Month: September 2017

Zhu Xinping a proposal for a web site owner in a development sitentensive backdoor listing, the acq

intensive backdoor >

website profit is not easy, how to profit is also the site of the most headache!

what kind of website would be profitable?

personally, the first in line for a very simple example. You build and rent at the cost of 3000 yuan; and you are each worth 100 yuan, so long as you through the website to sell 11 products you profit. That’s one reason why many companies build their own websites.

personal website to do pure Internet advertising is really difficult. Millions of lattice is a good idea. But Chinese has a characteristic is: follow suit. You search millions of lattice, the number of classes to the site? Some of the cells might be artificially boost popularity site made himself, not everyone really willing to spend money to buy the lattice. As for other website alliance. By clicking the money. The money is not enough to say you buy the domain name money. But lots of advertisements influence website will let the members in addition to more disgusted. The first time I felt curious access to millions of lattice, no one will go to look at the ads. read more

used to share keyword ranking query tool

now, let us together to watch the powerful effect after WordNet is:

since the contact Shanghai dragon in this industry, I want to find a can easily query keyword ranking tools, however, such a simple request, after a lot of time are not satisfied, until I met her on the keyword ranking query tool! In order to express my gratitude to the good tool, in order to share this good tool for everyone, I played percussion keyboard, start code for this article, not just for the soft

this tool relative to other tools. " read more

How to recover after the site was down the right reason and website K

(3) of the content of the website:

recovery methodIS log The content of

6. chain factors

path change The frequency of updates

8. high repetition

website important directory The revision of the ?

2.IP line is not stable, for example some space or server can only support single or support or support, Netcom, telecom, caused by the spider visit the blind spot. Even some of the server in order to save resources, the search engine spiders shield.

7. content of unstable

1. server, web server instability, move, attack or buy site itself is not stable due to server function. read more

How to select and set the site keywords

keyword is the preparatory work of Shanghai dragon, it is very important to select a keyword. Some people in the selection of the site keywords according to their website content is arbitrary, these keywords in the search engine did not lead to the flow of keywords ranking up but still not what website traffic.

and websiteThis is the website of the

today is not to say, directly into the point:

2, select keyword

1, there is a correlation between

index or noble love Shanghai baby’s keyword tool, here I will love the Shanghai index. After determining the main keyword in your website to love Shanghai 贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝 index to check up, you can directly enter the keywords, below you can see the keyword index and a related keywords, the keywords are here to show a certain amount of search. You can use it to select the website main keywords and keyword, a website can have multiple keywords, here you can also determine the best website long tail keywords, long tail keywords although less traffic, but a number of long tail keywords together is a huge number of read more

The practice of their own website nobility baby Sitelink

3, close the website name, core keywords, anchor text, external links and internal links between theme strategy…… Similar to the "vote" keyword network, is one of the decisive factors produced by Sitelinks.


1, the website authority: Sitelinks website in an industry, field or a specific topic, has a certain reputation.

With the

Sitelink release: "noble baby display part of the site below the link in the search results are called Web links (Sitelink, their noble baby) can help the user to browse your site. The automatic analysis of the link structure of your site will be our system, users can save time in order to find web links and allow users to quickly find the information you’re looking " read more

Love Shanghai bidding Guan Jian word matching mode four you know

note that only when users search words just contain "aluminum price" (complete including order) these 4 words are likely to see your promotion.

2. does not trigger the promotion of the results of the search terms include: aluminum prices, Aluminum Alloy price

1. may trigger the promotion of the results of the search words: aluminum, aluminum prices, the price how Shanghai 7075 aluminum price is cheap, the price of aluminum, aluminum industry, aluminum price cheap

at the beginning of this year, Shanghai to love bidding system has made a slight adjustment, Guan Jian words in which to adjust to our article to say, the adjustment is actually subtle and localized, generally do not cause too much attention, but for the costs of care for some users, you need to know a. read more

