Millet myth completely end the future of the battlefield to return to the next line

Abstract: Lei Jun and Liu Shishi, Wu Xiubo stood together, not because he loves the entertainment circle, but traffic is too damn expensive.


millet and the business, what is the relationship between these two topics

?The rapid rise of millet

, because the continuous grasp of the three outlets: micro-blog, APP, WeChat. Now the three winds have stopped. And millet into the bottleneck instead, yesterday Sina micro-blog released quarterly net profit rose 516%. Micro-blog profits in the big harvest.

is just a microcosm of micro-blog share price gains across the board. The big trend is that TMT’s online cost is getting higher and higher, and we usually think very expensive, the cost of the traditional manufacturers of the line, are consistent. So this is good at walking millet online traffic, air force play company, now no longer have the advantage.

why online costs are getting more expensive?

two years ago, the cost of the line will look relatively high, so all of the enterprises come to the line to get the user, so online traffic prices have been rising. Including Sina micro-blog BAT, is a natural monopoly company, they have become the Chinese Internet three mountains, goose plucking, flow price so high.

and the enterprise is always going to find effective channels (refer to the public number "new money" on a "love hate Meng Meng"), where the user price is low, the enterprise will go where. Now online traffic is too high, we have to go to the next line to find the user. The market has played a role in the allocation of resources, automatically fill all of the value of depression".

even, some of the electricity supplier brands have been desperately looking for opportunities for the implantation of film and television drama, and even investment in film and television. Because entertainment is a great flow of entrance. Lei Jun and Liu Shishi and Wu Xiubo stood together, not because he loves the entertainment circle, but traffic is too damn expensive.


millet core is not passive, millet mode is not good, but the fundamentals of Internet traffic changes, which led to the fundamentals of China business structure of online and offline costs have been highly consistent.

actually this trend has been more obvious since the end of last year. Millet increasingly difficult, in fact, is a signal; and Sina micro-blog’s profits, can be regarded as a late explanation. The rise of IP and the entertainment industry, is the line of the old who are looking for a new value of depression. Other stars and IP prices rose to a certain extent, the dividend will be gone, the star is not so proud.

said the start again.

in 2012, there are numerous opportunities for entrepreneurship, because of the new traffic (social media +App) rise. The user migration process, all have low intercept user opportunities, thus creating the business scene. Now the user has completed the migration pattern of the market has been basically settled, the line of the high cost is set threshold. >

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