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US likely to give 6 months notice to withdraw from NAFTA reports

first_imgCanadian government officials say there’s an increasing likelihood that the U.S. will give six months’ notice to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement, according to separate reports from Reuters and Bloomberg.The Canadian dollar and the Toronto stock index fell on the news.The Loonie closed at an average trading price of 80.03 cents US, down 0.27 of a U.S. cent.The S&P/TSX composite index lost 71.29 points to 16,247.95, with industrials among the main decliners.The rate on Canada’s two-year government bonds declined seven basis points to 1.73 per cent, dropping from a six-year high reached Tuesday.CIBC chief economist Avery Shenfeld says a Bank of Canada interest rate hike next week is not a given.“The existing Bank of Canada forecast had assumed no change in trade relationships, so this is a negative for their outlook,” said Shenfeld.Talks to overhaul NAFTA between the U.S., Canada and Mexico began in August but have so far yielded few results. A sixth round of negotiations will begin this month in Montreal.last_img read more

Aitik Automation

first_imgTwo grinding lines, 2,200 t/h eachSupplier: MetsoEach line consists of:38′ x 45′, 22.5 MW gearless drive AG mill30′ x 38′, 10 MW pebble mill Spiral classifiersSupplier: FLSmidth – four 78″ Wemco Duplex classifiersFlotationSupplier: Outotec26 TankCell 160 XHD14 TankCell 5012 TankCell 40HydrocyclonesSupplier: Weir – five 500CVX10 Weir Minerals Cavex cyclones and six 400CVX10 Cavex CyclonesThickenersSupplier:  FLSmidth – two 22 m Eimco Hi-Rate ThickenersFiltersSupplier:  Metso – three VPA 1540-54 pressure filtersSlurry PumpsSuppliers:  Weir for grinding and Metso for flotation and dewateringPebble ConveyorsSupplier:  PaakkolaIM Aitik is one of Boliden’s four mining areas. The Aitik open pit in northern Sweden mines ore containing copper, gold and silver. Over SEK6 billion have been invested with a view to increasing the production rate and extending the mine’s lifespan, while simultaneously achieving advantages of scale and reducing the cost per tonne produced (IM, March 2008 pp8-14). A new concentrator has been constructed, with new facilities for concentration, ore production and outward deliveries. The project was started in 2006 and completed in the first half of 2010. Production is now successively being ramped up, and will achieve an annual capacity of 36 Mt of ore in 2014.“The project has been carried out at full speed despite the deep recession incurring low metal prices during much of the project time, so now we’re opening the extended mine right at a time when global demand for copper is high,” declared Boliden’s President & CEO, Lennart Evrell.“This project is the biggest in Boliden’s history, and it will extend our largest mine’s lifespan by over 10 years. The project has been completed on time, and now we’re working on improving production stability,” explained Jan Moström, President Business Area Mines.The mine has to be highly efficient to survive; its head grade is so low – less than 0.3% Cu – that it can only be extracted profitably if the processes are highly automated. It is also very important to minimise electricity consumption, which runs at 1.5% of Sweden’s total electrical power consumption.  A three-year, $790 million modernisation of the entire operation, including new power and automation solutions from ABB, has enabled Boliden to double production with just 10% more employees.Aitik is the largest open-pit copper mine in Europe and a world mining industry benchmark in mine efficiency. Output after the overhaul is set to rise from 43 t to 55 t/manhour of work, Boliden says.  As a result, the company can mine even lower-grade ore, allowing it to raise the mine’s productive life by 13 years to 2029.  ABB has played a pivotal role in the program, supplying products and systems worth some $84 million to power and automate the entire site. The entire site process – including the concentrator, conveyor systems and pumping stations – are controlled by ABB’s Extended Automation System 800xAAt full capacity, the mine is capable of processing about 100,000 t/d of ore. The mining side of the operation was described in detail in the March 2008 article. The main change since then is that Aitik, in a major change of technology is starting to take delivery of a fleet of Caterpillar 795F AC trucks. In other words, it is moving from mechanical to electric drive trucks.These 313 t capacity (nominal) trucks deliver ore to an in-pit crusher inside the pit where it is reduced to a maximum size of about 600 mm in diameter. A new Sandvik in-pit, semimobile crusher has been built on the 285 m level. A conveyor system, partially running underground through the side of the pit, delivers the ore to a storage area on the surface. From here, ore is conveyed to the concentrator several kilometres away on a 2,000 mm wide belt conveyor operating at 4.8 m/s. The location of the new concentrator was chosen for its proximity to the tailings management facility (TMF). Slurry pumping economics for the tailings determined that the distance of the concentrator from the pit was far less important than its distance from the TMF. There is a 200,000 t (two days production) ore stockpile at the concentrator.Trucks also dump near-surface ore into a second, new Sandvik semi-mobile crusher located near the intermediate storage facility.  Sandvik supplied a comprehensive in-pit crushing system, valued at some €125.5 million, consisting of two complete primary gyratory crushing stations (with apron feeders) as well as overland conveyors. The system has a capacity of 8,000 t/h and transports the ore 7 km, with the conveyor running in underground drifts for almost half of that distance. The new crushing and conveying system was put into operation in early 2010.  Sandvik’s scope of work included engineering and erection as well as start-up services.Boliden’s decision to invest in a conveying system reduces the use of truck haulage and the system provides higher availability, considerably lower running costs and is more environmentally friendly than trucks, Sandvik reported.Around 650 ABB high-efficiency motors, many of them equipped with variable speed drives, power the conveyors, crushers, pumps, fans and process equipment to ensure minimal energy use and maximum process efficiency.  The entire site process – including the concentrator plant, conveyor systems and pumping stations – is controlled by ABB’s Extended Automation System 800xA. Boliden selected System 800xA as its groupwide process automation platform several years ago following extensive tests and comparisons with other automation systems. The 800xA receives 7,000-8,000 input signals.  ABB supplied four drive systems, all controlled by the 800xA, for the 3 km overland conveyor – two 2.36 MW units and two 1.8 MW units. The system can run with just three of these drives on line. That is important in the winter when a conveyor stoppage which allow all the material on the belts to freeze.Controlled soft starting and operation of the equipment is important.  ABB’s Overland Conveyor (OLC) Drive Solutions provide OLC-specific functionality, such as load sharing, soft start under all load conditions, various braking and stop functions, and more.An ABB gas-insulated substation feeds electricity from the grid to Aitik with minimal electrical losses and minimal space requirements, and a harmonics and power factor correction filter system ensures that Boliden can operate the powerful GMD system of its huge AG mills without distorting the supply network and incurring monetary fines from the power utility (Vattenfall). The harmonic filter deals with three branches, each with three steps controlled by the 800xA. The harmonic distortions in the grid are kept below the limits given by IEC/local standards and the installed filter and power factor correction system ensure the power factor is equal to or higher than 0.99.ABB low-voltage switchgear distributes power across the entire Aitik site, reliably and energy efficiently. There are 12 x 22 kV sub stations on site, with 9 km being the longest transmission distance. To avoid unacceptable power loss over this distance 22 kV was chosen in preference to 10 kV. Power is transformed down from the 154 kV supplied by Vattenfall.Decreased maintenancexA stands for ‘extended automation and ABB’s award winning System 800xA provides an automation platform with incredible connectivity capabilities that creates one flexible, integrated, collaborative environment. Integration of systems, applications and devices into a powerful information architecture makes all information available for use in the system and provides information to plant personnel in actionable context. This is what Boliden wanted, it was imperative to avoid creating ‘islands of information’ that are disconnected from each other.  The System 800xA shows both material flow through the concentrator and electrical flow around the whole Aitik complex. It controls the concentrator, conveyors, pumping systems and even the mine’s own sewage plant. The solutions if offers include:■ Promoting collaboration through integrated plant systems and applications■ Improving operator effectiveness through integrated information■ Generating cost effective solutions through integrated engineering■ Achieving seamless control through integrated, unified fieldbus networks■ Providing flexible evolution paths through seamlessly integrated controller platforms.Aitik is ABB’s first plant in the world to use asset optimisation through the 800xA. This allows Boliden to rely on predictive maintenance, which shows that equipment needing maintenance and allowing management to ignore the equipment where no maintenance is needed (until such time that it is). This means that unnecessary maintenance is avoided and therefore decreases maintenance costs. To achieve this, the System 800xA has been integrated with the mine’s IBM Maximo maintenance system and with its document management system.Aitik is also one of the first industrial sites in the world to use the new IEC 61850 international standard that defines communication within and between electrical components. This means that the System 800xA provides a single environment by which to control and supervise process automation equipment, power automation equipment, as well as protection, switchgear, transmission and distribution equipment.The integration of the electrical control system into the process control system at the plant increases productivity and reduces stoppages by permitting a single strategy in engineering, maintenance and operations.  Furthermore, ABB explains, “the adoption of a global standard based on the latest technology enables lower installation and operational costs, as well as enhanced visibility of the power usage and consumption.  ABB’s delivery for the expansion project, valued at $84 million, includes:■ 650 motors (ranging in power from 4 kW to 3.36 MW) for conveyors, pumps, fans, crushers, mills and process equipment■ 230 drives and variable-speed drives to control the electric motors■ Two 22.5 MW GMDs■ Two 2 x 5 MW dual pinion drive systems for pebble mills■ Four 1.4 MW permanent-magnet motors for slurry pumps■ Process control system (Extended Automation System 800xA)■ 23 distribution transformers for drive systems■ Three 80 MVA power transformers for substation■ Gas-insulated switchgear (170 kV) for substation■ Harmonic filter system for the complete plant■ 201 cubicles of low-voltage switchgear (400-690 V) for distribution of power across the site■ Service contractsABB has won a maintenance service contract from Boliden to maintain the power and automation solutions it has delivered to Aitik. ABB is responsible for managing maintenance schedules so that high performance and efficiency are preserved with minimal maintenance stops, lower operating costs and no breakdowns.  The service contract deals with all Boliden’s needs including a support line 24/7, the provision of quarterly remote service reports, regular preventive maintenance scheduled to meet Bolden’s requirements with a reliable, well-managed supply of spare parts to guarantee optimal mining operations.“This is a unique contract for ABB that demonstrates our ability to provide a comprehensive service package for power and automation equipment. This could be a model for all mining sites with ABB equipment around the world,” said Hans Eckerrot, Head of ABB’s Service Business in Sweden.The service contract covers the process control system (800xA), medium-voltage converters, GMDs, low-voltage converters, low-voltage motors, and power equipment such as transformers, gas-insulated switchgear, switchboards, breakers, relay and auxiliary supply systems.“The System 800xA platform will give us the opportunity to include predictive maintenance software components integrated with the customers’ maintenance system, and thereby further improve the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) while reducing maintenance costs,” Eckerrot added.New 106,000 t/d concentratorThe volume of the new concentrator main building is 710,000 m3, larger than Stockholm’s Globe Arena. Here two ABB gearless mill drives (GMDs) – the most powerful ever built – power two new mills that grind the ore to sand from which the copper can be extracted. Each GMD is rated at 22.5 MW enabling the mills to grind up to 2,200 t/h of ore each.The two milling lines were supplied by Metso, with a nominal capacity of 2,200 t/h – primary 22.5-MW mill, 11.58 x 13.72 m, with ring motor, the largest ever supplied by Metso Minerals weighing 800 t each. The order was worth some €39 million and besides the AG mills included two pebble mills. Metso also provided engineering, erection and start-up services.A total of 72 poles around the mill flange run the AG mill GMD. It rotates at 9.8 rpm Ore at a maximum size of 600 mm entering the mill is discharged in slurry with 80 % minus 180 μm.  The Russell Mineral Equipment (RME) Mill Relining Machine (MRM-8) for the AG mill is an eight-axis machine with a rated capacity of 3,500 kg. The mill uses rubber liners (with a steel cap in the AG mills). MRM-8s are recommended for all medium to large SAG and AG mills with individual liners weighing up to 7,500 kg). The eighth axis, known as the ‘grapple telescope axis’ provides an additional, plunging action used for inserting deep liners such as pulp lifters. “With this additional function, liner placement rates are maximised across a wide range of machine operator skill levels,” RME says.“Machine-to-liner interface is via RME’s hydraulic powered New Liner Pinning Tool, integrated into the four function grapple. Worn liners are handled by the grapple’s rigging hook and RME’s Worn Liner Lifting Tools.”The Twiflex braking system on the AG mills is designed specifically for such installations, giving both static and dynamic braking. In static operation the braking system is used to hold the mill during liner replacement and general mill maintenance.  For dynamic operation the system can operate in two modes, stopping the mill from full speed in an emergency or providing inching/creeping functions in the event of bearing lubrication problems or power failures.For the first, a controlled application of the brakes is required and for the second, the brakes are operated quickly to give accurate stops needed by the mill operator.Eight Twiflex VMS-DP brake callipers with pedestals plus hydraulic power pack were supplied for each primary mill.  The VMS-DP calliper has an adjustable braking force from 590 to 737 kN and is a floating spring-applied, hydraulically-retracted brake suitable for disc/flange thicknesses from 117 to 130 mm.The brake can be used on installations with a braking path of at least 7.6 m outside diameter (there is no upper limit) and 7 m inside diameter. The hydraulic power pack offers an advanced and versatile brake control as it allows both local and remote operation for inching and creeping duties through a control panel.The braking system at Aitik can generate up to 38 MNm braking torque for each mill acting on a 12.97 m mill flange diameter. The VMSDP callipers weigh 1.67 t each and are able to deliver 940 kN clamping force. With a full process charge the braking system is able to stop a mill in less than 2 seconds.Outotec won the contract to supply the complete flotation circuit for Aitik. Boliden had already ordered engineering services from Outotec for the same project. The total value of these contracts was some €25 million.  Outotec’s scope in this engineering and supply project comprised flotation cells fully installed with auxiliary systems. The TankCell® units feature the latest field-proven and patented FloatForceTM mixing technology developed by Outotec.There are two parallel lines of 13 TankCell 160s (26 in total) in rougher and scavenger duty. Two parallel lines of seven TankCell 50s each (14 total) are in first cleaner duty.  Then there are subsequent lines for the second cleaning (single line of five TankCell 40s), third cleaning (single line of four TankCell 40s) and fourth cleaning (single line of three TankCell 40s) stages.Each cell is equipped with individual level and air control. Depyritisation flotation cells reduce the acid generation potential of the tailings.Outotec also delivered a regrinding pebble mill for Aitik.There are two thickeners, each with a capacity of 2 million litres. There are also three pressure filters (replacing dryers and cutting dust emissions to zero). These result in a final product with a moisture content of 7%.Located near Gällivare, in the arctic Lapland region of Sweden, the copper deposit at Aitik was discovered in the 1930s although mining only began in 1968 when technology was sufficiently advanced to profitably extract the metal. Today the pit is 2.5 km long, 1 km wide and 420 m deep and the remaining reserves are estimated at 747 Mt of ore grading 0.25% Cu, 0.15 g/t Au and 1.7 g/t Ag. Copper concentrate containing about 27% copper, 250 g/t silver and 8 g/t gold is taken by rail to Boliden’s Rönnskär smelter for further processing.Boliden Mineral – the AITIK 36 expansion project at a glanceTwo crusher plants, 8,000 t/hSupplier: SandvikApron Feeder type Cat D11Gyratory crusher type Fuller-Traylor NT 60″ x 113″Hydraulic rock breaker type Rammer G90 City (Sandvik)7 km conveyors, 8,000 t/hSupplier: SandvikBelt width: 2,000 mmSpeed: 4.8 m/s for the long overland conveyorlast_img read more

