Professional dilemmas

first_imgProfessional dilemmasOn 1 Nov 2002 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Do you have an e-learning problem? Then ask our experts to finda solution. E-mail it to the address at the bottom of the page I’ve found it difficult to get estimates on return on investment (ROI)timeframes from e-learning providers. I know it depends on the scale of thetraining programme, but are there any guidelines? E-learning is not a quick fix and you have to invest to see results.E-learning success takes a considerable amount of time and investment, and anarrow focus on cost reduction may fail to recognise the greater importance ofoptimising your organisation’s intellectual assets. – Plan from the start The key to gaining ROI is having a plan and keeping itsimple. Your project needs to be on track from the start to deliver a definedROI, whether that is in financial or performance terms. You need an ROI toensure the credibility of your e-learning programme, secure corporate buy-inand attract future funding. – Link the project to business strategy Ensure your executives’ attention isfirmly fixed on achieving set business goals to deliver against the businessstrategy. Your e-learning project should do likewise. For example, salesforcereadiness for a product launch, improved supply chain management, and improvedcustomer loyalty through improved customer service/education. – Don’t be a lone ranger Create excitement and support from as many quartersas you can early on. Show all departments how this project benefits them. – Agree your budget Don’t go too far before securing firm funding or adefined staggered path to money. You should be asking your provider questionsrelating to the levels of improved staff performance and time-savings such asreduced staff time out of the office. Empowering staff via e-learning will alsomake the business agile. – Quiz your provider Ask them what other companies have done or are doing,and how it worked for them. Ask them how it plans its projects to delivermaximum ROI. Following these tips will ensure your money is well spent and you gain theROI you are searching for. Response from James Tincknell, corporate solutions director at Click2learn, Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. last_img

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