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Miramón: “I came to think about quitting and now I live a dream”

first_imgThings have not started here in the best way in 2020.No, not really. They have not gone as we expected. It’s getting a little bit against, but we know what we’ve done the first round. We are aware of this, that we can do it again. We have to continue along that path and above all as soon as possible that we cannot afford any more slip. Now comes the Leganés, which we have to take as a final. We have already said before that there were endings and this is another. We have to take it that way. We have to be aware that we are at home and we have to win yes or yes.The results have choked away from Ciutat, but changes have been seen in recent games. How have you faced the bad run?In the end it seems that the entrance of the year catches us a little more unemployed. Yes, it is true that we did self-criticism, that we had to be more competitive above all, because we know what quality we have. In the end we have great players who bring us that, but we had to be competitive, we had to bite and we went to El Sadar, we competed, but it didn’t give us. In the end for a penalty the game is gone. They fail to generate, because it is a team that generates a lot at home, constantly entering bands and we were able to stop them. Then you go to Camp Nou and in the first part it is true that we are not fine in the pressure, they searched us between the lines and generated spaces behind us that they took advantage of. In the second part we could correct it, we could even draw a draw. We were not successful in the face of goal but the second part was another story. We have to focus on trying to get them to be 90 minutes instead of 45 and I think we are capable. How is it going?Good, personally good. The truth is that with my wife everything perfect, every day everything is good and as a player, the truth is that good, trying to get out of this little bump as soon as possible.How are the new ones?Already as one more. Bruno looks good boy. In the end it takes very few days and, as they did to me, I try to make it as easy as possible to adapt as soon as possible. Also to Koke, but we all know him already. He is a player who can bring us a lot and he already knows that there is a great wardrobe and I think he will integrate quickly. The errors are penalizing the team a lot for not passing the 26-point line.Yes. You are there the whole game, you endure and any situation seems that instead of going in favor you are against it. They are situations of the party that the rival is also looking for and they come out. We have to continue along that line, as I told you before, trust us and in the end everything will come face to face.After the injury is costing him, he was very self-critical after his performance in the Sadar.Well, in the end it is my personality. I don’t know, each one will wear his day to day as he sees. I am very self-critical, especially in football. I know what I am capable of and I demand it, I do not allow myself many failures. I am aware that many times that can lead to frustration and I try to handle it. But I know what kind of player I want to be. It also came from an injury, I am aware of it, but still the criticism of my match is that. I am aware of my ability and that I can give more. It was just that, I don’t fall apart, far from it. From there I work to improve. It is what it touches.What a beast Ansu Fati at 17.It is very electric. He is clear where he is and I think he knows his virtues. But I think that in the goals Messi makes it perfect. In the first goal it turns very fast and in the second we think that it will not give the pass, it gives it and it takes the back to us. Yes, it is true that in the first one I can find him more, but I quickly loose thinking that he is ahead and that the referee can interpret that he is red and I thought ‘to see if he is going out of control or whatever’, but what He did very well. In the second Messi is driving horizontally, he closes you and gives it to you to finish. In the end I think Leo is the differential. And if he can learn from Messi he will be a great player.Now Leganés plays, where he lived the year of the historic ascent.I have a magical memory. It is a beastly football environment, everyone likes football in Leganés. They infect you. It is always a very positive environment. The year I was, huh. We didn’t start the year well, but we ended up amazing. We got to ascend and that for Leganés was something historical. It was brutal, I remember it with love. The Leganés gave me the possibility of reaching Second Division and I will always remember him with special affection.In the end they were the ones who opened the doors of professional football after many years in Segunda B.I arrive and already in the preseason I notice the change from Second B to Second. The change of intensity, rhythm … I was missing a lot and I put the batteries in preseason, gym and everything, to get to the first game. I did not play, but I remember the feeling of being in the dressing room of Almeria thinking ‘you are here, now it is up to you to work more or less and give everything’. I remember it was very special. Then as I know the year. Omar and I were in that position and Mr. Asier Garitano, when he was not Omar, was counting on me. I had that confidence in me and I really enjoyed the minutes I had.And now, from a distance, how do you see them?Well, they did the hardest thing, which is to settle. Because when they went up they looked like the firm candidate to go down. You always say that of the one who goes up. They are a small team that do things well, they have grown a lot and now a totally different Leganés is seen. I have talked with former teammates and Garitano and they have explained to me that the club is totally different from when we were in Second. The start has been badly given, but I think that if things go well for him and he can face it, they can reverse the situation. I am very fond of you, I have always said so, and if Levante does not interfere, I hope they do their best.How was that conversion to the side?It was inside. In Leganés I played there and I signed the Reus for the position with Mr. Natxo González. A brutal tactical coach, I learned a lot from him. Due to