He is the two generation to invest, but am not a national TM husband

for the rich two generations, so investors have to choose a. Ready to do before the number of partners, Wang Fu also asked his father’s opinion. Quite good, the investment should be on the back of the pressure. No pressure indiscriminately, that is a playboy." Wang Zhongjun says


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"let’s get out of here today. My waist is really out of order." Fu Jianzhong took a few months ago a sprained waist, limping. Stand up, this is the day he talk about fifth entrepreneurial projects. The pointer has crossed the 11 points, the cafe waiter is not friendly at this several Lai here more than eight hours of customer, did not catch a cold for their passionate entrepreneurial projects discussed in the current Beijing – every day he service several waves of talk about entrepreneurship "crazy".

at the moment, the city’s hot word is vc. Over every cafe, full of "mode, flow, user stickiness, ecological circle," and so on. Entrepreneurs with a dream and desire to flee, investors and LP delivery of hot fuel, such as a new fund trend emerging, push wave and foam.


assembly is one of the 100 GE Capital, the new fund, such as rotating gyroscope, founded less than 100 days, three partners has interviewed more than 300 business projects. Ferocious, and the subject of the two partners in the circle of identity and added a famous founding partner for Jianzhong, standard two rich generation partner; Wang Fu also Huayi Group, the head of Wang Zhongjun’s eldest son. While standing behind the LP combination of several partners, in addition to Fu Jianzhong and Wang Fu’s father, the other is also a rich two generations.

, another founding partner of Fan Li, the original dragon Yi capital partners. Early Fan Li optimistic Beisen and cloud adaptation, most of his colleagues do not understand the business logic of the two companies, in case the internal fund to promote external hard, such as Sequoia, has a tough opponent bet raging jingwei. The ultimate fan pressure, led the investment in the two companies.

has always been emphasized in venture capital circles grass root culture, suddenly into a list of super sports car.

company of the two generation who disdain, "early investment so bitter grass root work force," master "who can do?" some entrepreneurs do not want from the two generation of money, because "entrepreneurship is reshaping the material and spiritual level, I don’t want to old money, and their I don’t understand".

speaks Beijing Hutong accent Wang Fu also don’t want to hear it, if only because I is the two generation of this reason, by entrepreneurs refused, I would think it very silly X. The two generation or grass roots, this is God’s choice. But there is no need to reject capital because of who they are, not to mention the potential for more strategic resources."

circles and contacts, so that the number of easy to assemble the aggregation of those

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