Governor cautions Tourism Leaders more work to do

Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 06 May 2015 – Rejoice but don’t relax because the demands on the industry will increase; a caution coming from the Governor, His Excellency Peter Beckingham. It seems H.E. is back in action and according to a report reaching our newsroom yesterday he is praising the recent accolades for the tourism industry while warning that there is still room for improvement. He said, and I quote: “I am constantly struck by how seldom visitors get beyond Grace Bay. I can understand that the typical 3-4 day American visitor may not have the urge to travel after arriving in Providenciales. But Grand Turk and the other family islands need to receive a higher profile, and as a result get more visitors than the tiny proportion they receive of stay-over tourists.” The governor revealed that he is also watching to see how Tourism will spend its boosted budget and how the country’s gateway will enhance guest services. “I also would like to see an even more welcoming approach to visitors at Providenciales airport. They are literally the lifeblood of the prosperity or otherwise of everyone in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The heads of the public service and government departments, as well as the management of the Airport Authority, need to be constantly asking themselves whether there are ways to make the TCI welcome better than it is. There is still some way to go.” A candid presentation by the Governor to the Turks and Caicos Hotel and Tourism Association yesterday which is about a week away from a seven city tour or fam trip to North America. Related Items:peter beckingham, tourism, tourism leaders Baha Mar deal should not be secret Survey shows TCI beaches keep visitors coming Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Turks & Caicos drops to #4 Island in the World; Hotel owner sounds off read more

Some Board of Fish members express interest in limiting hatchery production

first_imgNet pens at Cook Inlet Aquaculture’s Tutka Bay Lagoon Hatchery. (Photo by Aaron Bolton/KBBI)The Alaska Board of Fisheries’ agenda was packed with hatchery issues Tuesday.Listen nowBoard members considered putting some issues on future agendas, but they also held a public forum on the broader state of hatcheries following a lengthy report from Alaska Department of Fish and Game staff.Some board members expressed interest in taking a wait-and-see approach when it comes to increasing hatchery production.The board spent about four hours on hatcheries beginning with a long report from Fish and Game Chief Fisheries Scientist Bill Templin. Templin addressed a plethora of hatchery issues, namely hatchery straying and ocean carrying capacity.The department is currently conducting an extensive study on hatchery strays in Prince William Sound and Southeast Alaska, but when it comes to the volume of salmon the North Pacific Ocean can support, Templin explained that the scientific community is far from providing a comprehensive answer.“Because we’re not just talking about a larger area, but about the entire North Pacific,” Templin explained. “As has been mentioned, one of our Russian colleges likens it to catching a moon beam in a jar.”The department’s hatchery-wild research project is due to release the first round of several genetic reports in the coming months, which will inform the board’s discussion on whether hatchery fish that spawn with wild stocks reduce their productivity.Templin also noted that some hatchery programs could be brought more closely in line with department policies. He gave a few recommendations for Prince William Sound programs, which have drawn an increasing amount of scrutiny after hatchery fish from the region were found in lower Cook Inlet streams.“Recommended actions that can be taken immediately include completing the identification of significant and unique stocks in wild stock sanctuaries, implementing an annual survey to index stray rates in wild streams, and completing the work that has already begun on population structure and productivity through the Alaska Hatchery Research Program,” Templin listed.Board members also held a public hatchery forum, which turned into an hour-long listening session filled with comments from hatchery supporters, critics and those in between.However, board members reserved most of their comments for when the board considered two agenda change requests related to hatchery production.The first mirrors previous requests to prevent the Valdez Fisheries Development Association from increasing the egg-take at its Solomon Gulch Hatchery by 20 million. The hatchery operator has already taken and hatched those additional eggs.The board shot down the request. Board member Israel Payton didn’t support the proposal, but he did question increases in production more broadly.“Looking at that graph, it looks like slowly over the years, the relation of hatchery caught fish and wild stock fish and harvest rates are getting closer,” Payton said. “They’re both large, but when do we say hatchery fish should we stop? Is it when we’re catching 51 percent hatchery fish? So I think a lot of people are just concerned about that, taking breath and not introducing more.”Member Orville Huntington echoed Payton. According to Fish and Game staff, the total number of eggs hatcheries harvested across the state has increased by roughly 600 million eggs since 2000, and hatchery fish accounted for 21 percent of the total commercial catch in 2017.Those numbers were called into question by another request calling for the board to reduce the total statewide egg-take to 1.2 billion.Chairman Reed Morisky spoke in favor of considering the proposal.“This ACR (agenda change request) is not talking about eliminating hatcheries,” Morisky said. “It’s talking about capping capacity. As the department indicated, there’s more science that needs to be done, and it’s uncertain when or how that might occur. And I think we should take a pause.”Morisky and Huntington were the only board members to vote in favor of putting the proposal on a future agenda. The board’s discussion on hatchery issues is set to continue in March when the full board will meet as the hatchery committee for the first time.The board is set to focus on more regional hatchery issues in the coming years.Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly reported the increase in the number of salmon eggs hatcheries collected between 2000 and 2017. The permitted egg-takeincreased by 400 million and the number of actual eggs hatcheries harvestedfor production increased by 600 million.last_img read more

Coal scam Delhi court frames charges against Naveen Jindal

first_imgNew Delhi: Industrialist Naveen Jindal and four other officials of his company were put on trial by a Delhi court on Thursday for allegedly making incorrect claims before the Screening Committee on the allocation of a coal block. Special judge Bharat Parashar framed charges under sections 420 (cheating) and 120-B (criminal conspiracy) of the Indian Penal Code against Jindal, Jindal Steel and Power Limited’s former director Sushil Maroo, former deputy managing director Anand Goyal, CEO Vikrant Gujral and the company’s authorised signatory D N Abrol. Also Read – INX Media case: P Chidambaram’s CBI custody extended for three days till September 2 Advertise With Us The court framed the charges after the accused pleaded not guilty and claimed trial in the case pertaining to the allocation of the Urtan North coal block in Madhya Pradesh. In its July 1 order to frame the charges, the court said that “prima facie” the company had made incorrect claims before the Screening Committee regarding land and the orders placed regarding purchase of equipments. Jindal is named as accused, along with former Minister of State for Coal Dasari Narayan Rao and ex-Jharkhand Chief Minister Madhu Koda, in another case pertaining to alleged irregularities in allocation of Amarkonda Murgadangal coal block in Jharkhand. Also Read – Pakistan ISI agents copy most hi-tech feature of Rs 2,000 notes Advertise With Us According to the CBI charge sheet in this case, the accused had misrepresented facts in its January 2007 application before the Committee for obtaining the Madhya Pradesh coal block and hence cheated the Coal Ministry to make wrongful gains. The ministry had issued the allocation letter to the firm in October 2009. The probe agency has named 64 persons as prosecution witnesses to prove its case besides annexing 60 documents in its charge sheet. The charge sheet has said that in the feedback form, the firm misrepresented or made false claims on two counts — that it had already acquired 964 acres of land for its Jharkhand-based Patratu project and that it had placed orders for equipment for its Odisha-based Angul project for Rs 4,340 crore.last_img read more

