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Celades: “You are talking to renew Garay; the ideal is that it be solved quickly and well”

first_imgGuedes: “Recovering Guedes would be a good gift. He is well, he is much more lively. Another phase has passed, which is going out to the field. It is in the field readjustment phase. Little by little it will enter into collective work and that is a good step. We are advancing”.Kang-in: “Kang-in is in a phase similar to Gonçalo. You are performing the retraining. He and Guedes will not be in the Super Cup and then join the group. Gameiro, Maxi and Cillessen are in a position to enter the call ”.Right side for January: “I repeat the usual. I am very happy with the template I have. The reality is what we have and I am happy with what I have. ”Joao Cancelo: “I understand your concern but we can’t talk about these things when we have such an important game on Saturday.”Are you worried about a possible offer for one of your players?: “That would worry me because you can’t control those things. We are happy with the template. If that happened, we would have to sit down and see what happens. ” Before the press conference, Albert Celades made the traditional Christmas toast with the representatives of the media, in the Media Center of the Sports City of Paterna and wished a Happy New Year 2020 to all present.New Year: “We always ask you for health. And that health is that people who are injured are healthy and can practice their profession. We have had many injured, now and less, we only have four injured. As for the competitions, we face each game with the intention of winning it and that is our will ”.A title for 2020?: “The other will be a consequence of doing things right. I don’t think much beyond the match against Eibar. ”Alberto Iranzo. ‘); Return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Albert Celades, with the representatives of the media.Alberto Iranzo. Garay: “Ideally, it will be solved quickly and well. May everyone be satisfied. Negotiations are sometimes longer than one wants. I have talked to him. Within a negotiation there are moments of uncertainty. He is a veteran and is not the first time that happens. We believe that it will carry it well and will follow a remarkable performance. It is in talks to renew. Hopefully everything will be solved until we reach this situation. That the player feels valued and that the club thinks that he is an important footballer for him ”.Ran: “I have never said that he has no level to play in Valencia. He has not played so much because we have decided on other players.Valencia from Celades or Marcellin?: “I already told. I have no obsession to talk about ‘Valencia de Celades’. It is the Valencia of Valencians and it should be. I have no other obsession. ”center_img How do you prepare a game when a title is played in a few days?: “It is prepared as the rest does not matter, as the important thing is Saturday. Eibar has put Valencia in many difficulties: two victories and one draw. The Eibar is a team with a very defined situation. He has had many injuries, like us, and that has hindered him in the classification. As we are not with the right mindset, we will go through difficulties. It is a determined, daring team that wants to steal up, with a very direct game. But despite that they have a good combination game and great technical quality. ”Open Door Training: “It was a very beautiful experience, on the dates we are. Hopefully we can repeat. Yes it is true that we need peace of mind to prepare some things. The other day, in Mestalla, we couldn’t but we need the support of the people and we have to give it. ”Goalkeeper: “We haven’t told them yet. Yes we know who will play. But first we will tell the players. ”No defeats at home: “We want to continue without any defeat, with this competitive gene and this situation. It is a very important value, you have to try to keep it. The fans help us, when we are together we are very strong. ”last_img read more