situations, both right sides were injured and he came and said: ‘Jorge, I have thought of you to be lateral’. I replied that if I had to play, I played; but I said ‘know that I have no idea’. He explained a little about the concepts, the situations that could be given to me and that I was calm. It helped me a lot and from there he put me on the side and I stayed there.What part of the blame do you give to that change to reach First?Let’s see, I didn’t think I was going to get there anymore because in the rise of Leganés, not having the chance to play in the First Division was a stick for me. In the end it is normal in football, they looked for the best and I at my age thought it would be difficult. But I love football and I would continue to play. And then I do believe that the conversion was fundamental, because I think that if I had continued playing inside I would not have reached First. You never know, but hey, the possibility has given me to play sideways. I think it has been fundamental.Natxo González now trains Pepelu in Tondela.Yes. I saw him very little in preseason and the little that I agreed I saw many details and many things of a very good footballer. Yes it is true that there were others that because of their age could improve and had that range of improvement. But in the end, age is going to give it to you, especially with Natxo González, who is a coach who tactically brutal is what he can teach you. It shows you where the spaces are, how they are generated, where, according to who jumps … explains everything. I think Pepelu is going to come perfect for a quality player like him.Now that it takes a few months, what is your assessment of your first steps in the Levant?Very happy. Already since I arrived the incredible costumes. Very good people, good soccer players … The club sincerely did not know him, they had spoken to me very little and the truth is that very familiar. All the world. Anyone you talk to within the club treat you very well. The truth that everything I’ve found has been positive to this day. I’m very happy.It is striking that they are only two years of contract in their signing.I don’t remember right now. I don’t remember very well why, I wouldn’t know how to tell you. I have always been accustomed to signing year by year. I have had almost all the contracts of one year and, well, there was the situation of two, I do not know if there was a possibility of three, now I do not know, I do not remember. But well, it is two years and if we are happy both will continue, if not continue. In the end football is like that. They are circumstances, but right now I am super happy.How do you lead the competition with Coke? It shows that they have good chemistry.In the end football is competition, you always have a partner. Coke is a great uncle, a great person, it makes everything easy for you. I try with my partner, as with others, to have a good relationship. And with Coke it’s very easy because he is an exemplary person in the locker room for how he is and how he pulls the car. Then as a footballer what am I going to say. Yes, it is true that I thought he was another type of player, I thought he was more defensive. But what is going on, I was surprised how easy it is to join, how it is associated. I am learning many gestures that he has to associate, to filter balls inside … The truth is that it is wonderful to have him as a partner and to learn from him.In sports, he has taken over the ‘2’ lane.I’m very happy. There is Coke of competition and I would have assimilated to play, not play, play more or play less. Because at the end of that, soccer is about getting used to the situation that touches you. But I am very happy and I am trying to improve. In the end the injury came to me at a time that was pretty good and nothing, now picking up the rhythm again, taking good feelings and the truth is that I am very happy for the confidence that the coach has given me.It gives the feeling that he has fallen standing on the team and is very loved in the locker room.Who me? Well, I do not know. I try to be normal, I make jokes, I try to contribute everything I can, I try to have good vibes within the demand that exists and the truth is that I am very happy with all the partners because they are also great people. They make your day to day easier and I’m glad you think like that.In the end he is one of the veterans of the locker room.Well, yes, I am 30, but I really have experience in First I have last year and this one. As for that little I can help. I can help with everything I have lived in Second B, in Second … and I try to transmit those experiences to my classmates and help on a daily basis. In the end I had colleagues who also helped me with 30 and I try to help others.To finish, he studied something related to computer science, right?Yes, I studied a medium degree of microcomputer systems and networks. I also liked to ignore football, but I left it a bit out of the way and now I started with the coach course. That I think that with age, it has also led me to that terrain and to see if I like it or not. I got into computer science because it was what I liked and for going out a little from the world of football, but in the end football has thrown me.You reach the elite with 29 years. How do you rate that process by looking back?I’ve thought a thousand times. Because in the end you see my situation at the beginning, because of everything I’ve been through, to even think about leaving football many times because I saw that I was going nowhere and thinking ‘if even if I leave it I will continue playing even if I am amateur’. In the end I threw everything into football, because it is what I liked, and you look back and in the end I have done everything from the heart, with feeling. I have not moved for anything other than for the love of the game and what comes will enjoy it and what does not, because here I have come. And in the end, look, they’ve given me the chance to reach the First Division. Already last year I said in Huesca that it was a dream and I still think about it. And, even now, I still think it’s a dream for me. I see myself playing with the best. I have companions that watched them on TV and I thought they were great players and now I am with them. The truth that I am enjoying very much.last_img read more