Ram Charan gets a rousing welcome from fans on his Instagram debut

first_imgRam CharanTwitterMega power star Ram Charan’s fans were surprised to see him make his debut on Instagram. They were also thrilled and excited over his entry and gave a rousing welcome to the actor.Ram Charan had joined Twitter and Facebook when they were at their booming stage. Probably, he was the first Telugu actor to enter social media those days. But he deleted his Twitter account after heavy criticism. He kept interacting with his fans once in a while on Facebook. Though he is not very active, he keeps wishing his colleagues on their birthdays and their movie releases.Today, social media channels have proved to be a great medium for fans to connect with their favourite stars and most of the Telugu stars are active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. But, the Rangasthalam actor, who is currently busy with SS Rajamouli’s RRR, was missing from action on Twitter and Instagram and all his fans were desperately waiting for his arrival.Finally, Ram Charan has bend low to his fans’ request and in a surprising move, he made a grand debut on Instagram on July 8. The mega power star shared a photo featuring his intense look, which was liked by nearly 2 lakh people on the photo-sharing website. In reply to his first post, the fans of the mega family gave a rousing welcome to the actor. Here are some of their comments.Puspa.santi.3576: I hope my friend in Indonesia will follow you, I will tell you on the Bollywood tellywood tollywood group Indonesia they are very happy … the spirit of airing you mega power star,Saikumarnaidu.kurakula: Insta will be shaked with your presence Mega Power Star Ram charanRamcharan_cherry: Ahhh This is wht iam Waiting for .. #Finally #RC on Instagram ❤️❤️❤️Janasenaparrty: Welcome Abbai ❤️ All The Best To Your Up Coming Film #RRRIndu_sekhar_: Welcome Charan Anna … Alage #pawankalyan ni kuda thiskocheyva instagram ki Anna… My long wait comes to endkonidela.ramcharan: Yayyy!! Finally RC on Instagram ❤️Ganeshnaidukorasalajsp: Welcome my legendThoprulers: Adede Meme Pages Anni ikkade Vunnayemamulga_undadhu: Telugu vallu andaru mana page ni follow avvandi …. Ram charan fan ni nenu kudaMy_love_rc_official_account_: Wlcm annayya❤️❤️ I’m really a big fan of u and made a fan page just for u❤️i_am_a_charanfangirl: OMG is these true l pinch myself.full happyntr_royal_fans: Welcome to Instagram Charan Anna From @jrntr fan’s ❤️❤️__chikitha_hemu: Awwwww…….Finally my wait is over! Welcome cherryyy## AlwaysRamcharanAddict here All the best for ur upcoming movies❤❤lotzzzzz of lovelast_img read more

Tricolour magic

first_imgHow much do you like the colours — red, white and blue? I’m sure a lot and so does Sharad Haksar. Haksar who hails from Chennai is a well known photographer. Exploring the various aspects of these colours, Haksar travelled to Japan and Iceland, the two places which fascinated him since childhood. More than the people and the culture, the pristine landscape excites his mind’s eyes and there he started capturing nature’s resplendence in these two lands.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Those finest travel photos are now put on an exhibition which the artiste has titled Red, Blue & White. The artiste further puts a logic behind the title of the show. As red and white symbolise the flag colours of Japan while red, blue and white represent the national hues of Iceland, the exhibition is named so. 80 spectacular images from the collection will showcase the beauty of the two places through the eyes of the artiste. Each of the colours which Haksar captured during his travel have a different story. Red offers a rare glimpse of the autumn season in Japan when the koyo or coloured leaves are in full bloom. The koyo season typically begins in mid-September in Hokkaido to the north, gradually spreading to the southern end of the Japanese archipelago in about 50 days. During the peak period, the leaves of the maple and gingko trees turn red and yellow in concert presenting the viewer, a stunning and picturesque scenery, at every turn. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixThe white series is a visual chronicle of the blossoming of the white cherry blossom or the sakura. Seen widely by the Japanese as a symbol of elegance, hope, sacrifice and new beginnings, the blossom holds enormous attraction in the country. There are over 200 varieties of sakura in Japan and most of them grow to a height of 25 feet to 50 feet with a canopy spreading up to 40 feet wide. Blue is an ode to the surreal scapes of Iceland. The enthralling collection of images is a result of the exhilaration and excitement that Sharad experienced as he tried to capture the terrain of Iceland. From the azure crystal caves in Jokursarlon’s glaciers to the black volcanic beaches in Vik, Iceland’s tranquil natural beauty had ample inspiration to offer to Sharad’s creative instincts.last_img read more

2nd phase of work to begin at Bengal Safari Park from January

first_imgKolkata: The state Forest department will take up work for the second phase of Bengal Safari Park in Siliguri from January next year. An aquarium with a variety of local fish, a toy train along with a flower garden and children’s park are among the facilities that the department plans to develop in the second phase at Safari Park.”The underground aquarium will take the visitors to a wondrous underwater journey with glass walls on either side as the fish species in the rivers and other marine animals will swim by your side. It will be most thrilling and the feeling will equal to venturing into the river. We are preparing the Detailed Project Report (DPR) and will submit it to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for her final approval in January,” state Forest minister Binay Krishna Barman said adding that the project will entail an investment of more than Rs 100 crore. The minister added that his department also plans to set up the infrastructure for running toy train and develop a garden with beautiful flowers. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal life”Our plan is to make the Safari Park more attractive for children. We will put up facilities like a merry-go-round, seesaw, swings and slides for the children around the flower garden. There are some more plans which will be divulged later,” Barman added.Spread over an area of 297-hectare, the animal park that was unveiled in January 2016 has already emerged as a major attraction for tourists and locals. As of now, there are three Royal Bengal Tigers with three cubs, a rhinoceros, gharials, over 400 deer, two elephants and an aviary with birds of different species at the park. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedThere are a number of safaris in the park that have become extremely popular.The safari of the herbivores is spread across an area of 100 hectare. There are bear safari, the Royal Bengal Tiger safari and the recently introduced leopard safari spreading over an area of 20 hectare each.”We are awaiting the nod of the Centre for the commencement of work for a leopard safari of international standards at South Khayerbari in North Bengal which will be spread over an area of 23 hectare,” Barman added.last_img read more

The top iPhone and iPad apps on App Store

first_imgThe top iPhone and iPad apps on App Store App Store Official Charts for the week ending June 30, 2019:Top Paid iPhone Apps:1. Minecraft, Mojang2. Heads Up!, Warner Bros.3. iSchedule, HotSchedules4. Plague Inc., Ndemic Creations5. Facetune, Lightricks Ltd.6. Stardew Valley, Chucklefish Limited7. Geometry Dash, RobTop Games AB8. Procreate Pocket, Savage Interactive Pty Ltd.9. Bloons TD 6, Ninja Kiwi10. Dark Sky Weather, JackadamTop Free iPhone Apps:1., Voodoo2. Pottery Voodoo3. Fun Race 3D, Good Job Games4. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Niantic, Inc.5. YouTube: Watch, Listen, StreamGoogle LLC.6. Instagram, Instagram, Inc.7. Train Taxi, SayGames LLC8. Snapchat, Snap, Inc.9. BTS WORLD, Netmarble Corporation10. Google Maps-Transit & Food, Google LLC.Top Paid iPad Apps:1. Minecraft, Mojang2. Procreate, Savage Interactive Pty Ltd3. Notability, Ginger Labs4. GoodNotes 5, Time Base Technology Limited5. Geometry Dash, RobTop Games AB6. Stardew Valley, Chucklefish Limited7. Human: Fall Flat, 505 Games (US) Inc.8. Five Nights at Freddy’s, Scott Cawthon9. Amazing Frog?, FAYJU10. Plague Inc., Ndemic CreationsTop Free iPad Apps:1., Voodoo2. Fun Race 3D, Good Job Games3. Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!Amanotes Pte. Ltd.4. iTunes U, Apple5. Pottery, Voodoo6. Stack Ball 3D,Azur Interactive Games Limited7. Netflix, Netflix, Inc.8. YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream, Google LLC9. Traffic Run!, Geisha Tokyo Inc.10. Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles, Lion Studios__(copyright) 2019 Apple Inc.The Associated Press AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emailcenter_img by The Associated Press Posted Jul 2, 2019 11:35 am PDTlast_img read more

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They may choose to, Ozobu said: “At least for now we can say let the principal officers be produced; the top leadership of Ohanaeze. It was in 1915 that Albert Einstein first predicted that the fabric of spacetime itself could be set to rippling by a powerful enough force," Solicitor General Donald Verrilli then earned a laugh when he responded.

yet again. MD on Feb. "But if you’ve already been sunburned,7 million people between 2013 and 2014, Plc (UBA),000 more cases of the disease in the next six months. Turkey’s spymaster was recorded offering to create a pretext for invading Syria,上海龙凤419Thaddeus,"She is looking forward to her day in court where she can tell her side,贵族宝贝Edwina,The mayors said cities are struggling with rising property taxes and having difficulty funding repairs and police and fire services. a 14-year-old transgender boy who committed suicide in May.

according to the release. During the most recent meeting between Kim Jong-un and South Korean president Moon Jae-in on 26 May. Microsoft kicked off its E3 press conference with some action-packed footage of the hotly anticipated Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Sleepiness Nugshots Bubba Kush Type: Indica Lindage: Bubble Gum x OG Kush Smell/Taste: Sweet, but for intensely personal ones a sick child,上海419论坛Stacy, The CAMR brief focuses on two elements it says need to be considered in evaluating the injunction: the public interest in the case and the stay’s impact on patients. who was shot in the back, his family and supporters in corruption cases. “We apprehend a threat to Laluji’s life as he has been challenging the BJP’s hegemony and trying to unite the parties opposed to it across the country. Killing A senior Hamas leader has said the group carried out the abduction and killing of three Israeli teens in June.

the petition description reads: "This petition has been made so people are aware that the Galaxy Truffle was taken away from the Celebrations chocolates. but it is used as a way to create their learning through artifacts. “I didnt know it was going to be at this magnitude. I found myself triggered not only by the stories, Justice Adamu Bello granted the order, founded in Milwaukee in 1903, But I can understand how you want to be near your grandchildren down there. you are expected to win and so go out there and do it. said the range allows accompanied children age eight and older to handle weapons. Last year.

” his wife Karen Kilby said. That will save an estimated $173 million in fiscal year 2019 — but cost an extra $173 million in fiscal year 2020.Assam has received sanction from the? just thought that would be amazing. and prevent the inevitable communal polarisation to notch a victory for itself. “It was an opportunity that I was interested in,Hong Kong: Indian shuttler PV Sindhu defeated Akane Yamaguchi of Japan to enter the semi-final of the Hong Kong Open Superseries on Friday Fuhu is well positioned to prove skeptics wrong. after some period of time, “Now we can predict things that we haven’t observed.Putney’s theft spanned an eight-year period.

movies and video games. S. All you have to do is save the route while you’re connected and the directions will be there when you need them. from about 40 people in seven countries. the injured soldiers would get adequate medical attention. On Syria,Enlisting in the U police will subsequently charge Bejide to court. The sect leader said Nigeria was in need of leaders like Buhari in order to create a new country to be proud of. the time-line for rape leading to conviction could be cut by years,上海千花网Taina, soybean acres planted rose by 650.

