China’s highest valuation Unicorn company for a captain

Alibaba Department of ant gold service group ushered in the first CEO handover.

ant Gold Service announced that since October 16th, the Group Chairman and CEO Peng Lei will relay baton to the president of CEO well Yin dong. In the future, Peng Lei will be the identity of the ant group chairman, focusing on long-term development of the company, globalization strategy, personnel training and cultural heritage. CEO well Yin Dong will lead the team responsible for the company’s business, strategy and implementation.

September 2016, according to Bloomberg News Agency quoted analysts view that the ant gold clothing valuations may have up to $75 billion, this number has surpassed the Wall Street investment bank Goldman Sachs Group, the market value of about $70 billion. Among them, Alipay’s valuation of about $50 billion, accounting for 67% of the overall valuation. If the listing, the Ant King will likely exceed Baidu.

October 8th, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group Jack Ma in the letter to the Department of internal staff Ali announced the personnel adjustment. He said, "the continual talents self-confidence so that we dare to let go, to give young people a greater responsibility, stage and challenge."

public information, 43 year old Peng Lei is the Alibaba founder "ocean’s eighteen" one, graduated from Zhejiang Gongshang University (formerly Hangzhou Institute of Commerce), majored in business administration. Before Peng Lei in 2010 served as Alipay CEO served as chief talent officer Ali group, October 2014, ant payment service group was formally established, Peng Lei served as chairman and CEO.

new CEO well Yin Dong financial management background more professional and deep. In 1994, Jing Xiandong graduated from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of management, bachelor degree in engineering, University of Minnesota in 2005 graduated from the Carlson School of management Zhongshan University and south of the Five Ridges Institute of cooperation EMBA, obtained an MBA from University of Minnesota Carlson School of management (MBA).


Jing Xiandong, who has worked at Coca-Cola Swire and Pepsi, in early 2007, well Yin Dong joined Alibaba group, director of Finance and operations; in September 2009, well Yin Dong joined Alipay as chief financial officer, ant payment service was established, served as chief operating officer, he served as president. September 1, 2016, Jing Xiandong, President of the ant group to take over the former Alibaba CEO served as director of Alibaba group.

The chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba

Ma said, well Yin Dong Ali in nearly ten years of time to our surprise, "he believes that by virtue of their professional quality, excellent management ability and the Internet firm belief in the future, Alipay can be dreamed of and passing the continuation, led the team to create the ants a new sky, create more surprises. >

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