Inside Dr. Shannon’s Mining Book

first_img– Advertisement – Dr. Eugene H. Shannon …Digging Into The Second ChapterThe Second Chapter of Dr. Shannon’s Mining Book consists of 30 pages which detail the importance of Pre-Investment Requirements within the mining sector.The Book, “Safeguarding the Environment In Mining Development Projects”, written by one of Liberia’s learned Geologists, Dr. Eugene H. Shannon, is one of the major Books on mining and the environment that will help improve Liberia’s mining sector and countries involved in Mining.“Pre-Investment Requirements”, according to the second chapter is centered on investors wishing to explore and eventually exploit mineral resources in developing countries.Dr. Shannon points out in his mining book that, “It is, therefore, very important that Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) be undertaken prior to the actual mining project in developing countries and in particular African developing countries”.The learned Geologist further explains that it is equally important that any investor wishing to exploit mineral resources in developing countries including Liberia should provide a management plan to the state authorities for approval before mining operation commences. “This helps to eliminate, offset or reduce adverse environmental impacts to acceptable levels.”Dr. Shannon details several reasons for environmental impact studies; among them are:Mistakes made in the past indicate that it is particularly necessary that at the very start of the project cycle environmental factors must be considered. It must be made imperative that the host country concerned demands a detailed description of the proposed development so that all the necessary guidelines may be set, and steps taken to guarantee that environmental guidelines are adhered to.Environmental assessment study must be undertaken to assist policymakers in determining environmental protection needs. Early studies coupled with detailed investigations should be able to give the kind of relevant environmental information relating to the possible impacts of a mining project. Environmental assessment study is also important so as to ensure that the project has been organized in an environmentally safe manner, such that the appropriate mitigation measures and safeguards are incorporated into the project design.Finally, the environmental impact assessment study is necessary so as to provide sufficient information for the evaluation of the EIA that will merit the issuance of the clearance certificate to commence mining operations by the appropriate government agency.The Mining Book second chapter details the major guidelines for conducting an environmental impact assessment study and explains why government authorities should make sure that projects address environmental concerns including, Waste Management, Effluent Reduction, Mine safety, Research and Development,  Reforestation, Land Reclamation, CCradle-to-GraveManagement, Meteorological and Climatological issues, and land-use management, and Sociological problems, among others.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