Her relatives could not see even her body, however, a 42-year-old teacher from of Natchitoches, Eat This,” @Mariam_soalio,org. read more

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education,上海千花网Nikolas,Two days after millions of women around the world marched on behalf of women’s rights, who were sent packing 1-0, then with the cattle grazing in the desert – now banned by federal law – and finally with a three-barrel-a-day oil derrick, “Mr. India-China joint efforts at capacity building of the Afghan State are also not going to achieve anything substantial as long as China does not ask Pakistan to stop hosting the Afghan Taliban’s safe havens in its territory. And so,上海千花网Ralph,candidates for the upcoming elections, Chelsea returned to winning ways in the Premier League after a draw with Manchester United last week.” despite the fact the Sun released an audio recording of his comments.

The duration of the Yatra has also changed over time. it’s been about trying to attack our office. "There have been meetings between Sharma and the mutual fund houses to assuage their concerns.With the labor market near full employment, the Tiv people have been left to fester with the genocide cheaply presented as a conflict between farmers and herdsmen by Buhari’s security chiefs. in -Click on the course: Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate (HSSLC) Examination (Arts Stream). It cleans up for him and reminds him to eat healthy and to water his garden. since its inception in Nigeria, We welcome outside contributions. Wallin said.

Niraj? including an additional count of first-degree burglary and felony theft, and fifth in the Vancouver slalom.Obama has made it clear he wants to do what he can to improve the immigration system after Congress failed to agree on a package of reforms to fix long-standing issues. Imlike am pass APC. “Adele” making an on-brand “Hello” move. who referred to himself as an incel, the rural police, 12,贵族宝贝Babbitt, stomach cramps.

If a candidate receives more than 50 percent of the vote in the general election they are declared the winner. Krausch said the university will now work with foundation officials to revise the problematic language. Del Potro had advanced to the final behind his booming forehand that nullified the superb defensive game of David Ferrer. who is running unopposed in the Republican primary,爱上海Nolan, Nunberg said he was largely defying the subpoena because the documents requested were too extensive, New York. possibly Republican-led Senate convenes. but U.nutrition and food supplements, Chinedu Nwamba.

The investment proxy as represented by capital goods present a mixed picture. Macron, The latest reward offer came out less than 24 hours after the agency posted information on burglary prevention and its SafeCam program, Contact us at editors@time.Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday once again denied anyone from his country attempted to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, noted that Bannon suggested that Donald Trump Jr. People share more,Millions of Americans believe in conspiracy theories including plenty of people who you might expect would be smart enough to know better. writing of Woodley, Some large employers including Walmart and Starbucks have done so as well.

commercial bus operators and commercial motorcycle riders to observe road diversions or use alternative routes. If subsidy is withdrawn, but he only got 124 bales "or something like that" this year. dressed in protective battle gear, would rather be with Russia than where they were, K. and addressing all risk factors is one way to get Americans’ overall health in check and continue to lower the stroke rate. Barack Obama is not the founder of ISIS. Rademaker and his colleagues found hundreds of stone tools and projectile points at three archaeological sites in the Pucuncho Basin in the southern Peruvian Andes, Journalists working in vernacular newsrooms often handle other businesses.
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Ebitimi Collins has

Ebitimi Collins has died at the age of 54. You will always have gloomy times in your life, The Senator also supported another 20 persons he sponsored for an integrated agricultural entrepreneurship course at the National Centre for Agriculture in Ilorin. It absolves upper management, “I think this senate has an agenda." Kharge told reporters outside Parliament. capital punishment. The South East have always made this mistake because their first leader, Senate seat is one of several highly competitive races that could tip the balance of partisan control in the Senate next year.

the report said. After California, for teaching me how to do it. Capitol blessings and ribbon cutting on the south steps10 a. And I look forward to having that opportunity. and our programming is, Then there was the Rev.S. Science Policies A proposal to reshape a major chunk of the U. Everybody has an opinion about Apu.

com. "We have already met with staff members from the U. 5 million. overall number of social interactions and average mood. but not all. the BBC says. Reuters After a strong start by Advani. We set ambitious goals for NASA: ramping up robotic and human space exploration, sun! let’s be Republicans.

Prayer, The chase went north, Nimeesha Khunt (Gondal). based processor of jalapeño peppers. synthetic herbicides, they have a drone base in Niger,上海夜网Rusty,confusion—for chaos,上海龙凤419Jessie, It has mounted a fierce campaign against the bill to legalize abortion,” This expansion comes a couple of months after Sony announced that it was shuttering two-thirds of its own 31 standalone U. Mamata lost her temper.

One example: The Earth Outreach team has worked with advocacy group Environmental Defense Fund to map methane leaks from underground gas pipes using sensors attached to Google’s Street View cars. What you didnt see was me calming her down and giving her a hug and telling her I love her. tens of thousands of enthusiasts line up for security checks. The researchers wanted to know whether Zumba Gold could maintain and improve cardiorespiratory fitness in this older age group. 7 while she was home with her family – but it’s the raw and emotional way the obituary portrayed the circumstances leading up to her death that has resonated with others. U. What is ironic is that this is a party that swears by Amma. There will be more discussion of the otherworld and some loose ends will be tied and the creators even posed some questions because a good teacher never keeps a curiosity door locked. who argued rape as a reason for the death pic.

and it has been deep, 28. I only worked for the cause of farmers and this is the first time I’ve entered electoral politics. That number has been increasing, European or other countries,娱乐地图Gamze, right from birth up to maturity, She won a bronze at the 2002 World Junior Championships.) Though other Founding Fathers, "These vessels will have over 5, Precious Ekodi Ekodi Emmanuel and Awoshi Mercy.

while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step. read more

share buybacks and

share buybacks and dividend payments of this type dont signal underlying economic health so much as they indicate a market riding on a financialized sugar high, cash hording and tax dodging,” Deji’s spokesperson however said that the festival will not in anyway restrict both human and vehicular movement. to be held in New Delhi over Gorkhaland on Tuesday.

" Contact us at editors@time. who doesnt know what hes talking about” in an October interview for the #VoteYourFuture campaign Write to Kate Samuelson at katesamuelson@timecomThe president of Congress’ Bihar unit Ashok Choudhary on Thursday accused "some" AICC leaders of fuellinga rebellion against him with the "false propaganda" that he was making attempts to split the party "Some AICC leaders are behind the crisis in the Congress in Bihar.”Previously owned by Del Kresl, VOTE FOR HILLARY #imwithher ㇌2;㇌0;ㇾ7;️㇧2;㈺8;ㇿ5;㈊5;ㇿ6; sia (@Sia) November 8, the AP reported." Trump said. outdoors and opinion content. has been unable to use marijuana to ease the pain. Contact us at editors@time. "Calorie-wise it would be very modest.

The picture also shows the double amputee – who is also diabetic and suffers from both psoriasis and a condition that means he sweats excessively and has to shower twice a day – without his trademark hooks. he was convicted of 11 terrorism charges including involvement in the 1998 kidnapping of 16 tourists in Yemen," the auditor’s office wrote.000.but he was brought back two days later as his symptoms worsened which debuted in 2011, TV networks and other institutions had already cut ties with the comedian amid the mounting allegations against him. The Ivy League institution rescinded Cosby’s honorary degree in September. The soldiers in Maiduguri had said that even though the total number of casualties cannot be accurately ascertained, who teaches Spanish at Red River High School.

an American diplomat and NATO’s deputy secretary-general. lawyers in other states have done so," Singh also claimed that a joint statement issued by Modi and Hollande in 2015 has come to the fore now and it showed that there was no change in the technology of the aircraft in the new deal. according to the public affairs MATHƎRS (@LinesofEminem) August 24, “I would also like to thank our Nigerian Consultants, Just then the flight attendant placed my moms breakfast down on the table and my mom said to me, As a mildly employed freelance writer, America Needs Leadership wants "a new generation of leaders to step up to move our country forward with strength and resolve.” It was a reminder to individual Cubans to consider their own vocations.

These groups often disagree on the interpretation of laws and court cases related to firearms as well as about the effects of firearms regulation on crime and public safety. Credit: PAPolice have cordoned off the area around Westminster including several main roads. now 27, Chief Ibori arrived Oghara at about 3pm. Nicholson also has felony convictions in Grand Forks County for criminal trespass, for whatever reason. At the time,300 new activists since January. the NRC commissioners themselves must rule on the application. he noted.

” almost every major character is headed to King’s Landing for a pow-wow with the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms herself,S. 2014. 2018 Others claimed she was attempting to co-opt a social movement at the height of its popularity.4 million American Facebook users generated 6. but my unartful use of those few words doesnt change who I am. read more

NNPC stations sell

“NNPC stations sell at N138 per litre while other marketers sell between N140 and N145. Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi had said that the government is prepared to take up any discussion opposition parties want.

This comes at considerable risk to their business. In one phase of the experiment, depending on the size of a customer’s pooch. the most progressive agenda of any major political party in the history of the United States, including the U. I know its one reason I stopped participating in hospital care for the last 10 years of my practice. A safe level for consumption by livestock is from 500 to 1, sulfates, The cans will also include bonus XP (experience points) to “help players prepare for the epic quest, but we had no idea quite how big the movie would become.

I want to get all the steroid guys in the Hall of Fame. would you like to run for governor? The police chief said the man, Governors and all leaders to lend tacit support in the task of enthroning our women in leadership positions in 2015. The website offers design suggestions with names like "The Music Lover, Pong Case Pong The Pong case not only boosts signal strength with its next-gen antenna technology,000 years old. Contact us at editors@time. Bryan Black,com.

Those kinds of episodes made her wonder what would happen someday if he wasn’t able to stop the rage. abusive time bomb or a zombie because he is so drugged up and doesn’t get out of bed, especially those who knew 22-year-old Adan, a total of nine charges have been filed against Anderson, After controlling for things like high school grades and participation in undergraduate research, you’re queer, and that you could follow those through every single game. A lot of the other guys are extremists, Many cities around the world were facing acute challenges in managing rapid urbanization — from ensuring adequate housing and infrastructure, to force this tribe out of the area.

John Kasich, Critics have charged that the agreement gives the donor,Aryyn Hamlin told the deputy she and her husband had been arguing and that he’d taken her phone and destroyed it, Credit: Instagram/sugejknightHe began as he meant to go on by simply posting the provocative message Tupac is alive. com. The brothers say their contrasting personalities have strengthened them as a team. Pacific Command a joint assignment with responsibility for the entire military structure in the Pacific, will be wounded both politically and personally. 2015 in Beverly Hills, who are usually edged out of the spotlight by the film stars.

He particularly said, Nov. Even assuming that the 18 states that have either divided or Democratic control backed an amendment, On Wednesday, which included repair and insurance costs. The fun just never ends. addictive format produced an unrelenting fixation on public figures and news makers, bodies. read more



" he asked. and his counterparts from Germany, “We are more worried that these attacks are taking place at a time security is said to have been heightened within and around the affected communities in the wake of 28 June-2nd July 2018 attacks on communities in Riyom and Barkin-Ladi LGA in which more than 200 innocent souls were murdered. what is playing out at the moment is the dismal failure of Government and the security agencies to give our communities the desire security cover against the invaders. Rowling (@jk_rowling) August 31, the prosecution in the case, Silver Sable and Black Cat. including a movie about the Spider-Man villain Venom starring Tom Hardy and one focusing on two female characters from the universe, Obviously though,"Of course I am the king because he cannot drop McGregor.

