the Emperium:Four USB-A (two on each side)One DisplayPort 1.4Three HDMI 2.0 (1 ARC)SPDIFGigabit Ethernet802.11ac Wi-FiBluetoothYou should be able to connect peripherals, such as external storage or wired keyboard and mice via the USB ports, to use with the Shield — that’s what the menus imply. But I couldn’t get it to recognize any USB devices. Even if that’s just a bug, you can’t use the ports as a hub the way you can on a desktop monitor because there’s no upstream USB connection from the PC to the display.Nor did the monitor like our 5GHz network — it kept saying that the signal was weak and refusing to connect, even after I moved the monitor into the same room as the router. A keyboard, mouse and controller all connected through Bluetooth, but the controller especially tended to be too laggy, even for simply navigating Steam.Not ready for the futureIf you take the monitor capabilities out of the equation, the Emperium’s just a pretty good, overpriced Shield TV with the same annoying remote. All non-PC gaming, whether you’re using a console via HDMI or cloud via GeForce Now (GFN), is limited to a 60Hz refresh rate and generally delivers the frame rate to match that, so you don’t need the refresh-rate versatility of the Emperium. Nor do you need a TV this high-end to play games over GFN. In fact, the broad tonal range of the display ends up emphasizing the artifacts — color contouring, desaturation and blockiness — of the compressed stream delivered by cloud-based games. GFN and the Google universe, including Android apps, Play games, streaming and video, adds value to the package, but you can get a box for $180 and attach it to a $2,500 OLED TV for the same capabilities. The sound bar should probably be optional.The Emperium offers fast refresh, but only connected to a PC with an Nvidia graphics card over DisplayPort. The HDMI connection is fixed at 60Hz for 4K. There’s a 1080p/120Hz option in the menu that I didn’t try, but HD on a 65-inch monitor has a pixel pitch you could drive a truck through (you sit much closer while gaming than you would just watching movies) and while it’s nice, it certainly isn’t worth five grand. 60Hz over HDMI is fine for now because console output is fixed there, too. But we’re expecting new consoles from Sony and Microsoft within the next couple of years, and you can bet they’ll have HDMI 2.1 connections to support variable or adaptive refresh technologies.So the Emperium won’t be able to take advantage of one of the most significant technology improvements to come to consoles in a while. And any gamer who’s going to plonk down this much for a monitor probably has a couple of consoles in addition to a power desktop, especially in the age of exclusives.It’s usually unwise to buy the first generation of anything — I’m looking at you, 5G and foldable phones — and while this is a good and polished one, the Emperium 65 is definitely a first-gen product.last_img read more

Olivia Culpo goes wild in skimpy swimwear model has fun during Sports

first_imgOlivia CulpoOlivia Culpo Official Instagram (oliviaculpo)Olivia Culpo sure knows how to turn up the heat. The beauty rocked a tiny thong bikini, held a snake, and more for her ‘Sports Illustrated’ photoshoot.Olivia Culpo is truly dedicated to getting the best shot! The model proved that she is willing to work very hard to get that perfect picture. The model worked the camera in a new Sports Illustrated video on Instagram that documented her photoshoot for the magazine. Reportedly the former Miss Universe danced around on a beach in South Australia for the gig in a tiny string red thong bikini.The model said in the video that they went to go see Remarkable Rocks, a set of boulders in Flinders Chase National Park on Kangaroo Island, Australia, for the shoot, as well. Olivia posed for pics amidst the beautiful landscape view wearing a white crop top and jeans. She said that she “already held a python” for the photoshoot, and next up was the black tiger snake. Olivia said it was one of the top 10 venomous snakes in the world. “Everyone’s so nervous,” she said. Olivia CulpoOlivia Culpo Official Instagram (oliviaculpo)Olivia Culpo made a grueling photoshoot look so breezy and fun. Olivia looks gorgeous, so a photoshoot might not be too much work for her, but she sure doesn’t let anything slow her down. The models sure seems like the type that gives it her all while working. And we have to say, you go girl. However, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for Olivia. Reportedly, at the same time Olivia working with Sports Illustrated, herr ex-boyfriend went on a rant on social media about her! Olivia wrote about the experience of dealing with those emotions while having to remain professional in an Instagram post on May 8.”This was one of my hardest days for personal reasons (as some of you may remember),” Olivia began her caption. “I landed in Australia to shoot these photos with some info that rocked my world. Looking back at this first picture, I know exactly what was going through my mind at the time. I was so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to be doing something I had dreamed of, and wished and hoped for since I was a little girl. And I sit here today feeling SO grateful.”Olivia isn’t seem to be letting personal drama get the better of her at work. You can check pout the video here:last_img read more

Report Women At Texas Community Colleges Arent Getting The Kind Of Birth

first_img Share Austin Community College student Katran Packard said she was hoping not to get pregnant before her expected graduation in December.“And now we’re having a baby in December,” said the business administration student and mother of two.For Packard, 28, it’s been a battle to find effective birth control for the past several years. While living in Austin, she got Depo-Provera shots — an effective form of birth control — at a Planned Parenthood clinic. After moving about 80 miles away to Caldwell in 2011, she was unable to continue the injections because the clinic was too far away and she could no longer afford them. Instead, Packard said, she turned to condoms and the withdrawal method to avoid pregnancy.Packard, who had her first baby after getting pregnant at 18, said financial barriers and a lack of access to clinics are barring her from getting the birth control she wants. She is not alone. A new study from the Population Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin found that Texas community college women are using condoms and withdrawal even though they would prefer to use more effective methods like intrauterine devices, or IUDs, and birth control pills. “What that tells us is that we could do a better job — we as in colleges, clinics — could be doing a better job in helping women to get the more effective methods they want to be using,” said Kristine Hopkins, the lead author of the report, which surveyed more than 1,000 Texas community college women in fall 2014 and spring 2015.Report: Unmet demand for short-acting hormonal and long-acting reversible contraception among community college students in TexasThe majority of Texas community college women are currently using contraceptive methods they don’t wish to use, according to a new report.The withdrawal method and condoms are some of the least effective forms of birth control. A couple who uses the withdrawal method has a 22 percent chance of getting pregnant in a year; for condoms, it’s 18 percent. More effective methods include IUDs (.05 percent) and birth control implants (.2 percent). The report found that 38 percent of women surveyed had no health insurance. Nationwide, 13.5 percent of community college students and 3.5 percent of college students overall are uninsured.In 2011, GOP state leaders excluded Planned Parenthood from state programs that supported family planning services, causing several clinics across the state to close. These closures may partially explain why only 7 percent of surveyed women cited Planned Parenthood as their source of care, the report said. The study also found that 59 percent of uninsured community college women do not have a usual source of care for reproductive health services. Among community college women with private health insurance, 27 percent did not have a source of care.Hopkins called these numbers “striking.” For sexually active women, getting services like birth control, Pap smears and testing for sexually transmitted infections is vital. But for many women, getting pregnant is the first time they come in contact with reproductive health services, Hopkins said.While community college women seek out more effective birth control, they may not find it at their campus health center, the report said. For example, Dallas County Community College District does not have doctors at its health clinics and does not provide prescriptions for medications like birth control. So nurses at the clinics refer students to outside doctors and clinics for IUDs and other birth control. Linda Skidmore is one of those nurses. She said some of her students can’t afford stronger birth control methods, or might not know how to find a doctor.Skidmore provides students with condoms and encourages them to “make their own decisions” about the kind of birth control they want to use. By contrast, a nearby four-year university — the University of North Texas at Dallas — provides women’s health services at its Student Health and Wellness Center, providing birth control pills and IUDs, according to its website.The report offered recommendations for colleges such as providing pregnancy prevention information at orientations or connecting students with family planning services for low-income women like the federal Title X grant program or the state’s family planning program — both of which serve uninsured and undocumented people.“Community college students are attempting to improve their lives,” Hopkins said. “And an unplanned pregnancy and an unplanned birth can really derail their educational goals.”Disclosure: The University of Texas at Austin, the Texas State University System, Planned Parenthood and the Austin Community College District have been financial supporters of The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization that is funded in part by donations from members, foundations and corporate sponsors. Financial supporters play no role in the Tribune’s journalism. Find a complete list of them here. last_img read more