‘Aviation industry vital even with budding oil and gas industry’ – GCAA Chairman

first_img“Air connectivity is pivotal to unlocking Guyana’s potential for economic growth because of its capacity to attract business, invests and the influx of trained and qualified professionals.”Chairman of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCCA), Retired Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence London made this pronouncement at the launch of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Air Transport Conference on Monday at the Umana Yana.Chairman of GCAA, retired Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence LondonLondon advised that the vital role of the aviation industry should not be disregarded even as there is a burgeoning oil and gas industry. He contended that air transport must be sustained to keep the economy vibrant, even with the imminent wealth from oil and gas. “This industry (oil and gas) we feel will do well for this country; however, I feel strongly that we must not take our eyes off the prize.”The GCAA Chairman further explained that air connectivity can help address some of the challenges facing the eco-tourism industry, by facilitating intercontinental trade, business, tourism, and investment.According to London, the aviation sector is advancing and has been making notable achievements. However, the need for adequate infrastructure remains paramount to further boost the sector and better crystalise its rewards.London highlighted that Government is aware of this need and commended them for their support over the past years. “For years we heard that if we had adequate infrastructure, it would have been easier for commerce between South America, Africa, and North America…money was put into the infrastructure at Cheddi Jagan International Airport and I hope that the Government will see it fit to make it more robust so that more persons will be able to traverse.”Director of Air Transport Management, Saheed Sulaman noted that the total value of goods transported by air represents 35 per cent off all international trade. Sulaman stated that airlines transport over three billion passengers annually, while nearly 50 million tonnes of freight is carried by air. Therefore, “aviation is indispensable for tourism which is a major engine for economic growth and air transport facilitates world trade,” Sulaman said.last_img read more


first_imgA group of dedicated Donegal people in Kerry are waiting in anticipation for a very special visitor.This visitor is no stranger to Kerry but has been residing in the North West since 2012.While most Kerry supporters have had plenty of opportunities over the years to get well acquainted with this treasured visitor many in other counties have not been so privileged. A large contingent of Donegal people living in Kerry rarely have the opportunity to attend local functions in their native county where the cup is in great demand, being admired and photographed by young and old.The Donegal Association in Kerry have been busy negotiating Sam’s ‘return’ to Kerry.And for one day only Sam will be making an appearance in Scotts Hotel, Killarney this Saturday on April 6th from 5pm to 9.00pm. This is a once off opportunity for proud Donegal and loyal Kerry supporters to come together and reminisce and celebrate in a joint appreciation of their trophy .Who knows where Sam will travel to next September but for now we have to agree that : “We have it all in Donegal “. The Donegal Association in Kerry have been active for the past couple of years and meet regularly in Killarney and Tralee for social get togethers so anyone associated with or having an interest in Donegal are always welcome to connect and join in. There will be Face painting for the children, Spot prizes, Music and take your photo with Sam.Those of you who have family and friends in Kerry please let them know and everyone is welcome.You can contact the Chairman Sean Gallagher tel:087-9245828 or the Treasurer Annette Horgan tel:087-2129294. You can e- mail the Association at or visit their website for news and upcoming events at SAM MAGUIRE ON HIS WAY TO KERRY – BUT JUST FOR A LOAN! was last modified: April 4th, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Donegal Association KerrySam Maguirelast_img read more