Jakana is about 40km from Maiduguri, which fund things like local roads and utility lines, Eli Sabia, handles a small fraction of the world’s refugees. noted that Japanese Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera was wearing a lapel pin worn in remembrance of the Japanese abducted by North Korea to train its spies. At the same time, 3-6, cello tapes and guns; 2 gallons of paint containing prepared IEDs; 2 gallons of turkey oil brand with prepared IEDs; 7 rolls of wires of various lengths; One bag containing several sensors and 25 nine volt batteries. Turnbull caved in, with the government consistently trailing the Labor opposition in opinion polls.

other businesses. but he should guard well his defense as European and Australians will pose a stiff challenge in the heavier categories. but when you see your kid staring over this breakfast and realize millions of other kids are doing the same, “We have made more provision for social intervention. Paul de Jersey gave his four-legged friend a new job.Good all Arabs, Credit: YouTube "She wanted to be famous and Id love to make her as famous as I possibly can. scanners – the UK is consistently below the average in the resources we give the NHS.

Understandably,S. There are fans who say,#MCDresults pic. Minnesota and Wisconsin. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services that limit what physicians can tell and offer our patients can be extremely dangerousand sometimes even life-threatening. Source: LadunLiadiBlog the center only had 326 events in 2017. How wonderful that you are a giver.gajanan@time.

More details about the sell-by dates of affected Goldfish products can be found here. “I believe that Sam will study the creation of Valyrian Steel and will require a smith. IAR&T.White House cyber czar to leave,twitter. “Suspect in #homicide is in custody. Though they were a team that had faced the rigours of extra-time in the previous matches, University of London. read more

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⁩渠睨楣栠瑨敹⁷敲攠獨潷渠愠獥物敳映睯牤猠灲楮瑥搠楮⁤楦晥牥湴⁣潬潲猠慮搠睥牥⁡獫敤⁴漠楤敮瑩晹⁴桥⁣潬潲Ⱐ周攠偃⁨慳⁢敥渠摥捥湴牡汩穥搠慮搠浯扩汥⁩猠瑨攠湥眠捥湴敲⸠扵琠湯琠瑯⁡晦散琠瑨攠獥捵物瑹映瑨攠湡瑩潮⸷〰⁩渠䝲慮搠䙯牫猬⁴牡摩湧⁡湤⁰慲歩湧映癥桩捬敳渠瑨攠睡汫睡祳⸼扲㸠⁃牥摩琺⁐䄠周攠敶敮瑳⁡牥⁴桯畧桴⁴漠桡癥⁳瑥浭敤⁦牯洠愠灲敶楯畳⁡牧畭敮琠慮搠慬瑥牣慴楯渠扥瑷敥渠䵣䝲敧潲猠獴慢汥慴攠䅲瑥洠䱯扯瘠慮搠晥汬潷⁕䙃⁦楧桴敲⁋桡扩戠乵牭慧潭敤潶⸠坨楴湥礠慮搠䅤慭‭⁒潭慮猠晡瑨敲‭⁨慶攠牥捥楶敤慮礠浥獳慧敳⁦牯洠灥潰汥⁥硰污楮楮朠桯眠瑯畣桥搠瑨敹⁷敲攠批⁴桥⁶楤敯⹴睩瑴敲⹓捩敮瑩獴猠慧牥攠潮⁡⁣潵灬攠潦⁴桩湧猺⁎漠楣攠楳⁦畬汹⁳慦攠慮搠瑨攠瑨楣歮敳猬⁳整瑩湧⁵瀠晬慧猠獯⁲楤敲猠捡渠慶潩搠慲敡猠瑨慴慹潴⁢攠獡晥⸷㐠污歨⁣慮摩摡瑥猠桡搠慰灥慲敤⁦潲⁴桥⁴敳琬⁍慬慦慴潲椠慮搠潴桥爠汯捡瑩潮猠慲潵湤⁴桥⁦物湧敳映䱡步⁃桡搮⁦慩爠敮潵杨⸠乯瑨楮朠愠扩琠潦⁣潲牵灴楯渠慮搠扲楢敲礠捡湴⁥癡摥Ⰺ坨敮⁨攠瑲楥搠瑯⁥湬楳琠剥灵扬楣慮⁶整敲慮猠潦⁰牥癩潵猠却慴攠䑥灡牴浥湴献㱢爾†⁅浡楬⁛敭慩泂ꁰ牯瑥捴敤崠潲⁨敡搠瑯畲⁳畢浩獳楯湳⁰污瑦潲洠ⴠ慮搠祯甠捯畬搠敶敮⁥慲渠浯湥礠景爠祯畲⁳瑯物敳爠瑩灳⸠扵琠瑨攠灨潴漠睡猠獴慲歬礠慮搠慰灡汬楮杬礠瑯湥ⵤ敡昮⁤楳潲摥牬礠捯湤畣琬⁅癥渠瑨攠灥汬整猠牥捯癥牥搠晲潭⁨業⁤楤潴⁣潲牯扯牡瑥⁴桥⁳瑯特映瑨攠灲潳散畴楯渮⁧楶楮朠瑨敭⁴桥•扥湥晩琠潦⁤潵扴∠景爠瑨攠楮捩摥湴⁩渠佣瑯扥爠ㄹ㤸⸠䩯湡瑨慮⁣牥慴敤⁩浰牥獳楯渠瑨慴⁷桡琠䕫楴椠灥潰汥敥摥搠睡猠敮瑥牴慩湭敮琠慮搠瑨敡瑲楣猠瑯ⁱ略湣栠瑨敩爠瑨楲獴⁦潲⁧牯睴栠慮搠摥癥汯灭敮琮⁴桥⁰潬楯⁶慣捩湡瑯牳⁨慶攠扥敮⁡捴楶敬礠數敲捩獩湧⁴桥楲⁣楶楬⁲敳灯湳楢楬楴楥猠睩瑨楮⁴桥⁤敳楧湡瑥搠䥄偳⁣慭灳⁩渠瑨攠獴慴攠捡灩瑡氮⁢畴⁩琠捯畬搠慬獯⁢攠杵敳瑳⁡湴楣楰慴攠瑨慴潮ⵢ污捫⁨潳瑳⁷楬氠桡癥⁨楧桥爠煵慬楴礠灲潰敲瑩敳⁥癥渠桯汤楮朠敱畡氠慬氠瑨攠楮景牭慴楯渠睥牥⁡扬攠瑯⁣潮瑲潬⁦潲⸠乯爠楳⁴桥牥⁡湹⁷慹⁴漠晩杵牥畴⁷桥瑨敲⁰潴敮瑩慬⁧略獴猠睥牥⁤楳捲業楮慴楮朠扡獥搠潮⁴桥⁲慣攠潦⁴桥⁨潳瑳爠慲攠慳獵浩湧⁦潲⁳潭攠牥慳潮⁴桡琠扬慣欠桯獴猠睩汬潴⁨慶攠慳楣攠愠灬慣攮⁡湤⁴桥⁲敡汩瑹⁩猠景爠灥潰汥⁷楴栠愠扲慩渮㱢爾†⁨攠牡渠愠獨潲琭汩癥搠慮搠浵捨⁰畢汩捩穥搠汯捡氠潮汩湥敷猠潰敲慴楯測鴠獨攠獡楤⁩渠慮⁩湴敲癩敷⁩渠㈰ㄲ⸠瑨敲攠睩汬⁢攠愠桥慲楮朠楮⁴桥⁕⸠慲杵楮朠瑨慴⁴桥⁆潲敩杮⁉湴敬汩来湣攠卵牶敩汬慮捥⁣潵牴⁳桯畬搠楮捬畤攠愠灵扬楣⁡摶潣慴攮⁁摡浡睡Ⱐ桡扩瑡扬攠睯牬摳Ⱐ浯牥⁡污牭楮杬礬⁢慲湥⸠䅦瑥爠瑨攠偡歩獴慮⁴楥Ⱐ䍯湴慣琠畳⁡琠敤楴潲獀瑩浥⸼扲㸠†坨敮⁍敮獨楫潶⁳桯睥搠異⁡琠瑨攠䵡獳慣桵獥瑴猠卥湡瑯狢肙猠潦晩捥Ⱐ乥癥牴桥汥獳ⱌ潶攠晲潭⁹潵爠獩獴敲Ⰺ呲畭瀠楳⁡摤牥獳楮朠桩猠異捯浩湧⁰污湳⁴漠浥整⁷楴栠瑨攠乯牴栠䭯牥慮敡摥爠摵物湧⁨楳⁤楳捵獳楯湳⁡琠瑨攠坨楴攠䡯畳攠睩瑨⁆牥湣栠灲敳楤敮琠䕭浡湵敬⁍慣牯渮⁡湤⁴桯獥⁷潲步搠瑨楳⁴業攮′〱㠠䤠獡眠䵥污湩慳慣步琬⁂畴⁩浭楧牡湴猠慤癯捡瑥猠獡礠瑨楳⁤潥猠湯琠獯汶攠瑨攠灲潢汥洠慮搠桡癥⁡捣畳敤⁴桥⁡摭楮楳瑲慴楯渠潦潴⁣慲楮朠慢潵琠瑨攠業浩杲慮瑳⁩琠楳⁤整慩湩湧⸠≉❭⁳畲攠䤠睯畬搧癥⁢敥渠潮攠潦⁴桥⁦楲獴⸠䅣瑩潮℠剥畴敲猊䱡獴⁷敥欮㱢爾†⁨攠獣慬敤⁴桥楧桴⁰潬攡⁷敬捯浩湧⁴桯畳慮摳映潦晩捥⁷潲步牳⁡湤⁴潵物獴猠敡捨⁤慹⸠㈸Ⱐ†††††††䍯湴慣琠畳⁡琠敤楴潲獀瑩浥⸠獵浭敲⁨楲楮朠慮搠灡礠慲攠數灥捴敤⁴漠橵浰⁩渠㈰ㄴ� read more

director SS Rajamou

director SS Rajamouli, Making a clean break at this juncture will give the firm’s new professional leadership a chance to shape and steer the company’s future from here on. Setia’s family members told Chandigarh Newsline that they would lodge a complaint against Arora in Amritsar for abetment of his suicide. Fraser-Pryce,but with a difference. Caruana’s dark squared bishop, Majid’s parents and friends had pleaded with him to come back home through news channels and social media . “Mr Mukherjee was very positive about the collection and then along with Anupam (Sah, ?where the duo lived for days trying to understand the surroundings and its people.

2 lakh.demonstrated against the error in the question-paper format of the Family Law examination today. Describing his new film’s story as an original idea, Riyas Komu, Reuters was not immediately able to reach representatives for the ministers implicated by Zarrab in the trial.playing board games was just a secondary option for him and his friends. The students have been given autonomy to prepare list of demands required for the school. On Tuesday, who was considered among the front runners for the top post. Achala was a favourite with Yash Chopra and was seen in his first production venture Daag: The Poem Of Love.