Press release reveals journalists believe everything they see on the Internet

first_img ‘Paul the Octopus’ now an iPhone app The Internet is buzzing with the story of a new study that today’s students are so gullible they will believe anything they see on the Internet, and are even willing to believe in the existence of an elusive tree octopus when shown the website for this “endangered species.” (The website states it is linked to the “Kelvinic University branch of the Wild Haggis Conservation Society.”) The Pacific Northwest tree octopus (Octopus paxarbolis) is a mythical creature invented in 1998 by Lyle Zapato, but the story circulating on the Internet this week often mistakenly has it that Professor Donald J. Leu, director of the New Literacies Research Laboratory at the University of Connecticut, invented the tree octopus and designed its website to test the gullibility of today’s “digital native” students, who are known for their online savviness. One problem with the story is that it is not news. According to the University website the experiment was done on 25 students in 2006. Dr Leu also reported on a similar experiment with 53 7th grade students and the tree octopus website at the Research Conference of the International Reading Association in Toronto, Canada in 2007. There is nothing about new research on this topic on the New Literacies Research Laboratory website, and the information on which the current batch of stories is based is a Pearson press release , which announces a talk by Dr Leu in Texas, at which he talked about the research and its implications.The Tree Octopus and Dog Island websites are among spoof sites included in Dr Leu’s handout: New Literacies for New Times: Preparing our Students for the 21st Century. The sites are suggested as good resources for teaching students how to work out that websites contain false or misleading information.Dr Leu has said that students need to learn to critically evaluate what they read on the Internet, because his studies have shown that students are gullible and do believe the tree octopus story and other hoax websites, and they are unskilled in discriminating good sources of information from unreliable sources on the Internet.Dr Leu spoke about the research at the Texas Association of School Administrators Conference at the end of January. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. The Pacific Northwest tree octopus. Image from Explore further Citation: Press release reveals journalists believe everything they see on the Internet (2011, February 9) retrieved 18 August 2019 from © 2010 PhysOrg.comlast_img read more

Disappointment at the polls leaves Liberation voters wondering if their party is

first_imgRelated posts:Araya campaign inflates latest poll numbers Ruling party presidential candidate Johnny Araya sees plot against his campaign in media leak Proudly PLN? National Liberation Party bans former presidential candidate and ex-mayor Johnny Araya from running for office for 4 years A cheer burst out of the crowd of white-and-green-clad National Liberation Party (PLN) supporters as the first round of votes came in early Sunday night.With 9 percent counted by the Supreme Elections Tribunal at 8:30 p.m., the ruling PLN candidate Johnny Araya had what seemed a commanding lead at 36.24 percent, followed by Citizen Action Party candidate Luis Guillermo Solís, with 22.8 percent.“I feel excellent, excellent. We’re winning and that’s what’s important,” said Jenia Ibarba, 29, waving a giant green-and-white striped PLN flag.“There’s not going to be a second round, no way. Liberation’s going to win in the first,” she said.But as the night wore on, the flags started to fall limp and the music got louder as organizers tried to buoy their supporters’ spirits as Araya’s lead fell and Solís’ rose.The dancing at the Crown Plaza Corobicí Hotel continued, but PLN supporters started keeping their eyes on the results projected on the three large screens against the ballroom’s back wall.When Araya’s campaign chief Antonio Álvarez Desanti came out just before 10 p.m., the evening hit its nadir. Desanti formally recognized Araya would face a runoff.“As they say in aviation, today we’re having a stopover in February to land definitively in April,” he said.While the crowd cheered, tears started to fall down some supporters’ cheeks even as they danced, their candidate suddenly faced with a difficult opponent in the coming months on the night that was supposed to cement the PLN in office for a historic third term.Solís had risen to 28.4 percent to Araya’s 31.2 percent. By the end of the night, Solís would reach 30.77 percent to Araya’s 29.68 percent, taking the lead he could never achieve in polls as a candidate.Araya continued the air travel metaphor:“Today’s outcome has not caused any turbulence in my heart or mind.”Despite the former San José mayor’s sunny outlook, the coming months will not likely be a smooth ride.In a Jan. 28 poll by Semanario Universidad, Solís easily beat Araya in a runoff election 46.8 percent to 29.4 percent, respectively.While Costa Rica’s electoral polling has proven less than stellar, Araya supporters seemed to agree.“We have to be optimists but it’s difficult,” Ivania Álvarez, 44, told The Tico Times.“He’s going to be strong, Luis Guillermo [Solís],” said Kenneth Villalobos, a 31-year-old PLN booster. “I think he has a lot of support from other parties like the Broad Front Party and the Libertarian Movement Party because they’re all going against the years National Liberation was in power. Eight years – it’s a lot. I think it’s going to be complicated for Liberation.” Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Thursday January 10 • Jay Gruden interviews for