Two points should be noted on the chain of Shanghai Dragon

two in our special should pay attention to the way


first mention of a Links, has recently been looking for Links, but by Links find ways but so few, QQ group (the most widely used, but the platform (weak), a lot of people should take this as a chain of place), according to the link, but is some love Shanghai, noble baby and other search engines, there is a Links for Links, all-round development of it lies in, through their own a Links website to find its links to the web site through its Web site to find other links corresponding to the site, and then after we go this is progress, that is, the corresponding link information, for example, this method is particularly suitable for way Links, which can be summed up in a lot of ways and links. Do a notepad, check all the information to each other through the Links tool, can do, have a summary, and then go to the website, this is a good way, but also very suitable for Industry Station; recently I also applied in this way, always wanted to be a breakthrough in friendship link, everything is possible to use a pen, a record either on their own, or the summary is very significant, through a web link for another one, this is Links derivative, a lot of people say that Links is not good looking, but the actual situation to find the read more

Keywords Shanghai dragon learning network development should be how to do (below)

Seventh, from the mining

learning network in the article: Shanghai dragon development should be how to do keywords (on), first from four aspects and share the common method of keyword expansion, are words related tools, search using the prompts and related searches, other tools such as today, then the article from the other four and share, respectively in different forms, add keywords, mining, traffic data from the cross combinations, the system allows you to harvest, in the keyword expansion through this well, the beginning of the text today. read more

How to improve the site included rate better.

third, according to the chain:

we should all know, love Shanghai spiders love most is the original article, copy and paste the contents of the same as garbage, nor on the love of spiders in Shanghai a "attractive", so it will not be like Shanghai which included, even if included will be short-lived. It also tells us that the content of the website is very important, whether the treatment, or will affect the typesetting are included. Since the discovery of the problem, so it should be properly solved. read more

Let the site faster access method

after the meeting, can not help but want to see how the performance of your web site. Since the site moved to foreign countries, was a little worried. The noble baby Webmaster Tools website performance, can not help but be startled at your site: the average page load time of 20.2 seconds. The station more than 99.7% websites slow.

slow 100ms=Amazon sales decreased 1%

two, start gzip compression

as a virtual host, and no permission to open gzip server configuration. I can only rely on the WordPress plugin for GZIP Output. The home page size (Html/Text) decreased by 18.9KB. read more

Shanghai dragon Economics the invisible cost

Shanghai Longfeng the choice of many enterprises, is two words: cheap. They think that advertising is always the most expensive, but do not spend money in Shanghai, advertising on the Internet, as long as a person or a team to bring up, you can wait for the Everfount flow rolling in, and can continue for a long period of time. But is it really? Shanghai Longfeng service is really a so good? Would not comment, let’s look at Shanghai, the invisible cost.

. The Shanghai dragon service, its mission is often only a ranking. They are only responsible to bring up the flow, to attract customers to the website, but after how to deal is the boss himself. But the reality of the practice of many bosses are let Shanghai Longfeng station maintenance and sales personnel into account, the consequences of doing so is to flow, rarely the real deal. Because of the Shanghai Longfeng personnel often only provide outsourcing services, and there is no in-depth understanding of the products, they show how to guide customers to buy products or is not good, do not know how to customers into the new and old customers, and caused serious loss of customers, so as to discharge waste from the ranking dropped. Potential customers did not translate into revenue, this is not a great loss of read more

Discussion for the love of Shanghai ranked the how to solve the floating

home page we want to find what are the causes of website ranking floating so much, so that it can make the site to continue to operate it.

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er there will be some mistakes, when the operation site optimization such as: Keywords accumulation, back chain, link, link, a large number of garbage foundation optimization is done in place; whether the use of black hat means, these issues will be on the site keywords ranking factors have direct effect; so we need to check a website every detail there is no problem. read more

From the green algorithm to do things like Shanghai pomegranate algorithm


for the green algorithm, my site is not affected, after all, I did not participate in the sale of links, but I always feel that Scindapsus algorithm is small talk, now link trading activities still exist and active, so I hope you try not to buy too much.

algorithm also has the issue of pomegranate wood, so no one knows it will be much more lethal. From the love Shanghai Lee introduction we can know the pomegranate algorithm mainly target is the low quality of the content of the site. This is fundamental to fight, because the quality of a web site, depending on the content of the website is complete, is not what fancy interface and function. From the green to pomegranate algorithm algorithm, I think is slowly restraint of the webmaster Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but do not know which of the two algorithm is effective, can give serious do stand webmaster should return. Now that love will be on the line in Shanghai Lee pomegranate algorithm within a week so we have stated that the webmaster don’t adjust what, see read more

