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Celades: “You are talking to renew Garay; the ideal is that it be solved quickly and well”

first_imgGuedes: “Recovering Guedes would be a good gift. He is well, he is much more lively. Another phase has passed, which is going out to the field. It is in the field readjustment phase. Little by little it will enter into collective work and that is a good step. We are advancing”.Kang-in: “Kang-in is in a phase similar to Gonçalo. You are performing the retraining. He and Guedes will not be in the Super Cup and then join the group. Gameiro, Maxi and Cillessen are in a position to enter the call ”.Right side for January: “I repeat the usual. I am very happy with the template I have. The reality is what we have and I am happy with what I have. ”Joao Cancelo: “I understand your concern but we can’t talk about these things when we have such an important game on Saturday.”Are you worried about a possible offer for one of your players?: “That would worry me because you can’t control those things. We are happy with the template. If that happened, we would have to sit down and see what happens. ” Before the press conference, Albert Celades made the traditional Christmas toast with the representatives of the media, in the Media Center of the Sports City of Paterna and wished a Happy New Year 2020 to all present.New Year: “We always ask you for health. And that health is that people who are injured are healthy and can practice their profession. We have had many injured, now and less, we only have four injured. As for the competitions, we face each game with the intention of winning it and that is our will ”.A title for 2020?: “The other will be a consequence of doing things right. I don’t think much beyond the match against Eibar. ”Alberto Iranzo. ‘); Return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Albert Celades, with the representatives of the media.Alberto Iranzo. Garay: “Ideally, it will be solved quickly and well. May everyone be satisfied. Negotiations are sometimes longer than one wants. I have talked to him. Within a negotiation there are moments of uncertainty. He is a veteran and is not the first time that happens. We believe that it will carry it well and will follow a remarkable performance. It is in talks to renew. Hopefully everything will be solved until we reach this situation. That the player feels valued and that the club thinks that he is an important footballer for him ”.Ran: “I have never said that he has no level to play in Valencia. He has not played so much because we have decided on other players.Valencia from Celades or Marcellin?: “I already told. I have no obsession to talk about ‘Valencia de Celades’. It is the Valencia of Valencians and it should be. I have no other obsession. ”center_img How do you prepare a game when a title is played in a few days?: “It is prepared as the rest does not matter, as the important thing is Saturday. Eibar has put Valencia in many difficulties: two victories and one draw. The Eibar is a team with a very defined situation. He has had many injuries, like us, and that has hindered him in the classification. As we are not with the right mindset, we will go through difficulties. It is a determined, daring team that wants to steal up, with a very direct game. But despite that they have a good combination game and great technical quality. ”Open Door Training: “It was a very beautiful experience, on the dates we are. Hopefully we can repeat. Yes it is true that we need peace of mind to prepare some things. The other day, in Mestalla, we couldn’t but we need the support of the people and we have to give it. ”Goalkeeper: “We haven’t told them yet. Yes we know who will play. But first we will tell the players. ”No defeats at home: “We want to continue without any defeat, with this competitive gene and this situation. It is a very important value, you have to try to keep it. The fans help us, when we are together we are very strong. ”last_img read more

How to become a freelance SEO consultant

first_imgThis is a post from a member of the Freelancers Union community. If you’re interested in sharing your expertise, your story, or some advice you think will help a fellow freelancer out, feel free to send your blog post to us here.Back in 2016, a study by Borrell Associates estimated that a total of $65 billion was going to be spent by companies on SEO, and by 2020 this figure will have risen to $75 billion. 

Regardless of the exact size of the industry today, it’s fair to say that there’s never been a better time to get started as a freelance SEO consultant, especially considering the way in which the search industry (and Google, specifically) changes on a near-daily basis!Becoming a freelance SEO consultantI started out on my journey as an SEO specialist back in 2005 (approximately), although back then I was unaware that I would eventually become an SEO consultant. As is the case with many other SEO freelancers, I began my fledgling career by building and optimizing my own websites–most of them were just hobby sites, where I learned to build extremely basic (ugly!) websites using HTML from Notepad. 

One website I built ended up ranking really well for some high-volume queries (probably more by luck than anything at that stage!) which were around the “make money online” niche.Eventually, I sold the website, but I didn’t realize at the time that this was actually the best way I could have educated myself about the world of SEO and digital marketing. 