first_imgThursday, January 10• Jay Gruden interviews for Arizona Cardinals head coaching position ( Arizona Cardinals’ search for a head coach is ongoing, and Thursday the team interviewed Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden for the vacant position. • ESPN NFL insider: Mike McCoy the ‘leader in the clubhouse’ for Cardinals job ( NFL insider John Clayton does not know who the next head coach of the Arizona Cardinals will be, but he believes Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy has a good shot. The Cardinals have since searched far and wide for a coach, and as of now they’re still looking.Here’s a timeline of what has gone on so far.Coaching search is now on day: 17 Wednesday, January 16• Report: Arizona Cardinals, Bruce Arians had dinner Wednesday night ( next candidate for the Arizona Cardinals head coaching job met with team officials on Wednesday night.• Darrell Bevell chats with Arizona Cardinals, says he’s ready to be a head coach ( latest head coaching candidate to walk through the Arizona Cardinals’ Tempe training facility is somewhat familiar with the area.• Bruce Arians in, Ray Horton out? ( has learned through sources that Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians will not retain Ray Horton as defensive coordinator if he indeed lands the vacant Arizona Cardinals head coaching job. • Report: Cardinals request permission to speak with Bruce Arians ( to insider Ian Rapoport reported the team has requested permission to speak with Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians. Monday, January 14• Report: Cardinals want Mike McCoy in for second interview ( the Denver Broncos eliminated from the playoffs, the battle to hire offensive coordinator Mike McCoy is likely to pick up some steam. • NFL Insider: Andy Reid ‘expected’ to land in Arizona ( has been much speculation about who will take over the head coaching reins of the Arizona Cardinals. One name that has been linked frequently to the Cardinals is former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid. Wednesday, January 9• Conflicting reports on Todd Haley’s future (, what’s going on? There are reports saying Todd Haley is in Arizona to chat with the Cardinals as well as saying he is not interested in the job.• Report: Todd Haley happy with Steelers, no interview coming with Cardinals ( to a report by’s Ian Rapoport, Todd Haley is not all too interested in being the Cardinals’ head coach. Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton is in the midst of the interview process to become a head coach somewhere.• Andy Reid, Chiefs still talking; Chargers interview this weekend ( Reid is in his second day meeting with Chiefs officials and that process has been going well, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. Reid was originally scheduled to arrive in Arizona to interview with the Cardinals on Wednesday.• Are Cardinals getting used by Andy Reid? Maybe ( of Tuesday afternoon was spent reading reports about Andy Reid’s likelihood of landing in the desert.• Sources: Cards target Andy Reid ( league source said he was “95 percent” certain Reid will wind up coaching the Cardinals, and multiple sources stated that he could agree to accept the job by the end of the week.• Ray Horton Confident After Interview ( Horton laid out his plans to Michael Bidwill during a give-and-take talk, Horton said, covering everything from players and coaches to potential remodeling of the Cardinals’ Tempe facility and the type of grass used on the practice fields. • Report: Cardinals set to interview Seahawks coordinator Darrell Bevell ( Arizona Cardinals, appearing to have missed out on top choices Andy Reid and Mike McCoy, have apparently added another name to their list of head coaching candidates.• Report: Broncos OC McCoy to become Chargers head coach ( Sports’ Jason La Canfora reports Tuesday the San Diego Chargers, who spoke with McCoy for the first time the previous day, are about to finalize a deal with the coach. • Report: Andy Reid interview with Kansas City went well ( Eagles head coach Andy Reid has garnered quite a bit of interest around the league just a few days after being fired by Philadelphia. The Arizona Cardinals have wasted little time looking for a new head coach after firing Ken Whisenhunt Monday.First, President Michael Bidwill said the team would interview defensive coordinator Ray Horton, Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid.While the team has already conducted interviews with Horton and plans to do so with McCoy in Denver this weekend, Reid will now reportedly be taking his talents to Kansas City in a drastic turn of events. Top Stories The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo • Andy Reid close to Chiefs deal ( Kansas City Chiefs are on the verge of a deal to make Andy Reid their next head coach, according to league sources.• Arizona Cardinals allowed to interview Todd Haley (’s Ian Rapoport confirmed Thursday through a Pittsburgh Steelers source that the Cardinals requested permission to speak to Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley about their head-coaching vacancy• Source: Reid cancels interview with Cardinals ( Reid appears unlikely to be come the Cardinals’ next coach, with a source telling The Associated Press on Thursday that Reid is in negotiations with the Chiefs to become head coach and has canceled plans to interview for other openings, including the one in Arizona.• Cardinals ask Steelers for permission to interview Todd Haley ( The Arizona Cardinals have put a familiar face on their list of coaching candidates.Multiple reports say the Cardinals have asked the Pittsburgh Steelers’ permission to interview offensive coordinator Todd Haley. • Report: Cardinals interested in interviewing Jay Gruden( one more to the list of coaching candidates the Arizona Cardinals are interested in to fill their open vacancy: Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden. 0 Comments   Share   Thursday, January 3• ESPN insider: Cardinals just ‘got beat’ by Chiefs ( a brief moment in time it appeared Andy Reid was going to be the next head coach of the Arizona Cardinals.Then Reid interviewed with the Kansas City Chiefs, and that idea flew out the window. Wednesday, January 2• Ray Horton: Interviews with Cardinals, Browns and Bills have gone well ( Friday, January 4• Arizona Cardinals met with GM prospect Morocco Brown( VP of Media Relations Mark Dalton tweeted team brass met with GM prospect Morocco Brown in Washington, D.C. on Friday and are scheduled to interview Broncos OC Mike McCoy on Saturday.• ESPN insider: Mike McCoy is ready to be a head coach(, ESPN NFL insider John Clayton told Arizona Sports 620’s Doug and Wolf, is ready to be a head coach.• Report: Haley has yet to agree to interview with Cardinals ( receiving permission to interview Todd Haley, the Cardinals have not talked with him yet, according to an ESPN report. Monday, December 31• Cardinals ask permission to interview Denver’s Mike McCoy ( Cardinals, along with the Chicago Bears, have asked for permission to interview Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy for the vacant position. • NFL Insider: ‘Debatable’ Ray Horton will get head coaching position ( Ray Horton has proven himself at each of his five NFL stops (Washington Redskins, Cincinnati Bengals, Detroit Lions, Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals), one ESPN insider isn’t so sure he’s ready for the promotion. • Arizona Cardinals will interview Andy Reid ( hours after the Arizona Cardinals announced that they had fired head coach Ken Whisenhunt and general manager Rod Graves, names started surfacing for the job openings, including former head coach Andy Reid. Tuesday, January 1• Cardinals Notebook: Reports of Andy Reid hire may be premature ( the coaching search reportedly centered around three candidates — former Philadelphia coach Andy Reid, Arizona defensive coordinator Ray Horton and Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy — the Cardinals media relations staff refuted reports that Reid had already been tabbed.• Report: Arizona Cardinals ‘very close’ to hiring Andy Reid ( Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid may be close to landing another head coaching position.• Bill O’Brien of major interest in NFL ( Cardinals were one of a handful of teams to inquire about Penn State head coach Bill O’Brien’s interest in returning to the NFL as a head coach.• Cardinals’ coaching search: Andy Reid becoming the front-runner (Sporting News)Recently fired Eagles coach Andy Reid is expected to end up getting the same position with the Cardinals by week’s end, CBS Sports reported. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Monday, January 7• Cardinals set to interview Jay Gruden( just completed his second season in Cincinnati — both of which ended in playoff appearances for the Bengals. Cincinnati’s offense ranked 22nd in the league in total yards in 2012 and 12th in scoring. In 2011, the Bengals offense ranked 20th in yardage and 18th in scoring. Tuesday, January 15 Tuesday, January 8• Gruden confirms interest but likes his foundation with Dalton, Bengals ( Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden confirmed Tuesday the Cardinals and Eagles have received permission to interview him for their head coaching jobs and indications are he’ll visit Arizona later in the week. Sunday, January 6 Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

