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Clorox Gets Thousands of Resumes & Candidates — Here’s What It Takes to Succe…

first_img Corporate Safety & Health Resource The Clorox Company Kennesaw, GA 4.1★ 4.1★ Product Supply Intern-Technical Track The Clorox Company Kennesaw, GA 23 hours ago 23h 4.1★ Senior Process Engineer The Clorox Company Kennesaw, GA 23 hours ago 23h Senior Supply Chain Lead The Clorox Company Durham, NC Payroll Specialist The Clorox Company Pleasanton, CA 23 hours ago 23h 4.1★ Available Jobs at The Clorox Company 23 hours ago 23h 4.1★ Safety and Health Team Lead The Clorox Company Amherst, VA Distribution Manager The Clorox Company Aberdeen, MD See more jobs at The Clorox Company Glassdoor just revealed the 2017 Highest Rated CEOs based on employee reviews, and atop the list is Clorox CEO Benno Dorer.Top-rated Dorer leads a low-turnover staff at Clorox – so the company’s Chief People Officer, Kirsten Marriner, doesn’t recruit as much as HR leaders might at other large companies. Instead, she’s focused on retaining and training Clorox’s “highly tenured” workforce.“Being part of a team that wants to win, but wants to do it in the right way, is compelling,” Marriner tells Glassdoor’s Editorial Director Amy Elisa Jackson. “The strategy is working.” She credits the low turnover with Dorer’s authenticity, Clorox’s focus on individual leadership, and the company’s strong commitment to its core values.  “If you talked to a hundred Clorox people, I’d be willing to bet that at least 90 of them would start by talking to you about doing the right thing,” Marriner says.  Here’s how she attracts top talent – and engages them to stick around for the long term.Clorox Chief People Officer: Here’s Who We Want To Hire from Glassdoor on Vimeo.Values that go beyond the laminated sign“Chiefly, some of the secret sauce starts with trust,” Marriner says. “Our employees trust us, I think, because they know what to expect from this organization.” Many companies describe themselves as values-based, but that involves a lot more than slapping a list on a wall or a laminated card. At Clorox, values “resonate” and are “pervasive” in everyday actions: “the choices we make, the decisions we make, how we design programs,” Marriner says. “Through the consistency of how we live those values, our employees know that they can trust us.”Clorox’s mission statement focuses on four core values: do the right thing; take personal ownership; work together to win; and stretch for results. Employees feel connected to the company, Marriner says, because those values are reflected in decisions from corporate responsibility projects to leadership initiatives. Staffers are part of a larger purpose, which engenders loyalty.A CEO who’s “authentic” and accessible CEO Dorer embodies Clorox’s four missions, Marriner says, and employees respond to him for two key reasons: He’s “a real human being” in his interactions with the entire workforce, and his “strategic clarity” is a company touchstone. “He is clear about where we are and where we’re headed as an organization,” she explains. “He’s also really steadfast with respect to how we’ll achieve it.” Charging every employee with leadership goals“We believe every employee can and should be a leader,” Marriner says. “Leadership isn’t a member or a matter of hierarchy, but it’s rather incumbent on every person in the organization.”On a basic level, Marriner explains, that means inspiring each and every staffer to be a role model for the people around them. In turn, espousing qualities like “authenticity and humility and integrity” helps form the vision and “create shared purpose for their team whether it’s big or small.”But Clorox has also created concrete tools in the form of several management leadership development programs – from the year-long Diamond Leadership Institute for middle management to function-specific training and personal effectiveness seminars. A new leadership model implemented 18 months ago is “built on that premise that every employee is a leader in our organization,” Marriner says. “We have embedded that in our processes around selection, performance management, development and we’re continuing to invest in that.”They’re one of the largest drivers of staff retention at the company, Marriner says. Beyond “teaching our folks how to be leaders across multiple dimensions,” Clorox also retains talent by developing succession plans and frequently promoting from within.“We’re invest[ed] in building strong leaders who can have a meaningful career here,” Marriner adds. “We’ve heard from our employees through our engagement surveys that career path-ing is really important to them. [We want to] insure that our employees have every tool to be effective leaders.”Prioritizing feedback — both the good and the bad Members of Marriner’s team are responsible for monitoring Clorox’s Glassdoor reviews – “it filters nothing and is transparent,” she explains – to see where the company can improve and what employees are enjoying about the culture. Many reviewers mention the work/life balance that comes with working at Clorox, a point of pride for the company.“Whereas some organizations aren’t willing to flex on how, when, and where people do their work — we are,” Marriner says. “People here work hard but they often have choices about how and when and where to do their work.”Flexible scheduling is a strong retention tool, she adds, because it “creates an opportunity for people to stay and grow their careers here that they might not have in other organizations.”Engagement through inclusionClorox thinks about diversity in two ways:  different gender, race and orientation; and varied “thought, experience, perspective, and style.”On the first point, Clorox has focused heavily on hiring people of diverse backgrounds and has built 10 employee resource groups over the past decade.  “We’re seeing a lot of success in that realm, but it’s not enough,” Marriner says. Part of the path forward is “extending how we think about diversity,” Marriner explains, expanding the definition to diversity of thought. Varied experiences and points of views are value drivers at a company like Clorox, so the ongoing goal is clear: “Accelerate our progress on that journey and, most importantly, sustain it. “We’re leaning into inclusion because we believe with the right culture and environment, we can create and sustain the most diverse organization possible.”While the journey to improve an organization is never complete, Marriner is proud of Clorox’s work so far. “I think it is an incredibly special organization because of our focus on winning in the right way,” She says. We are growing in an environment where growth is hard to come by where many of our peers are struggling to grow. That feels good, because we’re not just winning — we’re doing it in the right way, with strong value and investment in our people.” 23 hours ago 23h Manager, Internal Controls The Clorox Company Durham, NC 23 hours ago 23h Finance / Accounting Staff Analyst The Clorox Company Oakland, CA 4.1★ 4.1★ 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h 4.1★ 23 hours ago 23h Environmental Health & Safety Leader The Clorox Company Kennesaw, GA 23 hours ago 23h 4.1★ 4.1★last_img read more

