nternet business opportunity than capital

yesterday afternoon, six of our brothers and sisters in Southern China Wang Yi company meeting and meeting to discuss the second half of the plan. We went to the experience of agricultural members to raise the public’s mind to brother Zhen after the restaurant. This is all the members together farmers to raise the public’s restaurant, mainly engaged in beef offal Hot pot, storefront is small, decoration is very chic, very style; dishes are delicious, very suitable for 35 friends dinner, chatting. At eight o’clock in the evening to continue to participate in the little bit of rain to share with the fans of the micro business conducted an online exchange. Every time I share this kind of communication, can bring me some new thinking, I like the feeling of stopping to exchange collision.

share after I arrived in Dongguan on the evening, because also met with three senior (Xu, Wu, Cai total) chat micro entrepreneurs topics. Xu has always been a senior manager of the traditional supply chain for many years, he is also an angel investor, has a very rich experience in the operation and management of agricultural projects. Xu always optimistic about the development of micro business, that this is a very good opportunity for development, intends to develop a suitable micro business system, combined with their own resources to start again. Wu (my banking advisers, is a former president of a listed company, many entrepreneurial experience, is now chairman of Beijing Venture Capital Management Co. Ltd., specializes in investment and management, supporting companies financing and listing); another is Chuah (my angel investors, retail executives).

last night and the three senior all night to talk about, mainly around the micro business, entrepreneurship, the Internet these topics to discuss, gave me a lot of new thinking. This naked exchange of ideas, throw a few points very interesting, worthy of study, so today and give you a share.

Internet business opportunities than capital important

is one of the Internet industry to First impressions are strongest, do things at the right time, he will succeed. Everything about the opportune day is the first factor! Such as taxi software, takeaway, in the absence of mobile Internet, mobile phone no intelligent machine, taxi software is not possible to do it. I believe that in the drops, fast before, it must have been thinking about this project, or even done, but why did not succeed?. There is no intelligent machine, no 3G, no mobile Internet, there is no user habits and so on, these are the reasons for the project can not be successful. And Didi, fast to succeed, other companies want to overtake in the same field, is unlikely. If you are involved in a market that has not been developed, even a small demand, it may bring a great opportunity.

do micro business, is the same, the opportunity is particularly important. Last year, you do micro business, as long as a few hundred dollars, a few thousand dollars, perhaps through your efforts, next month can earn tens of thousands of dollars. You send a circle of friends, do a good job of customer service, you can sell out. Now, apparently not so simple, not so easy. Whether it’s a financial requirement or a personal ability

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