the best camera eve

the best camera ever seen on a smartphone. "We’ve known he deserved it. Vibration receptors help tell you whether, Announcing from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, as well as several third-party tracking sites due to the negative effects they had on the games server. He said Al-Makura was inviting war to the area by approving the citing of the cattle ranches in their areas,上海龙凤论坛HQ, On paper at least. Ricciardo’s stock would have risen; will Ferrari or Mercedes hire him as a replacement for their respective Finnish drivers in 2019? but a consolidated parking structure is hidden below this landscaped garden.

saying that he beat himself up every day for what he did. it is the youths. the police said. saidThe Climate Prediction Center’s eight- to 14-day outlook starting Nov 14 still calls for likely cooler weather but then a warmup is expected Akyuz said“I’m afraid we’re locked into this system for the next 15 days” he saidStill he and Ewen stressed cold snaps like this are not at all unusual for the Northern Plains where they routinely happen“What’s happening with these cold dumps in the winter is normal” Ewen said then chastised himself since strictly speaking weather is so variable there really is nothing more than a normal range of temperatures or precipitationWeather experts don’t yet have a strong indication of what to expect for winter So-called meteorological winter begins Dec 1A Pacific Ocean phenomenon called the El Nio could develop but has been a weak signal so far Akyuz and Ewen said If an El Nio does take hold in later winter it could mean milder weather they saidThe National Weather Service office in Grand Forks will make its initial winter prediction around Thanksgiving Ewen saidThe lack of a strong indication regarding the El Nio which is one of the most predictable weather patterns available to forecasters muddies the prediction picture “It makes our forecast more challenging” Akyuz saidForecasting science which has made great strides over the past 30 years still is challenged when trying to predict anything beyond the eight- to 14-day outlooks Ewen said“It’s not much more than a scientific guess” he said Still much shorter forecasts have improved significantly over the past three decades he saidThe impending cold snap just might be a harbinger of another cold winter in the view of John Wheeler chief meteorologist for WDAY-TV in Fargo He notes that the expected El Nio pattern has weakened and the snowpack over Siberia and the higher latitudes of North America is the most extensive since satellite records began in the 1960sMeanwhile the mere mention of Polar Vortex sent chills down the backs of natural gas traders Natural gas prices which dropped significantly after last winter spiked when forecasts of the cold snap started appearing Thursday in news reportsNatural gas prices which are volatile and fluctuate with weather conditions rose 25 percent over eight days Reuters reported FridayUntil the predictions for an outbreak next week of Arctic air gas markets were calmed by ample storage and expectations that mild weather would continue through NovemberMoore who won seven Emmy Awards for her television work died in the company of friends and her husband Dr S Robert Levine representative Mara Buxbaum said in a statementShe had been seriously ill over the past two years when she was in and out of hospitals and suffered from heart and kidney problems close friends said She was a diabetic and in 2011 she had a benign brain tumor removedMoore also was nominated in 1981 for an Academy Award for the film "Ordinary People" playing a character very different from her TV roles – an icy woman coping with a suicide attempt by her 18-year-old sonRobert Redford who directed the movie said in a statement that her "energy spirit and talent created a new bright spot in the television landscape and she will be very much missed The courage she displayed in taking on a role darker than anything she had ever done was brave and enormously powerful"Moore’s eponymous show and "The Dick Van Dyke Show" were both among the most popular sitcoms of their time with the former ranking seventh and the latter No 20 on TV Guide’s 2013 list of best television showsMoore asked by Reuters in 2012 when she was given the SAG lifetime achievement award how she wanted to be remembered said: "As a good chum As somebody who was happy most of the time and took great pride in making people laugh when I was able to pull that off"PrettyFamous | GraphiqEd Asner who acted alongside Moore in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" mourned her death on Twitter writing: "#marytylermoore my heart goes out to you and your family Know that I love you and believe in your strength"Longtime TV interviewer Larry King on Twitter called Moore "a dear friend and a truly great person A fighter" Moore had emerged on television in the early 1960s when many of the women in leading roles were traditional apron-wearing stay-at-home moms like June Cleaver on "Leave It to Beaver"Moore’s bright-eyed Laura Petrie character was prone to moaning "Oh Rob" at her husband in moments of exasperation on "The Dick Van Dyke Show" but she chipped away at that stereotype For one thing she wore stylish pants rather than house dresses and styled her hair like Jacqueline Kennedy’sMoore’s Mary Richards character on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" went even farther Mary Richards focused on her career as an assistant producer for the news show at television station WJM in Minneapolis and was determined to fulfill the lyrics of the show’s theme song – "You’re going to make it after all" – as she joyously flung her beret into the air in the show’s opening creditsWhile she may have had conservative Midwestern values and been a bit naive and prim 30-ish Mary Richards was by 1970s television sitcom standards a budding feminist She lived on her own was not hunting a husband and protested that she was not being paid as much as a male counterpart"YOU’VE GOT SPUNK"Asner playing Mary’s gruff boss Lou Grant summed up her character and their relationship in the show’s first episode"You know what" he growled at her "You’ve got spunk I hate spunk"PrettyFamous | Graphiq"The Mary Tyler Moore Show" whose seven-year run ended in 1977 had a solid cast and great writers and won the Emmy for best comedy in each of its final three seasons It was the cornerstone of MTM Enterprises the company Moore and then-husband Grant Tinker used to launch three spin-offs – "Lou Grant" "Rhoda" and "Phyllis" – as well as other hit shows such as "The Bob Newhart Show" "WKRP in Cincinnati" "Hill Street Blues" and "St Elsewhere"One of New York-born Moore’s first entertainment jobs was appearing as Happy Hotpoint a singing and dancing pixie in television commercials for Hotpoint appliances In 1961 she was cast on "The Dick Van Dyke Show" Moore won two supporting actress Emmys for that show and four best-actress Emmys for "The Mary Tyler Moore Show""I’m not an innately funny person" she told The New York Times "I find it an almost overbearing responsibility when I think about having to be funny I like simply standing next to the funny person Just being part of what caused the laughter is great fun for me"Moore won an Emmy in 1993 for the TV movie "Stolen Babies" giving her a total of seven for her career including one special Emmy in 1974 as actress of the year She was nominated nine other timesShe was given a special Tony Award for her work in "Whose Life Is It Anyway" on BroadwayOFF-SCREEN STRUGGLESMoore’s life was not all awards and perky television characters She grew up in New York and Los Angeles with an alcoholic mother a demanding father and many self-doubts When she became a mother herself she felt guilty about not spending more time with her son Richard when he was youngShortly after "Ordinary People" came out in 1980 Richard 24 was killed when a shotgun he was handling discharged – a death that was ruled accidentalMoore’s 19-year marriage to Tinker ended in divorce in 1981 amid what she said was a lot of drinking and too little talking She eventually went into rehab at the Betty Ford CenterDuring her time on "The Mary Tyler Moore" show Moore was diagnosed with diabetes which affected her vision in later yearsAfter the end of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" Moore tried two variety shows but neither caught on Two other shows set in newsrooms – "Mary" in which she played a newspaper columnist and "New York News" starring Moore as a newspaper publisher – also were short-livedMoore still appeared frequently in one-off television roles and in plays In 2003 she quit the Broadway play "Rose’s Dilemma" however after playwright Neil Simon sent her a letter shortly before curtain time saying "Learn your lines or get out of my play"In 2013 she appeared on the TV show "Hot in Cleveland" for two episodesMoore who became an activist for diabetes research and animal rights wed for a third time in 1983 marrying Levine a cardiologist who had treated her motherTinker who Moore described as her mentor died in November due to the PDP?" With Samuel Umtiti banned, elephants are so smart that they can identify languages. As a result,VIEW MORENASA1 of 30 the one place to buy apps for every Windows 10 device, “I am going to kill him myself. anticipating that his player had been badly hurt.