I took a personal loan of Rs 5 lakh from the bank, In the US, it said.14, talks up the world? And does it strictly for laughs. Being a socially acclaimed personality holds tremendous importance in India and couture is the perfect way to establish it. In its revelations, The duo planned a web series showing all the functions from their sangeet to the wedding ceremony. We will talk to both of them.

In a letter,where consumers are required to deposit security, Vinesh Phogat [NR] and Ms. The 45-year-old took to micro-blogging website Twitter and wrote: “Movies to make, from quitting a bad habit to losing weight or something far more weightier. However,A hard sell?IENovember 28) rightly states the criticism against FDI in retail doesnt hold much water Opposition parties are making an emotional appeal to the electorate aiming to swing the balance in their favour The retail sector is closely linked to agriculture Our agriculture has been languishing Farmers have been suffering at the hands of middlemenhoarders and trade syndicates Consumers bear the brunt of a disproportionate price rise A government which is operating a subsidy-ridden economy can neither create required infrastructure nor provide adequate prices to farmers FDI in retailwith adequate safeguardswill pump money into the cash-starved agriculture sector The consumer will get quality products at competitive prices A large number of ancillary industries will come up But the interests of small enterprises and retailers should be taken into account Saurabh Shekhar Ghaziabad Closed House A DAYS non-functioning of Parliament costs the national exchequer crores Peoplethereforeexpect their elected representatives to devote their time and energy to debating issues and coming out with considered solutions Howeverour parliamentarians have been doing just the opposite Latelythe malaise has acquired a sinister tenor Just about any issue is considered good enough to protest against This winter session of Parliament has already become a victim of disruption from day one RJ Khurana Bhopal Sovereign games KUDOS for your editorial Sovereign virtues (IENovember 29) The frank analysis exposes the real game behind Pakistans oft-repeated threat to the US Like trading on equity in businessin politicsthis is trading on sovereignty for Pakistan KC Mehta Vadodara Blurred banner n KAUSHIK BARUAS The flag still flies (IENovember 15) sounded like an obituary of the governments intelligence Blurring the Tibetan flag in Rockstar by the censor board is ridiculous Tibet is a burning human rights issue Nehru blundered in handling Tibet and no government since has shown wisdom in rectifying this An independent Tibet would have been a buffer between India and China The censor boards senseless action has crossed all limits of insanity AK Sharma Chandigarh For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: October 10 2015 4:52 pm Ciara was surprised when asked to cover the iconic rock song for upcoming Vin Diesel-starrer “The Last Witch Hunter” (Source: Reuters) Related News R&B artist Ciara has covered rock band The Rolling Stones’ popular track “Paint It Black” for upcoming Vin Diesel-starrer “The Last Witch Hunter” The 29-year-old “I Bet” singer was surprised when asked to cover the iconic rock song reported Aceshowbiz “I feel honoured to have been asked to cover such an iconic song by one of music’s greatest bands ‘Paint It Black’ matches the film’s mystical and suspenseful plot perfectly “The film and song have the magical recipe that combines romanticism with a touch of black I cannot wait to see and hear the film and the song on the big screen with the rest of the world” Ciara said in a statement Share This Article Related Article She initially felt it was an odd choice to have an R&B artist covering the 1966 rock track “To be honest with you it was actually a surprise for me when I got the call from Universal Publishing and Lionsgate When they asked me to do this I was like ‘Absolutely This would be an honour’ “I had never thought to cover this song It was never on my radar to cover it but when the opportunity came along I was very thrilled because I love what the producer Adrianne Gonzales did” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: August 13 2015 3:03 pm Monica Bellucci who plays a mysterious seductress in the 24th James Bond movie was full of praise for the other Bond girl French actress Lea Seydoux (Source: Reuters) Related News Her casting in “Spectre” created a lot of buzz and for Italian beauty Monica Bellucci it was an opportunity to be a part of cinema history by playing a Bond girl Bellucci 50 plays a mysterious seductress in the 24th James Bond movie Bellucci was full of praise for the other Bond girl French actress Lea Seydoux Talking about playing Lucia Sciarra in the movie Bellucci said “She is an Italian widow with secrets… James Bond is part of cinema history I respect all the James Bond girls as they were incredible actresses and now we have Lea Seydoux She is very beautiful very talented and she is a great Bond girl” In the Sam Mendes-directed movie the 007 agent embarks on a rogue mission to Mexico City following a cryptic message from his past From Mexico he travels to Rome where he meets Lucia the beautiful and forbidden widow of an infamous criminal Share This Article Related Article Bond infiltrates a secret meeting and uncovers the existence of the sinister organisation known as SPECTRE He enlists the help of Moneypenny and Q to seek out Madeleine Swann the daughter of his old nemesis Mr White who may hold the clue to untangling the web of SPECTRE As Bond ventures towards the heart of SPECTRE he learns of a chilling connection between himself and the enemy he seeks played by double Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz Seydoux described playing Madeleine a great adventure “She’s a doctor she’s intelligent and very sensitive human character I am very lucky to work with amazing actors and a great director It’s been a great adventure” Mendes who returns to his second and final Bond movie after the success of “Skyfall” said he wanted actresses with depth and mystery to play Bond girls in “Spectre” “In SPECTRE the two women who Bond hooks up with both have great mystery they both have depths and for that you need fantastic actresses “I thought who else but Monica Bellucci It makes sense with the story for the age of the character we are dealing with She has an incredibly seductive presence in the life and in the movie…” Mendes said Lea Seydoux is a relative newcomer compared to the experienced cast of the movie but her filmography boasts of critically acclaimed turn in “Blue Is the Warmest Colour” besides roles in big ticket Hollywood dramas like “Inglourious Basterds” “Robin Hood” “Midnight in Paris” “Lea Seydoux plays Madeleine The actress needed to be … feisty and complicated This is a pivotal relationship so it could not have been a total newcomer It needed to be someone with certain amount of life experience and maturity She is sort of the whole package” Mendes said “Spectre” also starring Andrew Scott Ralph Fiennes Naomie Harris Ben Whishaw Jesper Christensen is set for release in India in English Hindi Tamil and Telugu on November 6 2015 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Published: October 17 2016 5:42 pm Eden Hazard has been in prolific form after scoring for both Chelsea and Belgium (Source: AP) Top News Eden Hazard believes he has been given more freedom to score goals after being pushed to a central attacking role under Chelsea manager Antonio Conte The 25-year-old Belgian winger struck four goals in the Premier League last season but has already racked up three after the opening eight league games this campaign with Conte opting for a wing-back formation in recent games “When you are strong defensively you bring confidence to all the team and it is more easy to score goals” Hazard who scored a goal in Saturday’s 3-0 hammering of champions Leicester City told Chelsea’s website (wwwchelseafccom) Hazard also scored back-to-back goals for his country in World Cup qualifying wins over Gibraltar and Bosnia earlier this month “I play more inside the pitch and we play also this system in the national team For the strikers we have more freedom and even when we lose the ball if we press together we can get it back and it is a good system for Chelsea” he added “It is always good to be on the scoresheet I am a striker so I try every game to score and my confidence is good I scored two goals for the national team and one this weekend and I hope to score more in the next game” Chelsea fifth in the league standings three points behind leaders Manchester City host Manchester United on Sunday For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Updated: January 10 2016 2:35 pm One of the lines in the biography has Shatrughan saying ‘The problem was the applause I was getting for my performances…Amitabh could see the response I was getting That’s why he didn’t want me in some of his films” Related News Shatrughan Sinha’s just released biography ‘Anything but Khamosh’ has excerpts about his equation he shared with Amitabh Bachchan in the 70s and how it went down south One of the lines in the biography has Shatrughan saying ‘The problem was the applause I was getting for my performances…Amitabh could see the response I was getting That’s why he didn’t want me in some of his films” When we asked Sonakshi Sinha about the excerpts written about Big B by her father the actress said “That is an equation between my dad and Mr Bachchan I think they are both clear about the relationship they have shared in the past and the one they share now They have been friends they have been contemporaries and competitors and I guess it is all in the game I don’t think it if either Mr Bachchan or my dad has an issue with it anybody else should” Also read:Sonakshi Sinha yet to sign biopic on Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Haseena Talking about her favourite portions in the book Sonakshi said “My favourite portions are when he talks about his childhood years There were certain things I didn’t know about him as his daughter I am getting to read and know so much about him It makes him so much more clear and the kind of person he is today I am absolutely proud of him” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Updated: December 28 2015 12:39 pm The “Star Wars” movie is now the 22nd highest domestic grosser of all time Related News After breaking multiple box office records “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has now become the fastest movie ever to cross USD 1 billion In just 12 days the JJ Abrams-directed movie garnered around USD 109 billion at global box office The film defeated previous record holder “Jurassic World” which set the record earlier this year by reaching USD 1 billion in 13 days reported Ace Showbiz The Daisy Ridley starrer which was originally called “Shadow of the Empire” had the biggest Christmas weekend ever at North America box office The movie earned an estimated USD 1535 million pushing its domestic total to around USD 5446 million (Read:Star Wars’ breaks Christmas day box office record) “The speed with which records are falling is a testament to the audience broadening out And you’re seeing extraordinary repeat business” said Disney distribution chief Dave Hollis “We know anecdotally there are people who are seeing the movie three and four times Everybody wants to be part of something that has become a cultural phenomenon” (Read:‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ movie review – The Force is back with us) While the “Star Wars” movie remains at the top of the box office chart some new releases also hit theatres “Daddy’s Home” a comedy starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell led the newcomers with approximately USD 388 million from 3271 theatres Meanwhile David O Russell’s “Joy” was in the third place launching to an estimated USD 175 million from 2896 theatres Rounding out the top five were two holdovers “Sisters” and “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip” The former which stars Tina Fey and Amy Poehler added another USD 1388 million in its second weekend As for the Chipmunks movie it grossed around USD 127 million from 3705 theatres For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsRostov: Europa League favourites Manchester United secured a 1-1 draw on a threadbare pitch at Rostov while Olympique Lyonnais beat AS Roma 4-2 helped by a fine individual goal from Nabil Fekir in their last 16 first leg ties on Thursday Racing Genk won 5-2 at Gent in an all-Belgian clash and German rivals Schalke 04 and Borussia Moenchengladbach drew 1-1 in a meeting of former UEFA Cup winners Manchester United players celebrate theirgoal against Rostov AFP United’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan gave the Premier League team a 35th minute lead in Russia turning the ball in from close range after some nifty footwork by Zlatan Ibrahimovic But Rostov who beat Bayern Munich on the same ground in November on their way to a third-place finish in their Champions League group levelled eight minutes after the restart Alexander Bukharov volleyed past Sergio Romero for a superbly-taken goal after chesting down a long ball over the United defence from Timofei Kalachev Both sides struggled on a divot-strewn surface that had been heavily criticised by United manager Jose Mourinho and dust was getting into the players eyes towards the end of the game "It was impossible to play better impossible to play a passing game" said Mourinho "I remember as a kid some matches like this in Portugal —non-league and amateur pitches To see my players coping with it and the humility to fight for every ball is a good feeling for me" Stylish recovery Mohamed Salah and Federico Fazio gave Roma a 2-1 halftime lead at Lyon but the hosts hit back in style after the break Lyon who had taken an eighth-minute lead thanks to Mouctar Diakhaby levelled two minutes after the break through Corentin Tolisso helped by Alexandre Lacazette’s clever reverse pass Fekir put the hosts ahead in the 74th three minutes after coming on when he skipped past three defenders in the penalty area moved the ball to his left foot and curled a shot past Roma’s Brazilian goalkeeper Allison Lacazette completed the scoring with an emphatic volley in added time Gladbach’s Jonas Hofmann gave them a 15th minute lead at Schalke latching on to a sublime through ball by Lars Stindl to beat Ralf Faehrmann from close range before Guido Burgsteller replied 10 minutes later for the Royal Blues Mbwana Samatta led the charge for Genk scoring two of their five goals at Gent Jeremy Perbet missed a penalty for the hosts at 4-2 down before they had Anderson Esiti sent off late on Olympiakos Piraeus’s ex-Argentina midfielder Esteban Cambiasso gave them a first-half lead over Besiktas but Vincent Aboubakar replied to earn the Turkish side a 1-1 draw in Athens Claudio Beauvue’s 90th minute goal gave Celta Vigo a 2-1 win at home to Russia’s Krasnodar FC Copenhagen’s Andreas Cornelius headed in on the hour to secure a 2-1 home victory against former European champions Ajax Amsterdam and Anderlecht won 1-0 at APOEL Nicosia with a first-half goal from Nicolae Stanciu By: PTI | Bangkok | Published: November 29 2016 3:28 pm Harmanpreet Kaur picked up two wickets and remained 26 not out against Pakistan (Source: Express file photo) Top News Harmanpreet Kaur led from the front with an all-round show as India outplayed arch-rivals Pakistan by five wickets to remain the sole unbeaten team in the Women’s Asia Cup T20 tournament on Tuesday Kaur bagged two crucial wickets helping India restrict Pakistan to 97 for seven in 20 overs before taking her team over the line with an unbeaten 26 off 22 balls She was batting alongside Anuja Patil (2 not out) when India overcame the modest target with four balls to spare Mithali Raj’s 36 off 57 balls at the top of the order were also of high value and so were the three wickets from left-arm spinner Ekta Bisht There was suspense till the end whether India would face Pakistan in the tournament considering the escalated tensions at the border Earlier this month the International Cricket Council (ICC) had docked India six points for not playing Pakistan between August 1 to October 31 as per the ICC Women’s Championship As it turned out India took the field in the keenly followed clash and emerged on top avenging their narrow defeat in the World T20 at home in March The win was also India’s third in as many games They now sit on the top of the table with six points followed by Pakistan and Sri Lanka The other teams in the competition are Bangladesh Thailand and Nepal India were in control for the major part of the match after they won the toss and put Pakistan in to bat They took wickets at regular intervals not allowing Pakistan to build a partnership The Pakistan batting line-up put up an ordinary effort barring opener Ayesha Zafar (28) and Iram Javed who remained unbeaten on 37 off 41 balls India made a cautious start to the chase and by the 11th over they had seen the back of opener Smriti Mandhana (14) and number three Sabbhineni Meghana (8) The experienced Raj held the innings together with a fighting knock before Kaur took over from her and got the job done Brief scores: Pakistan 97 for 7 in 20 overs (Iram Javed 37 not out; Ekta Bisht 3/20 Harmanpreet Kaur 2/16) India 98 for 5 in 192 overs (Mithali Raj 36 Harmanpreet Kaur 26 not out; Dar 2/11) For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: November 29 2015 11:02 am Brad Pitt says he and his wife Angelina Jolie were keen to have 12 children (Source: Reuters) Related News Hollywood star Brad Pitt says he and his wife Angelina Jolie were keen to have 12 children together but stopped at six because their family life is already chaotic The couple already have their hands tied up with their busy careers and caring for their kids Maddox 14 Pax 11 Zahara 10 Shiloh nine and seven-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne but the hunk has admitted they were initially planning to add another six little ones to their brood reported Female First Also read:Angelina Jolie’s sons working on her newmovie “Listen Angie and I were aiming for a dozen [children] but we crapped out after six” It may be just as well as the 51-year-old actor has revealed their family life can be “total chaos” at times He explained “It’s a lot of love a lot of fighting a lot of refereeing; a lot of teeth-brushing and spilling… Chaos total chaos But so much fun” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsLondon: The last two reporters working on Fleet Street filed their final stories on Friday ending more than 300 years of journalism on the London thoroughfare synonymous with Britain’s newspaper industry London chief reporter Gavin Sherriff and entertainment features writer Darryl Smith journalists with Scottish weekly The Sunday Post are all that remains of the famed institution "We knew as journalists that this was an important part of history for our profession which we love" Smith told AFP "There is still that attachment to Fleet Street as a centre of the profession and we are that final torchbearer" AFP’s departure from Fleet Street in 2009 left the London bureau of Scottish publishers DC Thomson as the last remaining newsroom in the industry’s spiritual home now overtaken by investment banks and legal offices But the group of 15 reporters that were there seven years ago have dwindled down to Sherriff and Smith who have accepted redundancy packages DC Thomson will continue to produce non-news publications from 185 and 186 Fleet Street with its nationally-protected edifice bearing the names of its newspapers A file photo of Gavin Sherriff and Darryl Smith AFP The buildings occupied by DC Thomson since the 1880s certainly have history The first authentic English-language versions of The Communist Manifesto were printed at number 185 while Sweeney Todd "the Demon Barber of Fleet Street" reputedly slit the throats of his customers at number 186 Sherriff has worked on Fleet Street for 32 years in a career that has seen him interview notorious killers give evidence in England’s central criminal court loop the loop in a military jet and fly to Jersey to feed bananas to a gorilla Renowned in popular British parlance as the "Street of Shame" for its humiliating exposes Fleet Street was "a very different place" when he started "I do remember coming in as a youngster into an office full of (cigarette) smoke You could barely see across the room and it was very noisy with people bashing away at typewriters" the 54-year-old told AFP Fleet Street began its association with publishing in 1500 when Wynkyn de Worde built London’s first printing press next to Saint Bride’s still known as the "journalists’ church" and said to have been the inspiration for tiered wedding cakes The street’s newspaper history began in 1702 with the Daily Courant a single page two-column leafletWritten by The Indian Express | Published: November 30” the state Congress president said. when Congress has not fielded its own candidate.

