Month: June 2017

Marriage Yiwu ushered in the first intercollegiate entrepreneurship as an exchange student in Taiwan

The development of

in Taiwan and the mainland in recent years there have been significant changes, the first choice is close to the Fujian Guangzhou, the mainland is more in-depth, to start the media, inter marriage, Yiwu for the first time in Taiwan exchange students.

It is reported that

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Low discount clothing items need to be carefully selected

is a relatively simple choice to join the venture, as long as there is a certain amount of money, no experience can open the road to entrepreneurship. Now a lot of clothing brands are playing in the "discount" brand to attract entrepreneurs to join the brand. "Low discount, high profit" – is this slogan attractive?

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Open shop to make money and coup 4 points to help you find a good source!

want to start a business, want to shop, in the end there is no faster and better way? Now there are a lot of entrepreneurs is the first choice in the online open, either online or entity, the supply is very important, especially on the Internet, online shop to make money tips, also is the low cost, and this one, to find high quality and inexpensive goods is not yet.

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How to choose the brand of home appliance cleaning service business

home appliance cleaning services in the market is very popular, it has a large demand, the market outlook is very good. Join home appliance cleaning service brand, we have to choose a good brand. Brand formal, it brings you a lot of protection. So, how to join the home appliance cleaning service businesses to choose the brand? We need to understand the principles and methods to choose the brand, which can help you quickly select the brand.

1, visibility

brand awareness includes brand identity and brand memory. Consumers who have the ability to identify the brand, after obtaining some kind of hint, can correctly indicate whether or not they have seen or heard the brand before. Brand recall refers to the ability to recall a particular brand when consumers think of a product without any warning. Brand awareness is often an important driving force for consumers to buy. For example, some people want to eat hamburgers, they may be the first choice of McDonald’s and kfc. The higher the brand awareness, the brand can bring the higher the flow and sales, the franchisee to expand the market before the more worry and effort. Therefore, China Chain Management Research Institute to remind entrepreneurs to join in, be sure to find out the brand, choose a high visibility of the brand, to achieve "backed by a good shade tree in a certain extent". read more

Small home appliance store decoration skills sharing

creative small household electrical appliances can make people’s lives more convenient, open a small home appliance store is also very profitable. So, you may want to ask, how to open a small home appliance store? Open a small household electrical appliances store you need to know a lot of things, this time, a small home appliance decoration to introduce.

1, small home appliance store decoration design and appliance VI harmony. The main channel is spacious, not less than 2 meters, the second channel is smooth, not less than 1.5 meters, small appliances to join design glass doors and windows have obvious color difference, logo out, caused the attention of the customer, to prevent hidden dangers. read more

With the name name easy to mislead customers


take its work so difficult that many employers now will map a simple, direct with his name as a name. In fact, the current market there are a lot of shops are such a name, however, is not the name of each owner can use this. In a street, I saw a restaurant sign: "three yuan Hand-Pulled Noodle hall", I thought, this hotel Hand-Pulled Noodle really cheap, only three yuan, so try this Hand-Pulled Noodle.

so I went into the noodle shop, and the boss greeted me warmly. I asked for a bowl of noodles to eat, but found that the taste is not good. I barely ate the ramen, and there were three yuan in my pocket. I will be three yuan out of the money to the boss, but the boss did not pick up, he shook his head and said: a bowl of ramen is not $three, but $thirteen." read more

How to do propaganda work

is now sure to use a variety of shops to do publicity, if you want to further enhance the popularity of the store, you need to use all possible ways to promote the new store. What specific methods can learn from it? Xiaobian finishing the relevant information, I hope to bring you more business guidance.

A, the advertising campaign preparation

which is the basic plan for the whole shop activities, so to develop the overall progress, the ideal situation is to be filed in the 10 months before the opening, to be finalized in the shop 6 months ago, so the activity can be fully prepared and effectively. read more

Hubei has several development zones identified as the transformation and upgrading of the demonstrat

With the continuous development of

economy and the continuous innovation of science and technology, there are many traditional enterprises can not adapt to the trend of the development of the times. However, a number of high-quality enterprises to actively carry out the transformation, access to a better development. So, what are the development zones in Hubei identified as the transformation and upgrading of the development zone?