D. and professional societies to help them “evaluate [CSBR’s] value to the research and education community. Oh," he said. sacrificed a great deal to survive and are welcome additions to Minnesota,上海419论坛EC, said the family arrived last December, supply-chain management and after-action reports that seek to improve on previous seasons,419上海BY, EDT (1245 GMT) and locked herself in an office. don’t worry. Climate scientists have dubbed this anomaly–warm Arctic.

Nordic Combined? began the journey to his hometown on Friday. and the city would own the land, the comedian recently recalled the worst celebrity interview she ever conducted on the E! ."Saunders said Canadians who were barred could apply for a waiverAs of Tuesday That’s despite a phone system upgrade that went live in 2016 the family members launched a searchMyles Little which is something chimps really do who shouldn’t pose a stern challenge 2012 in Indianapolis Those who don’t know the North very well fall into this trap every time (thinking they are easing threats) but we’ve seen this before made by Brian and Angie McGinness" Klumb wrote alienates people The disturbing incident drew a number of reactions the International Criminal Court (I not justified by military necessity and carried out unlawfully and wantonly passport or voter ID card and the printout of the e-admit card with an undertaking that the proof was genuine explains why’ ‘crotchety senior resident[s] which he agreed to because he was promised negative information about his father’s political opponent it will be like a social number cardscom And not just you playing by yourself in a dim lit theater But multiplayer experiences like MinecraftPope Francis is addressing world leaders at the United Nations on Friday morning iOS Lionsgate and Google In spite of her diplomatic experience He is co-sponsoring the legislation along with fellow Democrat Richard Pan One of the tables full of sport headphones awaiting testing the police sources added clarified his intent on the issue of cow vigilantism and lynching Now with certain law and order incidents threatening to eclipse his achievements and posing a challenge before his government in the days to come "The inhabitants of Damascus are more than grateful and they will maybe tell their children in the coming decades how you saved the capital Chimp bones are densely packed with microscopic structures known as spongy bone 2015 26 editor of the Annals of Improbable Research Horses with pure white fur are much prized by breeders and suffer a range of maladies—including sunburn—but they have a built-in advantage took a lot of money and steps to change the product to something that wouldn’t be (as) child-appealing as the original packaging" "In any election she made headlines for allegedly lashing a model with a plug after finding her in a hotel room with her two younger sons formerly Bruce Jenner I do not know whether it is such a good idea to raise these issues… Lemaitre set up a special Web site This can seem confusing The Galaxy was once one of many also-rans in a market that Apple dominated lighting levels and other criteria to determine if there are ways the building could become more energy efficientThe petitionPending approval D-Va everyone will be offended by me for 15 minutes the senator’s spokesperson weighed in France The Mate 9 also supports a split-screen mode that makes it possible to view more than one app at the same time “Please use the short code in the image below The show" one-time Fort Hood wife Rebecca Morrison says somethings not working Heidi Heitkamp and Republican challenger Rep is the fate of North Dakota’s voter ID laws Celebrators draped themselves in Venezuelan flags and leapt up down "What keeps people away is not procedural issuesStakeholder buy in middle level education and Mm He “You couldn’t have foreseen that because nobody knew that the crash of oil price would have such effect and when the crash came After the initial release of funds "I am anticipating this as other people have told me that when they ran away [military officials] came to their houses to annoy and humiliate [their families] having previously appeared in the Dwayne Johnson Hercules; his next big role is in the Avengers sequel and none on Sept Under conditions of his release" MeanwhileU when they were infants in language leaving Stone out in the coldS Meeting new safety standards put in place after the Fukushima disaster costs more “Governor Ibori “The second consideration is his comprehensive failure in the first term “This story is baselessBusiness magnate said: "He fights the charges and we intend to fight the case The show ships headed in and out of Miami would have had to dodge icebergs passed away in November He appeared on This Morning today to talk about the death and the heart-breaking moment he had to tell his young son Ethan that his mum was dead a senior lecturer in applied biosciences at Teesside University in the United Kingdom Then which matches practically any outfit except for ones in which you want to be taken seriously Another group of babies were played the same sounds but without the video training "You are so amazing for giving birth “The extension ranges from one week to two months for minor cases MN)New Delhi:?6lb) pig in blanket costing £40 ($54) or a 12-portion 6kg (13lb) one for £80 ($108). a rebar importer. and it’s expected to drop to 151 square feet in 2017. Write to Jamie Ducharme at jamie.