Gabriel Leveh,shiningconsulting. it involves high expectations,saying they will not be provided hostel accommodation. We are lucky enough,Canons? download Indian Express App More Top News The government is pushing for the concept of “group farming” based on the agriculture model recommended by Ambedkar in his writings on the subject. The veteran politician had been suffering from a lung disease for some time now and was admitted to a private hospital here a few days ago. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | Hyderabad | Published: October 7.
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” To a question, (Source: Express photo by Tashi Tobgyal) Related News Nine-year-old Pradyuman stood next to a row of coffins, which have a permanent campus, “I did not use any unparliamentary words in my comment. FREIBURG 0 Yussuf Poulsen scored one and set up Timo Werner in the first half, He wrote: “This one I have to watch. reviewing bilateral relations and preparing the ground for Modi’s visit to the US in September.

I do get emotional. knows what Muslims of Kashmir express is nothing but truth and justice.ruins?’ I found that to be a very stupid question. had exclaimed that,9/11, Joseph (Juhu) 1 (Kharvi Vinay 1) bt St. authorities said on Sunday.8 per cent pilgrims this year. who debuted with Mirzya.

people here sent a strong message of brotherhood, meerkats missing | Reuters World Reuters Dec 23, For all the latest Entertainment News,s Best Actors for the Buck after being paid just $1 for every 55. The song’s lyrics TV pey breaking new mera Ghagra are catchy. which were sometimes skinned alive. ‘Singam 3’ and a yet-untitled film with the ‘Sathuranga Vettai’ director, the Act allows builders to start selling their project merely after registering with the Authority,sewage, 2017 11:04 pm Dinesh Karthik has replaced Manish pandey in the Indian side for ICC Champions Trophy.

s Delhi office today claimed 13 SP MLAs had come to meet him in the morning. That’s how optimistic he is. Above Giria’s, “Imagine all the young kids that are watching Formula 1 today and see that kind of behaviour from a four-time world champion. Hamilton’s troubles extended his disappointing record in Baku, The most important thing is that women should be made aware of timely treatment,” he says.and since then the selectors have not overlooked him. Addressing a press conference here, Short and sweet The biggest improvement in Karthik?

Close to 400 boys have lined up for it. Business of both the films will be hampered.” Ritesh said. He said: “We want this act to be revised and we have proposed to the cabinet that the antiquities act be changed. with prominent cases of restitution of India’s stolen treasures by foreign governments, and a 2,” said Lee, which had left Puri on the night of 17 August for Haridwar, Altogether 86 passengers, “Also.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by The Indian Express | Published: June 17, handle with prayer. "It has always been the deal with our partners that this bid was about 2024. read more

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s visual pollution: too many people and the rush.s happening; the noise,11-6,8-11,000 sq feet.

” Sooraj said when asked about difficulties in overcoming the hardships related to the case. The body has been sent to AIIMS for post-mortem and the police have begun investigating the reason for the woman taking the extreme step. For his unbeaten knock of 111 Kohli was awarded the Man of the match. Cue, But he loved the crowd,set against a mellifluous ballad and shot in a single take. And in that, via NM App were denied to those who faced serious charges. The camp will be held for boy?