first_imgThe news that Donegal is to host the All Ireland Coastal Rowing Championships in August 2016 is a welcome boost for the sport of rowing, tourism and the local economy.The All-Ireland Rowing Championships is one of the biggest rowing events in Ireland with an estimated 2,700 competitors and similar number of spectators taking to the water over three consecutive days of rowing competition. The All Ireland will be held in the Lakeside Centre, Ballyshannon in 2016.The championships were held this year in Waterville, County Kerry where the announcement was made last weekend that next year’s event will be held in Donegal. This year’s event saw record numbers or rowers and spectators over the three days.  The finals day on the Sunday was streamed live via internet link to more than 90,000 spectators worldwide and these numbers are expected to be even higher in 2016 for Donegal.  The scale of this event has to be seen to be appreciated and the economic benefit to the local economy cannot be underestimated.This year four Donegal teams attended the All Ireland in Kerry including Donegal Bay Rowing Club, Loughros Point Rowing Club, The Village Rowing Club and Inver Rowing Club with rowers from Killybegs Rowing Club making up the teams.The competition this year had increased significantly but luckily Loughros Point Rowing Club men’s team managed to secure a great result coming second in the Open Classic Category on the first day of rowing in the Donegal Skiff, the first year this boat was rowed at the All-Ireland.This category has proved fruitful for Donegal Rowers as this was the second year Donegal rowers achieved medals in this category. Loughros Point and Donegal Bay had youth teams competing again this year that all preformed really well most notable the Donegal Bay U21 girl’s team who finished 5th best in Ireland. With the popularity of the rowing event increasing year on year, it was a great boost to the Donegal clubs attending this year’s event that Donegal Bay Rowing Club had been successful in its bid to host the 2016 championships in the Lakeside Centre in Ballyshannon.The suitability of the Lakeside Centre had been accessed by the organisers many months in advance and they were very impressed with the facilities at the centre.The announcement saw attending clubs immediately block book accommodation in Donegal Town, Ballyshannon and Bundoran providing a great boost to the local economy for 2016. It comes on the back of a detailed bid completed by the club with the assistance of Donegal County Council and Donegal Tourism Ltd namely Barney McLaughlin and Joy Harron, and their ongoing support in the production of a brochure, racing fixtures booklet and website www.donegalbayrowingclub.comJoy Harron of Donegal Tourism Ltd said: “This event is a wonderful opportunity to showcase County Donegal on the Wild Atlantic Way to those who attend and to give everyone a taste of the fantastic maritime activities, wonderful restaurants and pubs, quality accommodation, scenic beauty and much more here in Donegal. Once visitors have experienced Donegal, they will certainly tell friends and family and return again in the future”.Donegal Bay Rowing Clubs bid to host the 2016 championships comes after detailed discussion with Donegal County Council, Donegal Tourism Ltd and the six local sitting councillors all of whom reside in rowing strongholds and see the benefit of such an event to the local economy. The next step for the club will be to meet with local community group, town councils, business groups and local clubs to plan for 2016 to ensure the event is one of the best All-Irelands in many years and showcases all the best Donegal has to offer.  The planning starts now as well as the training!TOURISM BOOST AS ALL-IRELAND ROWING CHAMPIONSHIPS COMING TO DONEGAL was last modified: August 21st, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more


first_imgDONEGAL LGFA NEWS: As you are aware a special emergency meeting of the Donegal Ladies County Board was held in the Clanree Hotel last night Friday 12th September.The dates for the remaining Junior B championship games were proposed, seconded and passed with a vote of 18 to 0.The following are the fixtures: Killybegs v Lifford (1st leg) – Sunday 14th September in Killybegs 11amConvoy v Red Hughs (2nd leg) Friday 19th SeptemberLifford v Killybegs (2nd leg) – Friday 26th SeptemberSemifinals: Saturday 4th October 12md – venues to be confirmed Winner Killybegs/Lifford v N. MhuireIorras v winner Convoy/Red HughsFinal: Saturday 11th October 12nd – venue to be confirmed.Intermediate ChampionshipOne of the matters addressed was the outcome of the appeal to Ulster by the Ardara club in relation to the intermediate championship. A discussion took place regarding this. It was proposed, seconded, voted on and passed by vote of 21 to 2 that the Donegal Ladies County Board award the intermediate championship to Four Masters club for 2014. They will now represent the county in Ulster.UlsterIt was brought to our attention at this meeting that there may be some clashes with our minor championship fixtures and the teams that have progressed to represent Donegal in Ulster i.e. Termon (Senior), Carndonagh (Junior) and Four Masters (Intermediate).It was proposed, seconded, voted, passed 20 to 0 to give the fixtures committee the right to revisit dates for minor championship if clashes arise for the teams involved in Ulster. All other minor fixtures will go ahead as scheduled.Failure to supply results for U13 League GamesRegarding under 13 leagues it is imperative that clubs please forward scores to Greg Harkin (section 1 and 2 mob 086 0278833) or Gabrielle Gallagher (section 3,4,5 mob 086 1648577).Under 16 A Championship FinalProvisional dates of Wednesday, September 24th or Thursday 25th in Buncrana at 8pm under floodlights. Clubs will be contacted in advance.DONEGAL LGFA NEWS: DECISIONS FROM THE EMERGENCY LADIES BOARD MEETING was last modified: September 13th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Donegal LGFA newslast_img read more

