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8 Behaviors To Ditch In Order to Be Your Best Self

first_img Construction Manager AdventHealth Waterman Tavares, FL Clutter and lack of organization holds your mind hostage. Rather than prioritizing what needs to get done, you’re trying to fend off mental fatigue, stress and anxiety, making time management nearly impossible.Forgetting to Take BreaksBrain breaks are one the best ways to manage your time. When you become burnt out on a project, your productivity slows drastically, you lose interest in what you’re doing, and before you know it, you’ve wasted 20 minutes staring at the screen wishing you weren’t at work. Brain breaks help you avoid this issue and have been proven to improve productivity by 34 percent, according to Unplug After Hours and Increase Productivity. This allows you to better manage your time and be more effective.How to Spot Burnout Before It’s Overtaken Your LifePoor PunctualityWhen you’re perpetually running behind schedule, it’s impossible to manage your time effectively. When you’re late to work most days of the week, or slow to start on a project, your first thought isn’t managing your time, it’s more like: How quickly can I get this done because I’m already so behind?No Well-Defined GoalsGoals provide structure to your work every by giving you a prioritized list of things to get done: “Your goals help you to identify your priorities. They outline what you want to achieve, when you want to achieve it by and the importance of the task,” according to 11 Symptoms of Poor Time Management.The author continues, “Goals are an essential way to reduce your workload and reduce your poor time management. Not only do you become clearer about what you want; you become more certain about the tasks and projects which are not a good use of your time.”No To-Do ListSimilar to a lack of defined goals, without a to-do list, it’s hard to structure your day. The key to time management is being able to prioritize tasks and a to-do list is the best way to do that, ensuring you get everything done. If you do have a to-do list, but still struggle with time management, your list may be too minimal or basic. When you add times and specifics for each item, you’ll be more successful. For example:Write new product proposal for Client A – 1 hourEdit North West regional sales deck for Sarah – 30 minutesCall with new contractor for the Dudley Project – 2 hours 23 hours ago 23h Construction Administrator AlfaTech San Francisco, CA 23 hours ago 23h With these details included, you know exactly what you’re doing and the time frame for each task, which helps you stay on track.Organized & Creative? Eventbrite Can Help You Land Your Dream GigPerfectionist ThinkingWhen everything needs to be just right, you tend to lose control of your time because you focus so much on one project or task that you ignore the others. While it’s important to produce work that you’re proud of, letting go of small issues that can be fixed later or ignored altogether allows you to make time for all the other items on your to-do list.  Failure to Manage DistractionsEverywhere you look there’s a distraction or time-sucker: on your computer (hello, Facebook), in the kitchen (quick chats turn into 20-minute conversations) and in meetings (which seem to go on forever). With distractions and interruptions, it’s hard to get into your workday effectively: “Distractions prevent us from achieving flow, which is the satisfying and seemingly effortless work that we do when we’re 100 percent engaged in a task,” explain experts at MindTools.Are any of these a regular issue for you in the workplace? Identify what’s stopping you from being good about time management and then eliminate the cause so you can focus on getting more done effectively and efficiently.  Want to Work at Facebook? How to Get Hired & Succeed 23 hours ago 23h 4.7★ 4.2★ Construction Superintendent First Class Contracting Richmond, VA N/A 3.0★ 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h Time management is a skill we need in life and work, and “if you often find yourself run down by your daily workload or overwhelmed by the complexity of projects and tasks in your life, it is likely because you have not fully mastered effective time management,” suggests Matt Mayberry, Maximum Performance Strategist. When it comes to working, your lack of time management can be a significant issue, leading to overdue projects, piled up work, and missed deadlines. Avoid the following eight things that are eroding your time management skills so you can eliminate the causes and be the best version of you in the workplace. If you’re trying to move forward in your career or make a good impression at a new job, the time to identify these issues is now.Being a Yes PersonWhen you forget how to say “no” to projects and tasks, it’s easy to drown in your work and lose all sense of time management. With too many due dates to manage, it becomes impossible to find focus, which is critical to time management. Not to mention, by saying yes to everything, you lose the ability to work on things you care about: “By saying no, you are giving yourself the ability and bandwidth to say yes to the things that are more important,” says Craig Jarrow of Time Management Ninja. Lack of OrganizationClutter leads to a whole host of psychological issues that take a toll on time management. Psychology Today suggests a few ways that lack of organization can be a deterrent:Draws attention away from where our focus should be. Signals to the brain that the work is never done. Inhibits creativity and productivity. 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Two awards two states 24hrs – Jump Tours wins golden backpack