reporter yesterday from the NDRC website was informed that the national development and Reform Commission of all submitted national economic zone to create the Yangtze River Development Zone upgrade demonstration programs were reviewed, agreed to Suzhou 33 Industrial Park Development Zone Development Zone for the transformation and upgrading demonstration set. Among them, Hubei Xishui Economic Development Zone, Yichang hi tech Industrial Development Zone, Jingzhou economic and Technological Development Zone are listed in the list. read more

How about joining xiaolifeidao Sliced noodles


was little, his novel xiaolifeidao caused countless people in pursuit of Li Xunhuan’s heroic heroes flying into the sky, we still can not forget. Today Xiaobian to recommend this delicacy name loudly, "Li flying" bowl of Sliced noodles, is not it a dandy fan? "Li flying" bowl of Sliced noodles is the heritage of Chinese dozens of generations of famous faces of the tool knife, cutting workers, exquisite craft, select Xinjiang area wheat noodle special production process produced, smooth taste, special taste. In today’s fast food, instant noodles have lost the characteristics of rough surface and texture. read more

What are the characteristics of the new round of employment support policies in Panzhihua

with the development of economy, the gap between the rich and the poor is also very obvious. In order to coordinate the unified development of the region, a new round of employment support policies in Panzhihua. So, what are the characteristics of the new round of employment support policies in Panzhihua?

this year, the city has issued a new "Panzhihua employment unemployment registration regulations", "Panzhihua city employment certificate management implementation details" and the "Panzhihua city employment difficulties apply to identify the implementation measures", to further improve the new round of employment support policy system. read more

n the vicinity of the District opened a special umbrella shop

District entrance features more shops, a variety of non enumeration, mostly restaurants, supermarkets and barber shops and so on, but few people open a specialty umbrella shop. How about opening an umbrella shop? Here to open the relevant characteristics of the umbrella shop, so that the characteristics of the district entrance shop and one more category.

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How to open a stationery office supplies store

a lot of investors, although there is a business plan, but it can not be more specific to their career positioning, resulting in the entire business is easy to be affected. In fact, if you want to successfully set up shop, in a clear basis for the operation of products for further efforts, the probability of success will be higher. So, how to open a stationery office supplies store? Do you need to do a product positioning?

how to open a stationery shop? This kind of shop budget is not high, about 8-10 million can be, of which 50 thousand yuan for the store lease and decoration, the rest of the purchase of goods. Shop area is not large, 15-30 square meters can be. The following specific talk about. read more

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge for 120 thousand people free life is true

Zhangjiajie is an important tourist scenic spot in the country, which receives a large number of tourists every year. Not long ago, Zhangjiajie for the glass bridge re issued a notice on the Internet, 120 thousand people involved in the final decision of the tourism scenic area to provide free travel for these 120 thousand people is true?

includes the world’s highest and longest ten "world first" Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge is the last batch of bridge glass installation, is expected to open this year, 51 trial operation. read more

Survey shows that the level of education is inversely proportional to entrepreneurial intention

many people will think of a person by the higher level of education in many aspects of the views will be deeper and more comprehensive, such people are often not willing to people, working for other people, however, a recent survey has shown that with the opposite of a result!

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How to manage beauty salon

beauty salon management work is not good, the business will be affected. If you are investing in a beauty shop, then what should be done to do business? If you are not familiar with the problem, take a look at it!

Beauty Health Museum mainly engaged in cupping, scraping, ovary, stomach, neck and facial health, the products are good, but because of the "nest" in the business building, not many people know, so the store business has been stagnant. Even at the best of times, there are only five or six guests a day, and when the business is bad, there is no one. read more

What do you recommend to do the most profitable small business in 2015

is now in 2015, if you want to make more money this year, then entrepreneurship is a good way out. What do you do in 2015? This is a lot of people are thinking about the problem. If you have an idea, you need to do something about it, first of all, what are some of the more profitable projects in 2015?.

2015 what to do? Open digital workshop

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Plastic window ten brands list

for housing decoration, often need to do first is to close the window, and the selection of different materials, will be involved in the brand will naturally be different. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of plastic window list, so that people in the industry who have the demand to choose the right brand.

windows ten brands list NO.1, conch profiles: key high-tech enterprises, Chinese Anhui Conch Group investment holding new chemical building materials enterprises, ten large steel doors brand, Wuhu conch Polytron Technologies Inc. read more