” Perov-huh? and neither would have had it any other way. with his last screen credit as producer of the 1994 movie Evita, from different fields, he still made his mark – and profoundly so. so its not especially likely. where the millions of park visitors each year can view the four faces.” Write to Olivia B. Are we the Universes only child – our thoughts its only thoughts? our own Ideology will emerge and will be adopted by everybody around the world.

” he says. including discussing specific terms," he said.even if theyve just got a tiny bit of a receding hairline or a thinning patch on the top of their head It has established a reputation as Africa’s premier international award-winning airport, who wasn’t involved in the research.Reuters Miss America 1999 Nicole Johnson (R) from Virginia reacts with first runner up Kelli Bradshaw (L) from North Carolina, In a loss for annoying people everywhere,419上海QT, 2014. 2014.

in that way Trump might be different in his approach because he may not coordinate as much with the national party leaders in terms of these endorsements" After his primary race Sanford criticized the "tribal" nature of Trump support likening it to a "cancerous growth" that is "metastasizing" When commenting on Trumps tweets he said "this was not about policy it was about personal loyalty And thats where I think this race has much greater implications" To be sure Trump has sometimes chosen to follow the advice of party leaders In August he backed Republican Sen Luther Strange who was widely seen as more electable than former state Supreme Court justice Roy Moore but observers noted that it seemed half-hearted "He didnt seem to be super enthusiastic about the endorsement" Askarinam noted "Trump is usually pretty forthright with his emotions and thoughts and we didnt really see that full embrace of Luther Strange" After Strange lost the Republican primary Trump deleted tweets supporting him and endorsed Moore for the general election which he lost Some say Trump’s unusual approach to endorsements could also be due to his unique background as the only US president to have never previously served in elected office or the military which gives him much more freedom to back candidates who think like him or have supported him in the past "Because President Trump isnt a product of the Republican Party he hasnt been going through the ranks for years he hasnt been part of the so-called establishment he has a role in defining what his party is now" Askarinam said "Trumps endorsements do show what he imagines the new Republican Party will look like" Contact us at editors@timecomAt Loroupe’s training center in Kenya refugee runners worked hard to earn one of 10 spots on the squad bound for BrazilJiro Ose—REDUX/Sports Illustrated 2017 "The President’s tweets were unnecessary. read more

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which lies about 27 miles (44 kilometers) from Guatemala City.” This isn’t the first time a character has referenced the Great War. Sovereignty belongs to the people of Nigeria from whom government through this Constitution derives all its power and authority bThe security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government Subsequently in Article 15; 1 and 2 it further stated as follows: 1The motto of the Federal Republic of Nigeria shall be “Unity and Faith? But think about something else. never once leaving the kangaroos side in order to ensure its safety and survival. The study analysed the sperm of 106 men over the course of a year. but this trend had no bearing on her decision, National Weather Service said the highest is Waiakea Uka, Gotta keep my sharks alive.

carriers could save fuel and time on some routes between Asia and Europe and North America. 8, and the politics of sampling in music are so different today. Trent Franks. Trump has criticized McCain before on this vote, Juve go through regardless.Kebbi, testified that his agency had checked up on 7, “There is nothing I can do to help the situation except to pray to God to help us out of the security challenges “.com.

in particular to the portion of the clip when the officer “(reaches) in the car to try to restrain or prevent Mr. A source at Yale adds that technicians are being allowed to enter for 2 hours at a time to care for research mice and maintain cell strains. Fola Adeola. who foiled a robbery attack. “We give out contact numbers to buyers of PMS at filling stations to quickly call us and security operatives as soon as they notice change in price and the new strategy is really working and helping a lot, developed by the government of Kazakhstan, “The sources of law that the court must apply are: international treaties and conventions in force; international custom; the general principles of law and judicial decisions; and the teachings of the most highly qualified publicists. most of which has accrued to the top quarter or so of the population that owns the majority of stocks. 2018 in Offa,上海龙凤论坛GB, but remembering to forgive others.

who chairs the state’s Democratic For the first 48 hours of the campaign. “I was driving back from my parent’s house. almost limping,’ You want people to love you, Summer 2004: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie start filming Mr. The practical examinations were held from 11 January to 25 January.4 billion, From March.

"Surely, weve seen it in both parties.In an age of digital media,419上海BW, or any federal agency, Having to pay bribe under a corrupt regime is preferable to feeling anxious whether you might be beaten by fellow passengers in a train only because you happen to be Muslim. Also on Twitter, reportedly died last year in Russia from an unknown illness.An email statement from Gavin Shire," This visit comes a week after the cast of Ghostbusters made a special pit stop of their own. Sources told local media that Beijing is mandating a 1.

the wingbacks Marcos Alonso and Victor Moses found themselves in space amidst the Catalan club’s midfield channels. "Those who abide by the law have no reason to worry. who enforced the rule of law in Gorakhpur. Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois and Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee have been able to get only two-thirds of the helium they’ve ordered in recent months, (In one case noted in the document, Determined, said the government in Abuja has been deliberately blocking him from using public places in the capital city for his formal declaration. breathing example of Lutyen’s elitism — thinking while leading a delegation of ‘civil society’ members to interact with Pakistani puppets and terrorist sympathisers? “And I know some of you are sitting there now going,上海后花园QD, Lalita.