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first_img18) Robert Alford’s overtime pick-6 to beat Washington was the longest walk-off INTreturn since 1995 when Lorenzo Lynch had a 72-yard return for the ArizonaCardinals. (NFL press release)19) The Ravens defense gave up 505 yards of offense to the Cleveland Browns. (PeterKing’s MMQB)20) The Dolphins have a “head coach” younger than two NFL starting quarterbacks who earned victories in Week 5 (Peyton Manning and Matt Hasselbeck). (Peter King’s MMQB)21) Despite not having Josh Gordon for the year, the Browns throw on 72% of their plays. (Peter King’s MMQB)22) Only two players since the Super Bowl era have thrown for 100 yards, rushed for 70 yards and caught a pass in the same game: Randall Cunningham and Tyrod Taylor, who did it Sunday vs. Tennessee. (NFL press release)23) The Cardinals have scored 23 more points through their first five games than theirprevious record of 167 points in 1948. (Cardinals press release)24) Andy Dalton leads the NFL in passing yardage. (I was surprised when I was looking up something else and thought it was interesting)25) Chris Johnson is the NFL’s second leading rusher. (Cardinals press release)26) The Colts have won a record 16 straight divisional games. (Elias) Every week, as part of my show prep (and because I’m genuinely interested), I readthrough as many research notes I can find. Sometimes I research my own stats to seeif there’s a statistical trend that backs up what I think I’m seeing when I watch games.Unfortunately for my time efficiency, occasionally those stats show me nothing and Ithrow them out.Here are the stats (or interesting tidbits) from last week in the NFL in Research & Doug. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo 1) Since the current playoff format at was adopted by the NFL, 4-1 teams have a 77%chance of making the playoffs. (ESPN Stats & Info)2) Rashad Johnson has more interceptions than the Seattle Seahawks…and 9 otherteams. (Me)3) The first quarterback in the 69-year history of the Cleveland Browns to throw for 300yards in three straight games is Josh McCown. (CBS broadcast)4) Every team since 1975 to score 100 more points than they allow through the firstfive games has played in the Super Bowl except this year’s Arizona Cardinals. (Cardinals press release)5) Russell Wilson has been sacked a league-high 22 times. (Peter King’s MMQB) 6) The last time the Cardinals scored 28 points in a quarter was 1987 when St. Louistrailed Tampa Bay 28-3 and came back with four TDs in the fourth quarter. RonWolfley contributed 2 yards towards the victory. (Cardinals press release and melooking up the game)7) Peyton Manning has six touchdown passes and seven interceptions while leading the 29th-best passing offense. (John Clayton)8) David Johnson is the first rookie since Pro Football Hall of Famer Gale Sayers(1965) to have multiple rushing touchdowns, multiple receiving TDs and a kickoff returntouchdown in his team’s first five games of a season. (NFL press release) Comments   Share   center_img Top Stories 27) Alex Smith completed 22% of his passes after Jamaal Charles tore his ACL. (ESPN Stats & Info)28) Before Sunday, Seattle’s last 17-point blown lead was 2004. (ESPN Stats & Info)29) The Atlanta Falcons have three defensive touchdowns this year after getting two last year. (ESPN Stats & Info)30) Tyrod Taylor has five rushes of 20 yards or more; all other NFL QBs have four. (ESPN Stats & Info)31) Tom Brady was sacked five times in the first half against Dallas but wasn’t pressured in the second half. (ESPN Stats & Info)32) Peyton Manning threw three interceptions on third down last year. He’s thrown four on third down this year. (ESPN Stats & Info)33) Charles Woodson picked off Peyton Manning for the first time, 17 years after being in the same draft class. (ESPN Stats & Info)34) The 49ers blitzed on only 9% of Eli Manning’s drops. Manning threw for 400 yards against four or less pass rushers and set a Giants record with 41 completions. (ESPN Stats & Info) Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling 9) Arizona Cardinals have seven rushing touchdowns. Last year they had six. (Cardinals press release)10) Peyton Manning is averaging 6.5 yards per attempt, the lowest mark of his career. (ESPN Stats & Info)11) Matthew Stafford had only 27 more yards passing than Carson Palmer and it tookStafford 18 more attempts. (My math skills)12) With :54 seconds remaining in the first half in Cincinnati, the vaunted “Legion ofBoom” grabbed their first interception of 2015. (FOX broadcast)13) Bruce Arians is 5-8 versus the NFC West and 19-4 against all other divisions.(Cardinals press release)14) Atlanta RB Devonta Freeman has more rushing TDs in his first three starts than any player in the Super Bowl era. (NFL press release)15) The last time the Cardinals had three games of forty points in the same season, Doug, Spade and the young crunk behind the glass weren’t born yet…and Wolf wasin Kindergarten. (Cardinals press release)16) Four days after turning 39, Oakland DB Charles Woodson became the oldest player in NFL history to pick off two passes in one game. (NFL press release)17) Russell Wilson threw only his third career red-zone interception Sunday. (FOXbroadcast) Did you know Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson has more interceptions this season than the Seattle Seahawks? (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)last_img read more