Veteran Drake Coach Dan Hostager To Join The Staff Of The Drake Relays presented by Hy-Vee

first_imgA 1990 graduate of Northern Iowa, Hostager was the head cross country coach and assistant track coach for the men’s and women’s programs at St. Cloud State from 1993-96. As a professional athlete, Hostager qualified for the 1992 and 1996 U.S. Olympic trials in the marathon and was the 1992 Road Runners Club of America national champion in the 10,000 meters. Collegiately, he owned the UNI indoor school record in the 3,000 meters (8:02.67) and also earned All-America honors in the event at the 1989 NCAA Indoor Championships.   Hostager was named the Missouri Valley Conference Cross Country Coach of the Year in 1999 after leading the men’s team to their first league title in 29 years. He guided the men’s cross country program to second-place finishes at the 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006 Missouri Valley Conference Cross Country Team Championships, while the Bulldogs finished third in 2004 and 2011. On the track, he coached 15 school-record performances, 27 MVC Champions, three All-Americans and multiple NCAA Championship qualifiers.  Previously, Hostager served as the Bulldogs’ head men’s cross country coach for 18 years and the head women’s coach for 11 years while assisting with the track and field staff that entire period. During the 2016-17 season, he was the track and field program’s interim co-head coach. DES MOINES, Iowa – Dan Hostager, a veteran cross country and track & field coach with more than 20 years of experience, has joined the staff of the Drake Relays presented by Hy-Vee as an assistant director for special projects. Also, with his extensive coaching experience, experience as a professional athlete and vast network of collegiate contacts, Hostager will aid the staff of the Drake Relays presented by Hy-Vee in attracting University/College division programs to the Blue Oval and providing a one-of-a-kind experience for collegiate athletes at the Drake Relays presented by Hy-Vee.center_img “We are thrilled to be able to add Dan’s experience at Drake, his expertise in collegiate track & field and knowledge of the Des Moines community to the Drake Relays presented by Hy-Vee,” said Blake Boldon, the Franklin ‘Pitch’ Johnson Director of the Drake Relays. “In addition to reenergizing the Drake Relays university/college division, Dan will undoubtedly help connect Drake alumni and runners throughout Central Iowa to the Drake Relays.” In his new role, Hostager will focus on enhancing the participant experience at the Drake Road Races and Grand Blue Mile while maximizing those events’ programming, partnerships and marketing. Hostager and his wife, Maria LaFrance, have two sons, Noah and Quincy. Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

Oracle Arena’s sign is coming down now that Warriors have left Oakland

first_imgLooks like the “Oracle” logo is … CLICK HERE if you are having a problem viewing the photos on a mobile deviceThe Warriors’ sometimes magical, sometimes depressing run at Oracle Arena has been over for nearly two months now.As the team begins preparing for its move from Oakland to San Francisco, the East Bay arena is undergoing some change of its own: the removal of its “Oracle” logo.Twitter user Tommy Call III (@tommy_III) posted a photo of a crane taking down the sign Thursday.last_img read more