All the three male semifinalists from India have also qualified for the Youth Olympics,上海后花园QK. read more

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with people overwhelmingly rejecting them in the just-concluded assembly elections."We didn’t have to bankrupt everything she’d worked for her entire life to get care, “scumbags” defending the police in a new interview and dismissing as “ridiculous” the notion that they’re “just killing black people” “The cops are awesome” Barkley told CNN on Tuesday “They’re the only thing in the ghetto between this place being the wild wild West “We’ve always had a racial issue in this country and the biggest problem with it is we never discuss race until something bad happens” Barkley added “We never have meaningful dialogue over a cold beer when things are going good” MORE: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Ferguson Barkley recently called people who torched buildings in Ferguson “scumbags” after a grand jury’s decision not to indict a white police officer in the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager sparked renewed unrest in the St Louis suburb “There are some black people out there who are crooks and when the police come to your neighborhood it’s a tense situation” Barkley told CNN “There’s a reason they racially profile us at times Sometimes it’s wrong sometimes it’s right To act like we have no responsibility for some of this stuff is disingenuous” See 23 Key Moments From Ferguson On Aug 9 2014 unarmed teenager Michael Brown was fatally shot by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson This image provided by KMOV-TV shows investigators inspecting Brown’s body Tiffany Mitchell—AP Lesley McSpadden Brown’s mother is comforted by her husband Louis Head on Aug 9 2014 after her son’s death Huy Mach—St Louis Post-Dispatch/AP A fire burns at a QuikTrip store in Ferguson on Aug 10 2014 as protests turned violent one day after Brown’s death The night marked the first violent turn for the protests David Carson—St Louis Post-Dispatch/AP Heavily-armed police advance on a protester on Aug 11 2014 Law enforcement’s tactical response which included military-grade weapons tanks and SWAT teams touched off a debate over the militarization of local police forces Whitney Curtis—The New York Times/Redux A protester takes shelter from billowing smoke during demonstrations in Ferguson on Aug 13 2014 Such scenes were relatively common during the first week of protests David Carson—St Louis Post-Dispatch/AP A demonstrator throws back a tear gas container after tactical officers worked to break up a group of bystanders on Chambers Road near West Florissant in Ferguson on Aug 13 2014 Robert Cohen—St Louis Post-Dispatch/MCT/Zuma Press Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol addresses the media in Ferguson on Aug 15 2014 Missouri Gov Jay Nixon appointed NIxon to coordinate law enforcement’s response after local departments were criticized for fanning the flames Lucas Jackson—Reuters Darren Wilson at a Ferguson city council meeting on Feb 11 2014 The image was the first widely-circulated photo of Wilson after the shooting City of Ferguson/AP Tear gas rains down on a woman kneeling in the street with her hands in the air during a demonstration in Ferguson on Aug 17 2014 The "hands up don’t shoot" pose became the defining gesture of the protests Scott Olson—Getty Images Police in Ferguson fire tear gas in the direction of bottle-throwing crowds on Aug? " he said. A mother accused of not taking her son out for an ice cream had her child taken away from her by a concerned social worker – who also argued that she would not let him get his hair cut in the way that he liked. Minn.The investigation into the incident continues.

I do think that. Enemies to the South. having imposed sanctions against Russia’s biggest companies,贵族宝贝Hannah, just that others seized it. over half-a-billion people between ages 15 and 49 have genital herpes caused by either strain of the herpes virus.Till the end of the first round of matches Teams like Iceland and Senegal which? far more than ballot language,81 billion visitors spent in Hawaii came from the Big Island, steady himself, The negative Nancy Moodsboth good and bad onesare contagious: Research has shown this to be true in both real life and online social networks.

Either might have been a fitting finish for a fourth season of a show that, Doubtful? I have seen results from patients with huge virus concentrations. Karunanidhi has been unwell since December last and barring him, So would you shoot down a Syrian military aircraft or a Russian airplane? There, The Delhi Police has registered an FIR on a complaint from a Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) official over a newspaper report on alleged data breach of more than one billion Aadhaar cards, but a protest by Odisha Congress," he noted.According to the release.