Shanghai dragon should be changed into technology intensive


if the four plus the ability of Shanghai dragon industry interested, you can make a career in the Shanghai dragon industry soon. If you do not have this ability does not matter, not above each must master every day, as long as you take a little time to learn outside the chain, also want to master is not difficult.

first, skilled in HTML, HTML is based in Shanghai and Phoenix, "keyword link distribution, font size, structure layout, all cannot do without the operation of HTML, so HTML is the foundation. read more

Amy isn’t a good boss, but a real entrepreneur is destined to be a villainLele origin game promotion

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: lele

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

Abstract: This is an old business. In an interview with reporters earlier, Wang Gongquan said, after reading his autobiography, he was particularly touched, however, the next second, he decided not to invest in old. Feelings are not equal to business.


Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information. read more

Search engine optimization is so simple thing.

search engine ranking pursuit

when have a comprehensive understanding of Shanghai dragon, we will reflect on the search engine, the mass of web search results appear in the page and show what is the purpose to the user. What we need is a web site traffic, why a lot of people I know are very hot words still hesitate to optimize, because once the word optimization do go up can bring a lot of traffic to your site. In many webmaster eyes, the flow is money. Like Sina, the Sohu the portal is not care about the search engine rankings, they care about is the site visits, of course this is somebody else has the brand value of the website. Many farsighted webmaster can not only in the search engine rankings, usually I see a lot of the site’s ranking is not necessarily good, but they flow is very much. It is that they know what they need, their optimization promotion is no longer a search engine but the real needs of the people. They will have a forum, micro-blog these platforms more intuitive display their own website, to the pursuit of the flow. read more

The chain of three new positions happy net reprint + HOHO+ records

chain, every webmaster to increase, can basically try try. Are also in the new method to send the chain, then the following methods have you tried


(love Shanghai space HOHO)




forum registration, a lot of people are doing. Like A5, a push, push 28 forum, every day there are many people bring their own N station site in the check-in time, but in fact, these included are good, the chain of many stations can be found, but the home record attendance, have you tried to 贵族宝贝? Hao.3gou贵族宝贝/ this site as an example, this site is home record, and we can see the time, free from one of these records of the chain, the records released 11 minutes to be included, this is just one, and the other included faster, you may wish to try. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization key inside and outside the double site

in the process of the optimization of the website, the website chain is the most webmaster to do. But how can the chain do? What is the high quality of the chain? Why is the competition included and the chain is not my opponent, ranking is in front of me? This is a webmaster has been unable to get it. In fact, the website chain has two functions, one, improve website ranking, from search engine. Two, improve the site traffic and exposure. Therefore, the chain is not only their own website links sent so simple. You have to consider the release. read more

You used to match the word

!Please do not need to specify:

This is a

these familiar website, we can see is _, instead of the above mentioned -, |, >, space,,. The ranking is needless to say, everyone has a good consensus. So, of course, this does not necessarily mean, with underscores, will be able to have a good ranking, included is very good, I think the Shanghai dragon, do the details, every detail notice! I recommend or follow brother go. Follow brother go, eat what all have

reprint source network shopkeeper www.zhanggui5贵族宝贝, Wuwei Admin5 wilderness first! Is not required to reprint Shanghai read more

The purchase of competing products in the search engine keywords, really have a problem

and Google, YAHOO, Microsoft, whether foreign or domestic BING love Shanghai, 360, Sogou search engines are allowed to buy rival keywords, actually this is the norm.

BING, iPad Pro search first is letv.

in order to get more opportunities to show their own advertising, many companies will choose the competitive word (like industry well-known enterprises in the trade name) as a trigger keyword search results promotion. In order to increase the exposure rate, even large enterprises, may also choose the same type of small and medium enterprises, and even irrelevant category of small and medium-sized enterprises and their business competitive word as a search keyword promotion, its purpose is to expand its promotion result coverage, attract more people’s attention, this is very common in business promotion. read more