Arcelor Mittal Donates 2 Ambulances to MOH

first_imgFollowing the high increase of suspected and confirmed Ebola patients and corpses and due to the limited Ambulances in the country, ArcelorMittal has donated two ambulances to the Ministry of Health to help fight the deadly Ebola virus in the country.The donation was made this Wednesday, in Monrovia.Making the donation in Monrovia, Arcelor Mittal country manager for Liberia, Ronnie Addy, said  the donation is an initial contribution to the country in helping to fight against the Ebola virus,  especially with contact tracing and removing of dead bodies from one area to the other.According to Mr.Addy, the company had noticed  the shortage of Ambulances  to take suspected Ebola patients and dead bodies to and from the various Ebola Treatment Units in the country.“Ebola is real and is  destroying our people everyday and there are not enough Ambulances  to take our people to various Ebola Treatment Units for treatment and to remove bodies from one community to the other.  That is why the Arcelor Mittal family is donating these vehicles to help combat the virus by carry on contact tracing and removing dead bodies,” Mr. Addy stated.Mr. Tolbert Nyenswah,  Assistant Minister for Preventive Services at the Ministry of Health,  thanked Arcelor Mittal for its continued support in the current crisis.  He  described the donation as a true example of private- public partnership.“The Government cannot do this alone; we need this partnership from private entities and business organizations and the entire world to help eradicate this killer disease from our country.”Mr.Nyenswah promised to use the two ambulances to carry on contact tracing by bringing suspected Ebola patients to the Ebola Treatment Units; and also to remove dead bodies.At the same time, the Chief Coordinator of the Ebola Task Force, Mr. Dorbor Jallah, who received the keys to the  vehicles on behalf of theTask Force, thanked Arcelor Mittal for the support and promised to work with the various Ebola Units to save the lives of the Liberian people.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

How To Turn Your Temp Job into a Full-Time Job

first_imgTemporary workers are no longer just that. Increasingly companies are using temp and contractors to find full time employees, relying on short term projects to weed out the good and the bad.That’s great news for job seekers looking to land a full time job. But it doesn’t mean every temp worker is going to transition into an employee.“Test driving employees is a great way to get to know a candidate, before making the full investment of bringing them onboard permanently,” says Joel Garfinkle, author of Getting Ahead: Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level. “Obviously, what each employer is specifically looking for during this ‘test drive’ is different. However, there are some general factors that usually help determine whether or not a temp successfully transitions to full-time.”From treating the assignment as an on the job interview to going above and beyond, here’s a look at ways career experts say you can parlay a temp job into a full time one.When it comes to working as a contractor or temp with an eye toward making it a permanent job, career experts say you have to carefully choose where you are temping. After all, you may be an expert in marketing, but if you take a temp position as a receptionist is it really something you would want to do full-time? “You want to pick (a temp) job that most closely resembles what it is you want to do permanently,” says Tom Wharton, Managing Partner with OI Global Partners, the career consulting firm. “If something is too far out in left field you won’t do it well and you won’t last long in the assignment.”Even if you are hired to simply answer phones and make copies, you have to treat the assignment as the equivalent of an interview and act accordingly. “Don’t under estimate the watchful eye and the impact you are making while doing your job,” says Paul McDonald, senior executive director with Robert Half. “The impression you are making while on the job speaks volumes to those around you.”For technical roles, it’s likely you were given the assignment because of you skills. While it’s important to showcase those needed skills during your temporary work, experts say you also want to demonstrate you possess the soft skills like being a great communicator, flexibility and a penchant for being a team player. If you are able to show your boss and co-workers that you listen and play nice with others it can compensate for any weaknesses in your technical skills. “The other most important factor an employer is test driving is the qualitative aspects of the candidate,” says Garfinkle. “How are their personal skills? Do they fit well with the other team members? Are they able to communicate effectively? These are things you hope to get a feel for during an interview, but really can’t know for sure how it’ll go until the candidate is actually in place and interacting with everyone.”Going above and beyond cannot be understated if you want the temp job to become full-time.  Not only do you want to do your job to the best of your ability but you also want to volunteer for extra work and help co-workers in a pinch. Wharton has had clients who did so well during their contract assignment that they ended up replacing a current full-time employee who wasn’t at the same level. “Being a team player is very important,” says Wharton, noting it behooves people to try to work with other departments as well as their own so that they come into contact with all the different department heads. “You want to be recognized as a key contributor and somebody who believes in the company and its mission,” he says.Most people aren’t mind readers, and that’s particularly true of hiring managers, which is why McDonald says it’s important to communicate your interest in working for the company on a permanent basis. Not only do you want to let your boss or bosses know that but you should also alert the staffing firm, which may have a contract with the company.  McDonald says to ask if there is an opportunity for the role to transition to full time, then be flexible about taking on jobs in other departments that you may be qualified for. “If you want to parlay it into a full time position then demonstrate your flexibility,” says McDonald. “Let them know you are interested because not every temp is interested in full time employment.”last_img read more

