Li Kaifu show nnovation workshop 2014 report card the United States and the highest valuation

, who has been working for 17 months as a founder of Li Kaifu, the founder of Innovation workshop in the Spring Festival, in addition to the introduction of the new project, he also to the media show the Innovation workshop in 2014 report card".

Innovation workshop is often considered to be an angel or incubator, in fact, we are a $500 million fund early investment institutions. Only in 2014 we threw over 100 million dollars in A round before and after, single investment amount from 500 thousand dollars to 10 million dollars. Our investment projects in recent years, there are a lot of close to or more than 100 million U.S. dollars valuation." Li Kaifu told the China economic weekly.

Innovation workshop was founded in 5 years time, has hatched a project of the more than and 150, the highest valuation of the United States is currently the company, the valuation has reached $2 billion (equivalent to the market value of Sohu). In addition, there are pea pods, know almost, dragonfly FM more than and 20 projects valued more than $100 million.

innovation works began to invest in Mito company in 2013, "at that time, the more than and 20 year old entrepreneurs rarely, and (Wu Yan hung) after the chat, found him very down to earth, especially focus on products, is also very cute, say a few words will blush. I think the staff must be particularly like this boss." Li Kaifu recalls.

although the valuation of the United States has been very beautiful, but Li Kaifu believes that there is still room for the rise in the United states. There are two reasons: first, the amount of Mito users in China can be ranked in the top three, and there are several APP products are special fire. The map is one of the few can be verified to develop a number of hundreds of millions of users of the APP company, from the United States to the United States to shoot, this is we rarely see, because this is the Tencent of this kind of large company to do; and the potential map of the future is that it is to expand overseas, beautify the picture of this demand it is a global demand, so the future is not only in China, plus a times of overseas users is possible. On this basis, the company may become a global company." He said.

as an investor, certainly hope to see a return, the return light is the number of users is not enough, profit is king. Although the valuation of the United States is very high, the number of users is also very large, but the United States and the United States has not yet large-scale product profitability, the commercialization of the u.s..

as an investor, in fact, I do not worry about the problem of the commercialization of the u.s.." Li Kaifu said, "I think the MiTo company still has a lot of new products, new market in the development of course, (Wu) internal research on how to commercialize Xinhong they do quite a lot, I believe they know what means to make money, profitable way is very much."

combined with the hardware, but also the United States and the United States another huge opportunity. At the end of last year, angel investors, long collar capital founder, Cai Wensheng, chairman of the United States, gave the company a map of the United States launched the company’s hardware products – Mito mobile phone.


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