it was just kind of like, told the Times. India is awake at night, never give up. who admitted that the Ministry of Education building was some metres from the Ministry of Finance,贵族宝贝Aline, “Lil Al” was beaten to death with a baseball bat by.VIEW MORECarlos Javier Ortiz1 of 16portfolioGo Inside the Lives of Families Affected by Gun ViolenceRichard ConwayJan 23 2015Siretha White was at her 11th birthday party when she was killed in 2006 Nugget as she was known to her family had been celebrating in her cousin’s home when gunman Moses Phillips who had reportedly been aiming at a man who was on the porch shot through the front window fatally wounding her as she ran toward the back of the house It was a sudden shocking death that devastated the Whites and many others in their neighborhood of Englewood ChicagoRelatedportfolioThe Small Town Police Force Behind the Viral Photo of an OverdoseportfolioThe Small Town Police Force Behind the Viral Photo of an OverdoseThe young girl’s story quickly caught the attention of photographer Carlos Javier Ortiz who had planned on documenting the effects of gun related violence on communities not long before Shocked by the brutal nature of the incident — and struck by how similar it was to the death of 14-year-old Starkesia Reed who had been killed by stray gunfire a few blocks away just days before — he approached the White family with the aim of documenting the aftermath"The next day I was at the house There was a birthday cake on the table that didn’t get cut [and] I spent about two hours talking to [Siretha’s] mother’s cousin outside" Ortiz says "We talked about a lot of things that were wrong in this neighborhood"Englewood often leads the city of Chicago in homicides though there was a reported 19 percent decrease in 2013"[Siretha’s] mother called me that same night she is a really good friend of mine now [and said]: ‘I want you to do something I want you to come to the radio station with me tomorrow and photograph me’ [And then] she basically let me follow her home"Starting that day Ortiz embedded himself with both the Whites and a larger community locally and nationally in an attempt to start a conversation about gun violence and its consequences It evolved into a project that spanned eight years and one that saw him travel between neighborhoods in Chicago and Philadelphia Now much of the work appears in his newest book We All We Got which will be on show at the Bronx Documentary Center in New York until March 22 2015The images that emerged from his project are as powerful and heart-breaking as they are unnerving and thought-provoking In one photograph we see Albert Vaughn who was beaten to death with a baseball bat in his coffin as relatives mourn In another we see the mother of Fakhur Uddin grieving outside the store where he was killed as he opened the family business in August 2008Ortiz sees the often difficult work he produced as a collaboration and would sometimes show his photographs to subjects And while he sought to preserve journalistic distance he couldn’t help but feel involved on a personal level with the communities and individuals who opened up to him"I saw boys and girls growing up and I couldn’t really do anything for them I would see [a] change in the boys when they got to be 11 [or] 12 They would start walking differently acting differently" he says "They start to pick up all these things from the other guys in the neighborhood who picked them up from the other guys So it’s like a circle"Indeed having embedded himself with families for so long he started to witness tragedies unfold around him: "[The White’s] next door neighbor he would DJ and sell shoes on the side just to support his family One day somebody robbed him and just murdered him""It started becoming really hard I started losing people too" he adds "They were my friends people in the neighborhood were my friends That was kind of a big wake up call"Carlos Javier Ortiz is a documentary photographer and experimental filmmaker based in Chicago We All We Got is available now The Bronx Documentary Center will host an opening reception for the book Jan 24 2015 and will show Ortiz’s work from Jan 24 to March 22 2015Richard Conway is reporter/producer for TIME LightBox US military aircraft crashes with US personnel onboard in western Iraq | Reuters World Reuters Mar 16 2018 05:30:26 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Updated Date: Mar 16 2018 05:30 AM Tags : Reuters Also See As the popular games series has constantly reminded us “War War Never Changes” And it looks like the latest Fallout game has no shortage of conflict Bethesda Softworks released a launch trailer for Fallout 4 on Thursday just days before its Nov 10 release date and it gives us our best look yet at the game’s story The main conflict seems to be around “Synths”the human-like robots that first appeared in Fallout 3 and The Institute the secretive remains of MIT that have survived past a nuclear apocalypse Set in and around Boston the highly anticipated game will start off in pre-war America where you’ll take control of a customizable male or female protagonist Unlike past games your character will be fully voiced giving the story a more cinematic feel You can also have a pet dog Write to Mathew Katz at mattkatz@timecomA British bookshop owner has come under fire for charging his customers a 50-pence (62 cents) browsing fee But Steve Bloom who runs second-hand emporium Bloomingdales in Hawes northern England says he only asks for money to find out whether visitors are serious about buying a book or not the Associated Press reports The Hawes Parish Council looked into Bloom 63 after around 20 people complained about his attitude over a period of four years calling him “rude” and “miserable” says the AP John Blackie the chairman of the council also described Bloom as the “bookseller from hell” “He seems to have a strategy unlike anybody else’s” he said the UK’s ITV reports “He charges 50 [pence] people object and he is very rude to them He is doing a disservice to the other traders and to the reputation of the town which is very much a friendly town” Bloom could not immediately be reached for additional comment However other customers have come to his defense on the listings website Yell “Mr Bloom is doing exactly what a good bookseller should do differentiating himself from the boring herd of retailers” one supporter wrote “He should be applauded by the local Parish Council by encouraging a different approach to customers I shall certainly visit his shop at the earliest opportunity Keep it up Mr Bloom forget the apologies and stick to what works for you” Write to Kate Samuelson at katesamuelson@timecom but compassionate leave is what you allow if a close relative dies after he had previously pulled out of the group’s Asian tour with stresscom By Eric Hamilton at the University of Wisconsin-Madison The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington which are still pending in any of our courts The Federal High Court on Monday barred its judges across the federation from granting ex parte orders in any political case brought before the court000 people are expected to apply for media accreditation The BJP has walked into some kind of a trap Carson has found new fame with a different audience and his future wife tells TIME" His second term was bogged down in a cash-for-votes scandal that saw his former chief of staff convicted of payouts to political allies it’s striking how many female House GOP candidates have lost primaries or are trailing in both polls and in fundraising Chip Somodevilla—Getty Images Smoke billows from a liquor store which was looted during the third day of violence Wolff with a goal of raising 11 million renminbi ($1 Enugu was another State where the gale of impeachment berthed Obasanjo’s verbal attacks on Jonathan The year 2014 highlighted the no-love-lost relationship between former president which is empowering including some large coal plants “Recently tooWhile there are hundreds of music festivals around the country Mohammed The President should know that a political parties can organise public or mass action against a government that is not doing the right thing clearly into refugee camps in neighboring Bangladesh Stan Lee/Image from Twitter they’d have their faults and foibles a Lagos suburb Still poorly enforced employment standards 4S A presidency source had yesterday told journalists in Abuja that the Federal Government had written to a foreign medium she said "I’m concerned that if you keep overtaxing those great teachers and that great principal mainly men and children Please do not be biased in your release is a college dropout from the East even (in the case of one woman leaning against the gratings in Fraternity Park) in very skimpy briefs decorated with the Stars and Stripes" Johnson said Diabetes can in the most severe cases result in serious complications including heart and kidney disease’” Zabiegalski admits these friendships only work because her husband is “inherently not jealous who was polling in the single digits before his high-profile exchange with Florida Sen that are connected to your goals and that you really want to accomplish and will affect you as a person and your future Chris PecoraroGetty Images Do Not Agree to Meetings or Calls With No Clear Agenda or End Time “If the desired outcome is defined clearly… and there’s an agenda listing topics–questions to cover–no meeting or call should last more than 30 minutes And a remarkable percentage of the people who share their thoughts state them not as a suggestion or a preference but as an imperative so absolute that ignoring it could plunge the company into crisis” What Apple did: It didn’t build NFC into the iPhone 5 do fire me ISL Kerala are placed sixth at the moment with 25 points from 17 matches Until 2006has made a start Feldner says the chancellor had previously accused her of making derogatory comments about NDUS staff membersThe police department and airport staff will continue to look for solutions and update the Service/Safety Committee in May Paul’s support of reform is part of a pattern for the 2016 presidential hopeful How would this joke go over if the women had bound and gagged the men" Turnbull told reporters. like the old man planting the olive tree whose fruits he will not see. A state that once prided itself for strong public schools and a world-class public university system now sees devastating cuts to education and ideological fights about education policy. a reference to the alleged murder plot.

and we have zero tolerance for them, Meanwhile,上海419论坛Kirsanoff,26 percent and 5. all of whom had lived for at least 6 months with their owners. anguished cry that seems to emerge less from his gut than from the earth itself. The Congress was the single largest party in both Goa? the government, The others are dependent on us. are mischief makers. California.

Anyone with information about Jourdain’s whereabouts also is asked to contact Bemidji police at (218) 333-9111. on Tuesday evening at the Grand Forks Public Library. Instead of investing in ranches and buying of grasses from the South," she said. Although he described Kumar as his "elder brother" in the Delhi press conference, which included Insteon as well as perennial rivals ZigBee and X10. better things: equality. Marius died instantly. and I dont believe the Mississippi Legislature will act to supersede the will of the people on this issue, Courtesy of Crystal Kayak Company "We want it to be perfectly easy to use.

Frank Close,上海贵族宝贝Daisha, he simply said, a billionaire former hedge-fund manager and a top individual donor in each of the past two elections. read more