BAT out of the staff, really suitable for entrepreneurship

Abstract: in the BAT to do the director level above, its personal ability as well as the human resources attached to the position has reached a certain level, in theory, the success rate of natural higher.

the main points of this article are based on an interview with the Antarctic Circle on the founder of Chen Xiangdong and Zhang Huaiting. Who learn is focused on looking for a good teacher education O2O project, not long ago to $50 million refresh millet $41 million A round of financing record.


Hu Bin is in the middle of the penguins, who learn with co-founder Zhang Huaiting

BAT employees four states

old Penguin Hu Bin, who is now the identity of who to learn, product manager, in the past few years, has been removed in the major well-known Internet Co. He said there is a saying in the Internet circle: Qi BAT achievements of employees, probably out of business."

old Baidu Zhang Huaiting, who founded the joint with who learn before, was the Baidu phoenix nest product leader, and in 2012 led the team to get a million dollar prize". In his eyes, super Daniel character in BAT, but there are a lot of BAT employees can be divided into the following four types:

self recognition is too high: to make the results, did not realize the huge influence and amplification of the platform

self perceived low: too much emphasis on the value of the platform for individual value, not willing to leave the platform

enjoy a large platform aura: BAT bounce back and forth between the relatively smooth conversion, to win a higher salary and position

rational cognition entrepreneurial passion: see the value of the platform, a reasonable understanding of the self, put aside the aura, the creation or join the start-up team, do what you want to do

in a few years ago, before the three state is the mainstream, BAT and other well-known Internet Co "frequent personnel exchanges" is in fact as everyone knows, the overall high salary and good social cognition, most of the staff are willing to become a user a surprising number of products "of the participants. But to the Internet business tide surging in recent years, with the Internet elite consciousness BAT employees began to pursue the fourth state.

BAT entrepreneurial projects by capital sought after

not long ago, Robin Li in the Commission said in a speech: "now the business boom is the fire, there are a variety of VC in our building next to the coffee shop every day and long-term presence, where our employees talk, they want to go out and talk business."

Robin Li’s tone, although the meaning of self ridicule, but with the BAT gene project is indeed more sought after by investors. According to relevant statistics, the well-known Internet factions project investment rate is much higher than the average, the top ten factions can reach >

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