first_imgSource = Jump Tours One day after claiming the title of Favourite Tasmanian Activity at the TNT Magazine GoldenBackpack Awards in Sydney for the second year in a row, Jump Tours Founder & Managing DirectorGreg Price went on to win the personal accolade of Tourism Minister’s Young Achiever of the YearAward at the 2012 Tasmanian Tourism Awards in Hobart on Friday. In announcing the Young Achiever of the Year, Tasmanian Tourism Minister Scott Bacon said “Greg’spassion for Tasmanian tourism has resulted in tremendous success and should serve as an inspirationto others. His backpacker tour business is a standout in the youth market, winning TNT’s GoldenBackpack Award in both 2011 & 2012, after being a finalist in 2009 and 2010. Jump Tours Managing Director Greg Price was delighted to win two awards in as many days. “Takingout these two big titles is fantastic and really helps put both Jump Tours and Tasmania on the map,”Mr Price said. “We’re determined to get Tasmania ‘front of mind’ for young travellers and will pushforward in our quest to market Tasmania as the hottest new ‘off the beaten track’ destination, wherevisitors can gain maximum bragging rights over their friends back home.” Mr Price said that Jump Tours will build on the momentum created by the award wins and the launchof the company’s multi-lingual iPhone app in July. “I’m considering a range of options to expand ourproduct range at Jump Tours. From the beginning Jump was built as a brand that represents acelebration of youth while getting maximum bang for buck – this won’t change. We’re looking ataddressing some tough tourism challenges with innovative solutions.” Tourism Australia figures consistently show that backpackers stay longer, spend more and visit moreregional destinations than other visitors. Mr Price said that Jump Tours embraces these travellersalong with the burgeoning Asian markets: “With hundreds of millions of Asian consumers rapidlygaining middle class incomes, the growth potential for a destination that offers abundant naturalbeauty and fantastic food and wine is enormous. Tasmania is on the cusp of a boom – we have tograb the opportunities with both hands!”Jump Tours was founded by Greg Price in his home state of Tasmania in 2007 following a career ininvestment banking. Greg intended to create a tour company that would entice more younginternational travellers to visit Tasmania, creating products that emphasise fun while minimisingexpensive and unnecessary inclusions. Jump’s alternative tour offerings allow customers to be “guestDJ” on the tour bus, recognising that young people would rather listen to great tunes than too muchcommentary. It’s for the young and the young at heart and opens a Tasmanian experience up to awhole new world of curious travellers.last_img read more


first_img 5 Comments   Share   Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Bidwill added Wilks, who spent the past six seasons with the Carolina Panthers, is quick to adapt how he coaches each individual player. Some may need to be pushed more than others. Some are self-motivated, and perhaps a hands-off approach is better.It’s certainly not an easy task to reach an entire 90-man roster, but the Cardinals believe they found that unique individual who can be a leader of men, which is so vital in the National Football League.“Across the board,” Bidwill said Tuesday, “his players at all the teams he’s coached at in the NFL, not only did we seek their input but many of them — unsolicited — reached out to us to tell us what a great coach he is. He’s a terrific communicator, which is a key part of being a terrific leader.”The decision to hire Wilks was made on Saturday, Bidwill said, following a second interview.And though Wilks has never been an NFL head coach, he’s been in the league for 12 years with a pair of Super Bowl appearances on his resume.Wilks checks all the boxes Bidwill laid out when Bruce Arians announced his retirement on Jan. 1.The Cardinals wanted 1) a great leader, 2) someone with a track record of success and 3) “continue this great culture of accountability that’s been around this organization for a number of years thanks to Coach Bruce Arians,” Bidwill said. New Arizona Cardinals NFL football head coach Steve Wilks speaks, Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018, after being introduced at the teams’ training facility in Tempe, Ariz. (AP Photo/Matt York) TEMPE, Ariz. – Once again, the Arizona Cardinals waited. And waited. And then waited some more.But, in the end, they hired whom team president Michael Bidwill called, “a great leader.” And that, first and foremost, was what Bidwill and general manager Steve Keim set out to find in their new head coach, regardless the time it took.The person they found was Steve Wilks.“Not just a leader with a high football IQ, but also a high football EQ (emotional quotient). He just doesn’t coach football players, he coaches people,” Bidwill said. “He knows where the players are 15 minutes after they walk into the training facility and makes sure where they are as people, because they aren’t going to be ready to learn and be well-coached if they’ve got any issues outside of the organization.”center_img Top Stories The Cardinals were the last of the seven teams with head coaching vacancies to target an individual, just as they were five years earlier when they named Arians, who ended his tenure as the winningest head coach in franchise history.It was a three-week search, one that included “thousands and thousands of miles” of travel and “hundreds of hours worth of interviews, conversations, text messages (and) emails,” Bidwill said.In total, nine candidates were interviewed.The Cardinals “cast a wide net” according to Keim, and they caught Wilks.“From Day 1, his infectious personality, his passion for the game, his ability to relate to players (and) on top of that, his ability to hold players accountable,” Keim said.“In the coaching ranks, you can become a better coach through experience but to have leadership, to me, there’s an innate part of that; and when you get to know Steve Wilks, you can tell that he has that innate leadership skill that very few people have.” Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelolast_img read more