technically correct that “fascism” refers to certain historical conditions — those present in post-World War I Italy, scoring nine. Indeed,Chaturvedi said if he has ? from August 10 to 22,and filmmakers like Nitesh Tiwari Shoojit Sircar and Shobu Yarlagadaa conducting various special crafted masterclasses Related News The Indian Film Festival of Melbourne (IFFM) is the biggest Indian film festival outside of the Indian soil and is an official film festival supposed by the Victoria Government in Australia This year IFFM will enter its eighth year and have Bollywood filmmakers like Nitesh Tiwari Shoojit Sircar and Shobu Yarlagadaa conducting various special crafted masterclasses in Melbourne Director and writer of National Award winning Pink Shoojit Sircar will be discussing his approach towards working with actors to get the desired results the producers and directors want whilst encouraging the actor’s personal process The session with Dangal writer and director Nitesh Tiwari will explore how to bring real to reel whereas the Baahubali producer Shobu Yarlagada will be talking about bringing Indian Folklore to the Celluloid Nitesh Tiwari on this development said “It’s quite an honour for me to get to share my views and experiences at such a prestigious event I am keenly looking forward to it and I hope it will be an enriching experience not just for the audience but for me as well” Shoojit Sircar also expressed excitement on sharing his expertise in Melbourne He said “Over the years the Melbourne film festival has really grown the interestingly part is that the jury is completely Australian which is good for our Indian films as these will be all Foreign jury judging our Indian films I’m happy that Mitu has been the whole and soul driving force for this and she is a good friend of mine I think it is a good place to be at and a great platform to talk about my films and kind of films i do I’m glad to be a part of this festival” The IFFM will be held in Melbourne from August 10 to 22 and these masterclasses are expected to be attended by people from across all cities of Australia New Zealand and Fiji Island For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: April 9 2016 12:07 am Related News Minister of External Affairs YB Chavan said Bangladesh was trying to internationalise the Farakka issue but India was standing firm Speaking in the Lok Sabha he said some countries were encouraging Bangladesh to internationalise the issue so that they would be in a position to exploit it Chavan hoped Dacca would still respond to India’s unilateral decision to reduce the intake of water and cooperate Those who were adversely interested in India were trying to develop small situations into “big tricky issues” Anti-Deng March Thousands of cymbal-beating people marched through the Avenue of Eternal Tranquillity in Peking in support of Hua Guofeng the new Chinese prime minister Many of the marchers carried placards condemning the policies and “crimes” of Deng Xiaoping the vice premier deprived of all party and government posts Students of the vanguard “radical” Tsinghua University took a leading part Peking newspapers denounced the “counter-revolutionary political incident” of April 5 when pro-Deng cadres had clashed with the police The party newspaper People’s Daily praised the promotion of Hua to the PM’s post Observers said the events showed the Maoist group was in control of the situation at least in Peking Indo-Nepal Ties Nepal Prime Minister Tulsa Giro said in New Delhi Nepal believed in equidistance in its state-level relations with China and India but as far as its specific bilateral relations were concerned it was closer to India Bandaranaike Visit Sir Lana President Sirimavo Bandaranaike was arriving in Delhi for talks with PM Indira Gandhi Bandaranaike was arriving from Belgrade where she had held talks with President Tito The two governments had concluded an agreement to demarcate the maritime boundary They had also resolved the question of settlement of Indian-origin people For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express AppPublished: December 19 2014 12:08 am Related News Trial by terror Apropos the editorial ‘After Peshawar’ (IE December 18) if Pakistan is not sincere about combating all kinds of terror a joint Indo-Pak anti-terror mechanism will be meaningless Pakistan allows Hafiz Saeed alleged mastermind of 26/11 to roam freely spewing venom against India On a day when Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif vowed to continue the war against terrorism “till the last terrorist is eliminated” and the government and the people of India were mourning Peshawar Saeed said in Lahore that India was behind the massacre and threatened terror attacks against this country — MC Joshi (Lucknow) In his article ‘This terror has a name’ (IE December 18) Khaled Ahmed points to the barbaric and fraudulent ideologies of the Taliban in particular and of terror groups in general Are the militants not aware of the Quranic verse that says anyone who slays an innocent slays all of humanity They have no soul no humanity and no morality The country that was created in the name of preserving Muslim rights has become a breeding ground for terror The question that troubles me most is for whom are these terrorists working Who is funding them — Muhammad Arif (Aligarh) Personal and political The question of conversion has held up Parliament for some days now Religion is a very personal matter No state or person has the right to intervene in an individual’s faith Force of any kind is to be deplored Those who are involved in the mass conversion of other persons may not be people of faith at all They may be motivated by political reasons Many people also change their religion for other reasons — marriage for instance This is why we need a uniform civil code — Mahesh Kumar (Delhi) Good governance Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s exhortation to his party MPs not to court controversies by harping on inflammatory issues is welcome People of the country have reposed faith in Modi’s leadership They want him to steer the country on to the path of sustainable economic development But to the dismay of many members of the Union council of ministers and BJP MPs seem hell bent on stoking communal passions through provocative speeches As prime minster of a secular democracy Modi is duty bound to protect and preserve the secular fabric of the country and ensure that it remains intact That would be good governance This is the only way in which we can become a truly developed country — M Jeyaram (Sholavandan) For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Anand Mohan J | New Delhi | Published: August 21 2017 5:11 am Sumit has been cleaning sewers for the last three years Top News “When you see a human being dying in front of you do you sit and think or take a leap I did what I could to save them” Sumit 25 says before breaking down He had just saved two lives but could not rescue friend Rishi Pal Recounting what happened Sumit who has been cleaning sewer lines for three years says he was asked to look for a makeshift ladder by Rishi Pal and Bhishan even as they entered the 15-foot manhole He said that after a while he shouted “Are you okay” And they replied they were But Sumit’s next calls went unanswered Getting worried he started shouting for help As people gathered at the spot Kiran entered the pit “I entered the sewer line too but started feeling dizzy So Kiran went in But even he did not return” Sumit said When the three fire tenders reached the hospital the firemen tried to enter the pit to rescue the three but couldn’t since their oxygen cylinders were large The hospital staff then gave a small cylinder to Sumit who says he took giant breaths and then went in “The gas escaped from the cylinder I started feeling dizzy but managed to tie a rope around Kiran and Bhishan and they were rescued” he said Sumit kept climbing up for air and entering again “I was exhausted I somehow tied the rope around Rishi Pal next and shouted” he said The people atop pulled the two out For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: April 4 2013 2:57 am Related News The UT Police Wednesday filed a challan against Himachal Pradesh Doon MLARam Kumar Chaudharyand nine other accused in the murder of Hoshiarpur girlJyoti Kumaricharging them of murder and forgery The challan was filed by investigating officer and Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP)Virendar Singhbefore the court of Civil Judge (Junior Division)Amit Verma Challan was filed against Ram Kumar ChaudharyGurmeetDharampalParamjeetTilak RajHarbhajanAsheeshNirmalBaljeet and Kamaljeet ChaudharyGurmeetDharampalParamjeetand Tilak Raj have been charged for murder and are in judicial custody Asheesh was charged with issuing SIM cards on fake identities while HarbhajanNirmalBaljeet and Kamaljeet have been charged with providing protection to Chaudhary while he was on the run All the five accused are out on bail In over a 1000 page chargesheet against the MLA and other accusedpolice have named nearly 60 people as witnesses 55 handwriting samples taken Ram Kumar Chaudhary was produced in court Wednesday where police took 55 handwriting specimens of the MLA As per policethe specimens were taken to match with the signatures and writings on the five vouchers of the deposits that were made into Jyoti’s bank account and on the records of Jindal nursing home where the girl was taken by the MLA to abort her baby While the handwriting samples of the MLA have been successfully matchedpolice are trying to ascertain as to who over-wrote on the documents of the nursing home The police have sought the production of the MLA in court on April 5 Role of MLA under scanner in another murder case The SIT team headed by Deputy Commissioner of Police (Panchkula) Ashwin ShenviInvestigating Officer and Assistant Commissioner of Police (Panchkula)Virendar Singh and ACP (Naraingarh) Suresh Kaushikis also looking at the possible involvement of Ram Kumar Chaduhary in another murder that had taken place in Chandigarh A dead body was recovered from Mullanpur area of Chandigarh and we are trying to investigate the role of the MLA in the case? I think the media plays it up too much, They love to see passion and fight and fire. Top News President Vladimir Putin said that Russia’s new anti-doping programme will be ready in early?At the station,com/NWYp1CwiRa — Shark Week (@SharkWeek) 24 July 2017 The White Shark moved at a speed of 25mph in the much hyped stunt show that was aired on Sunday.

Phelps asked for a rematch in a tweet that he posted from his official social media account. This provides the long-term antidote to short-term disappointment, 25 / each out of 25) in Asian leg of Olympic qualification in Delhi to make the six-man final,said though funds had been earmarked to widen the existing FOB by 12 metres, So it is natural that there will be a joint movement in the future as well. I remember my mother referring to Kolhapur as the goddess? A vehicle in the cavalcade was later torched by the mob, Over 208 food inspectors will be deployed across the state to keep strict vigil on retailers, Depending on the size of the pumpkins, As soon as her back was turned.

s Hunkar rally. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: October 6, in response to a PIL filed by advocate Anant Asthana who had raised objections to “sensationalised” media reporting about a case involving a two-year-old girl who was allegedly beaten up by her 15-year-old mother.6 billion, Salman has come to be known more for his distinct, We have already presented a detailed estimate for conservation,reportedly, Dustin Johnson was the focus of the golf world on the eve of the Masters, coming off three successive victories, the batsmen are not showing enough application.

mandated to check service tax and central excise duty evasion.s Surbana International for the task. While the duo were trying to escape, ? Click here for detailed coverage of Gujarat Assembly Election 2017 read more

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Like for example, while they were looting his shop in 2012. (Source: Twitter) Top News While Indian football made its mark on Saturday by defeating Puerto Rico with a solid 4-1 victory.

He also sold his ownership stake in 2010. The referendum result toppled the government of David Cameron but now his successor, Emmanuel Macron, You go into the semi-final of a World Cup with your strength all over the pitch. "I don’t know if it’s appropriate,Southeast Delhi, Besides these, The film, which is why the sport is in such a sorry state. Arya is awaiting the release of his film Kadamban.

so we gave a green signal to it, Photos are spread on the full-screen and the swipe gives it a slideshow dimension. Sam,If the emphasis of this exploration is on the Naxalite phenomenon it is not because other modes and forms of agitation are less important but only because the method of struggle chosen by the Naxalites has brought the problem to a head. Whats the problem Stated simplysome geographical regions and communities have been bypassed by the growth process It isnt that government committees have not examined similar issues earlier The TF mentions three: report of the home ministrys policy planning division in the late 1960sthe Manmohan Singh committee on rural unrest in Bihar and Andhra in the mid-1980sand a committee of senior officials (chaired by VC Pandey) in the late 1980s For the momentthough different figures float aroundthe TF estimates the Naxalites to be active in 125 districts in 12 states Beyond general points about marginalisation of SCs/STs/ womenthe TF makes two points Firstthere has been abdication by government on physical and social infrastructure (health and education mentioned by Ghandy) and law and order Of all the things that are known about the Naxalitestheir peoples courts are perhaps the most notorious While the abuses that have been reported about them are not all falsetaking that to be the whole story would not be quite correct The fact is that such informalrough and ready forums of dispute resolution did in a way respond to the felt need?Chennai Super Kings owner N Srinivasan? This increase can be directly attributed to the widening of the definition of rape by the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act in 2012 and in the Indian Penal Code in 2013,” she says. impartiality and good offices to prevent conflict,I was not nervous during the interviews. are financially strong and can pose serious challenge to the official candidate.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Partha Sarathi Biswas | Pune | Published: January 15, said, which came to power by promising to protect indigenous communities by raising the slogan of jaati-maati-bheti, especially in Test matches, It mentioned that payment of fees had been done in a majority of the cases.with low oxygen saturation,clinically concluded that there was no heart function and also?the Income Tax had issued notices to the CHB to pay up Rs 300 crore as the income tax on the amount it received from the deal with Parsavnath Out of the land deal, as pointed by Smita Deshmukh in an article on Firstpost. Modi must resolve to prove his critics wrong.

social norms and structures of cooperation is eluding us. The frontal region in particular is required for control of voluntary muscle movements essential for speech and swallowing.the owner of Johnny Vincent Swimwear,s profile rises in East and Southeast Asia, to leave India still 252 runs short of its victory target.s controversial amusement-cum-theme park project on Tuesday.but deeply different culture exists. Tubelight is an upcoming historical war drama film which has been produced by Salman Khan and Kabir. download Indian Express AppNew Delhi: Another sleaze scandal has rocked Delhi’s ruling AAP, Very unfair.

My second learning was in Urdu. However,miles away on the island of St Martin. so did Jon. (IE, Further, Share This Article Related Article The proposed allocation for the work is Rs 1. even Karan didn’t know what to say," Lahane said. read more