Do not become a fake goods exchange!, please cherish your brand, do not become a fake goods sinks! Do not become a fake goods sinks!

at the end of 2015, suffered a serious image of the


is a specialize sale site, goods 100% authentic!" this is the slogan of once proud. But today, the popular slogan is like a huge bubble, a few bottles of wine to be a smash hit.

fermentation days selling fake Moutai event recently finally results. January 2, 2016, issued a statement, confirmed that the platform for the sale of fake Moutai, the goods have been returned to the relevant departments of the seal and investigation and investigation. has said that the permanent cessation of cooperation with the supplier, and has taken the initiative to the police, the police have accepted the case and the supplier starting procedure of criminal investigation, the relevant personnel have jingfangxingju, will fully cooperate with relevant departments to investigate. Moutai has been selling a recovery, said, will advance the commercial value of ten times the compensation, in order to complete the product recovery and sequestration investigation as soon as possible. move, has been far from active. Because before this, Moutai has already announced the two information: 1, according to the appraisal rights group in December 8th in, who buy Moutai wine was identified as counterfeit fake personnel; 2, Moutai company and have cooperative relations. Moutai claimed that, according to the information to grasp, is not a source of supply from our winery dealers, there may be other procurement channels."

in Moutai wine company of these two statements, if does not recognize is counterfeit, it would be too "Laolai".

but, looking at’s official statement, I feel that although this statement has a pay ten commitment, but still not very sincere.

first, the responsibility completely thrown to the so-called supplier. Second, to praise their measures into a forward-looking". Third, which mixed with non Moutai group of original products, the argument is confusing. Fourth, this apology seems to be formalized.

I may be harsh and demanding perfection, but some consumers think so.

fake Moutai does not seem to be the 100% genuine bubble broken end, it is like a piece of Domino. Because, at this time it seems that more and more trouble

according to the Securities Daily reported on January 4th, some consumers are not satisfied with the attitude of One consumer said: "the announcement claims to be ‘compensation’ rather than ‘compensation’, and from beginning to end, do not mention ‘fake’ two words, and"

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