I still stand by this advice: If you want to become an SEO freelancer, the best method is by getting your hands dirty. You could pay out hundreds of dollars to take online courses or to find a college course, or you could just buy a $10 domain and a $20 per year hosting plan and learn by doing. You’ll find out about domain name management, hosting setup and configuration, before being able to progress from there. Maybe you’ll jump onto WordPress because it’s so user-friendly and popular, or you’ll learn some basic HTML and make your own site.Installing some kind of analytics software (such as Google Analytics) will give you a new platform to master; you can then get Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and other free webmaster tool sites setup for your domains. These tools have so many features within them that you’ll have a huge amount of practical learning to complete on your way to becoming an SEO freelancer.Learning by doingI learned a lot about SEO and online marketing through building and running my own websites. At the beginning I was writing lots of content for my own websites (learning about copywriting, too) and back then about the importance of regularly posting unique content to your website. After playing around with a few other projects I’d started, I decided I’d built up enough knowledge to start offering this as a paid service to other businesses. Up until then I’d relied heavily on monetizing my sites through ad networks like Google AdSense and affiliate networks, but I didn’t think this was a very sustainable, long-term model.I’d already set myself up as a self-employed online marketing specialist due to my own websites generating revenue, so there wasn’t much legal work to be completed. I just needed to set up my own website and start the search for my first SEO client.Finding your first SEO clientsArguably back then (around 2008) there wasn’t a huge demand or interest in search engine optimization, at least nothing like it is today. The web wasn’t used as such a constant, always-available resource (the mobile internet revolution hadn’t taken off just yet!) so it was harder finding those first clients. Inevitably I got my first SEO gigs by helping businesses out with a basic website design first–another benefit of being comfortable with WordPress.I was able to help out a business that had no kind of online web-presence and later offer them my services as an SEO specialist. It’s much easier to up-sell something (a service in this case) to someone who you’ve worked with, and built up trust with, than pitching to a complete stranger. So the basic web design job landed additional, ongoing SEO services, which was a good start.I obviously couldn’t survive from just the one gig, though, so I wanted to focus more on building my exposure online. I began offering my SEO services to charities that I’d found on the web, which were of personal interest to me, and which I thought might be a good stepping stone: They’d likely have some good connections, which I thought might come in handy if I did a decent enough job. I’ve since provided voluntary SEO and digital marketing services to a number of charities and non-government organizations, but I’d treat it with some caution if you were doing it solely for exposure.Sometimes even the website footer credit link, or the social media mention, or whatever other form the credit is in, doesn’t lead to paid work–again proving the point that as a freelancer, working for free rarely works out well in the long run.Specializing as an SEO consultantOnce you’ve gained SEO experience working with a number of clients in a number of different verticals, and you’re proficient in the area of digital marketing as a whole, this is when I’d say you’d benefit by changing tactics and looking to pinpoint the one particular element of SEO that you’d like to focus on. 

For this year there’s a big demand for Javascript SEO specialists, as a result of more advanced technologies being implemented on sites as the web evolves. Having Javascript code that create all kinds of new functionality can provide their own issues to search engines (they can’t understand it as easily as they’d understand plain HTML), so this in itself has created a big demand for those ultra-specific skills.There’s a huge area to focus on when it comes to specializing as an SEO freelancer, especially when SEO is often considered as being twofold: either on-site SEO (technical elements relating to the website, or anything that’s “on the website” itself) or off-site SEO (the links on the web pointing to your website, references to your business, etc).Here are a few particular fields in which you may decide to focus on as a freelance SEO:Content marketing specialistTechnical SEO specialistInternational SEO specialistWordpress SEO specialistEnterprise SEO specialistLink-building specialistJavascript SEO specialistAlthough there will be larger demands for some roles than others, and probably bigger financial rewards too, ultimately I’d recommend you to go for the area in which you enjoy working the most. Love building content that gains links to your client’s websites but hate writing meta tags on your site? You’d probably love to become a content marketing specialist or a freelance link builder.Up your gameWhatever you choose to focus on, you really need to up your game to obsessively learn everything and anything there is to know about this particular area of SEO. Constantly read from others, reach out to other fellow experts in the field, and continuously test and monitor everything! Despite someone announcing that “a + b = c”, don’t take this as a given. See if you can replicate the same experiment yourself, and don’t be afraid to share your findings–good or bad.Hopefully by taking on board the above advice you’ll be well on your way towards beginning your career as a freelance SEO specialist. I’d be more than happy to assist with any other questions you may have. The above is just a brief introduction, but hopefully you’ve been tempted to get started!Matt Tutt is a technical SEO consultant from the UK who loves nothing more than diagnosing indexing issues and helping businesses (and freelancers!) improve their organic traffic. He’s worked within the online marketing industry for over 10 years, within digital agencies and as a freelancer.last_img read more