Rare 1000YearOld Viking Runestone Found in Sweden

first_imgA 1,000-year-old runestone was found in Sweden in October 2018 during renovation of a stone wall outside of a church north of Uppsala. Runes are the oldest existing original works of writing in Scandinavia. “We found it when the wall was broken down and put back together,” Robin Lucas, archaeologist at the Uppland Museum, told The Local. “It’s from the classic runestone-erecting period of the 11th century.”Runes can be found all over Scandinavia, especially in Sweden’s Uppland province. They are stones carved with runic inscriptions dating from anywhere from the Bronze Age to the 20th century.   But most of Sweden’s runestones date from the end of the Viking Age, or the 11th century AD.The Lingsberg Runestone, Sweden, known as U 240. Photo by Berig CC BY 2.5Runestones were primarily memorials to dead relatives or friends. But they should not be confused with grave markers.The Local said four runes can be seen on the discovered stone – “an ua” – but most of the inscriptions are missing from the fragment. Neither word is complete, but can potentially be read as “… he was…” or “… he has become”.This runestone stands out as unusual because it was made of limestone.The runes IKURA, or Ingvar, on runestone“Runestones made of limestone are very rare in Uppland. Usually, granite dominates. In areas with a lot of limestone, such as Gotland and Öland, it is more common. But limestone does exist in Uppland in small pockets, so it may very well be from around here,” said Lucas.Only one piece of runestone made of limestone has so far been found in the area, also at Lena Church many years ago. Archaeologists believe the two fragments come from the same stone.The first fragment, which has been tentatively dated to the late 11th or early 12th century, reads: “… Åsbjörn and… land. May God deceive those who failed him.”Uppland, Sweden“That is a curious formulation,” said Lucas in an interview. “Most runestones are from Christian origin, just like these ones. They usually say things like ‘praise the Lord,’ so it is quite uncommon to use a stone like that to ask for vengeance.”According to the Swedish National Heritage Board, there are about 7,000 runic inscriptions in the world, of which half are Viking Age runestones.Sometimes the runic inscription is read from left to right, sometimes from right to left.The Stranger at the DoorThe poem Hávamál, presented as a single poem in the Codex Regius, says that Odin discovered runes when he hung himself from the world tree Yggdrasil in order to learn wisdom.He hung on the tree for nine nights and days. Just as he was about to die, he discovered the runes, grabbed them, and earned his life.A more down-to-earth explanation is that the runes were inspired by the Latin alphabet.Codex Regius and Flateyjarbók (open).According to Real Scandinavia, many runestones remain where they were apparently originally placed, although others have been moved to new locations.There is even a runestone set in the foundation of a house at the intersection of Kåkbrinken and Prästgatan in Stockholm’s Old Town, the stone having been reused as building material in an age when its archaeological value was less appreciated than today.Rök Runestone. Photo by Bengt Olof ÅRADSSON CC By 1.0The longest known runic inscription (nearly 800 characters) is found on Rökstenen (the Rök Stone) in Östergötland. Raised in the 9th century A.D., Rökstenen’s text begins: “In memory of Vämod stand these runes / But Varin wrote them, in memory of his dead son….”Runes continued to appear in many places, from church doors to everyday objects, through the Middle Ages and even beyond in places such as Gotland and Dalarna.Read another story from us: Huge 1,000-yr-old Viking Ship Grave Found in NorwaySome people believe runes also served a magical or divining purpose. Tacitus thought that when Germanic people took auspices, they read signs through the use of runes.last_img read more