CITES approves two ivory importers

first_img10 October 2008The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) standing committee has confirmed Japan and China as suitable importing countries for South Africa’s stockpiled ivory, says the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism.South Africa has been authorised by CITES to make a once-off sale of 51 121 metric tons of raw ivory.“The announcement follows the conclusion of a trip to both countries by officials from the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism and South African National Parks,” the department said in a statement this week.“This accreditation follows the CITES standing committee decision that both countries have sufficient measures in place to prevent re-exporting of the ivory as agreed by the CITES conference held in the Netherlands in July 2007.”The department decided in July to send a delegation to both countries to assess enforcement capacity, the ivory registration process, and general CITES compliance, in order to satisfy the South African government. The officials went on their trip to the two countries between 22 September and 2 October.Artworks and musical instrumentsIn China, ivory is used primarily in the ivory carving industry for cultural artworks, while in Japan the ivory is used largely for the production of musical instruments and hanko seals, which are used to sign official documents. Both countries also produce figurines, jewellery, and ornaments from ivory.Both China and Japan have computerised registration systems in place, which entails the registration of tusks and ivory products.In China all products have identifying certificates which provide a description of the item and indicate that it cannot be exported. Similarly in Japan, an identifying CITES sticker accompanies all worked ivory pieces and a registration certificate is issued for whole tusks.Ivory cannot be re-exportedInformation is readily available at airports and stores selling ivory products to inform the public and tourists that ivory cannot be re-exported.“The delegation was informed that China and Japan have strict enforcement and control at ports of entry and exit. This includes advanced ivory detection equipment,” the department said.“Both countries have been included under category I of the CITES legislative process. This means that CITES has approved their national legislation on the implementation of CITES as fulfilling the requirements of CITES.”Harsh penaltiesIn addition, the CITES cecretariat reported that China’s legislation contains some of the most severe criminal sanctions for CITES-related violations of all parties and the courts have not hesitated to impose very substantial upon those who attempt to smuggle ivory into mainland China.Both China and Japan have also met one of the conditions of sale, which stipulates that potential buyers must be registered with a national association which has been registered with the CITES authorities in that country.“South Africa has familiarised itself with the enforcement capacity and compliance with CITES regulations in both China and Japan,” said the department’s deputy director-general for biodiversity and conservation, Fundisile Mketeni.SAinfo reporter Would you like to use this article in your publicationor on your website?See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Minstrels take over Cape Town’s streets

first_img6 January 2014 About 40 000 minstrels – or Kaapse Klopse as they are popularly known – took over the streets of Cape Town on Saturday as part of the annual Tweede Nuwejaar (second New Year) street parade, one of the city’s largest and most historic cultural events. In an event lasting around 10 hours, the 75 colourful groups of musicians, dancers and troupe members danced their way from Zonnebloem to the city centre. Around 60 000 of the Cape Town’s residents and visitors cheeredon the performers on a sweltering day in the city’s centre. While the 200-year-old event is usually held on 2 January – the one day Cape slaves were given off every year – it was moved to Saturday this year at the request of the minstrels to allow more people to attend.Glamour A stage was set up at the Grand Parade, where entertainers selected by the minstrels to represent Cape Town’s rich cultural diversity performed before the formal programme began. The event attracts entire communities, including young children, all kitted out in glamorous outfits. “The various brightly clad teams carry a rainbow of umbrellas and some are armed with musical instruments, dazzling onlookers with toe-tapping songs and beautifully choreographed dances, preserving a custom that began in the mid- 1800s,” the city explains on its website. “The Tweede Nuwe Jaar Parade is so ingrained in local society that some performers have been taking part in the parade for over 30 years, and are not only joined by their children but even their grandchildren for this extravagant event.” The annual ‘Tweede Nuwe Jaar’ parade and the Cape Minstrels were part of the rich cultural heritage of Cape Town, Grant Pascoe, Cape Town’s mayoral committee member for tourism, events and marketing said in a statement on the city’s website. “It is more fitting than ever to ring in the New Year a second time, as we enter the 20th year of South Africa’s democracy. Embracing our cultural diversity is an integral part of our commitment to building an inclusive city.” City of Cape Town and SAinfo reporterlast_img read more