s the unicorn overvalued More than $1 billion acquisition may give an answer

when the question is thrown, many facts can give evidence, for example, this year, many technology companies have more than $1 billion acquisition targets, but these acquisitions are not those who are fond of the unicorn.

"you sell, we don’t have to buy"

according to the data given by Unicorn List, there are 168 Unicorn companies supported by VC, the total market capitalization of $600 billion. Although the number of companies is still the same as before, but these giant buyers do not seem interested.

this is not because buyers are holding a wait-and-see attitude.

fact is that in 2016 there have been 21 transactions amounted to more than $1 billion acquisition of private technology companies, but only one of the 2 Unicorn company.

despite the unicorn during the growth of VC ho throw, but in the face of these have grown up star companies, VC who want to see the appropriate exit path. This year, because of the lack of exit from the primary market Unicorn enterprises (whether through IPO or through mergers and acquisitions), investors have shown reluctance. Although individual Unicorn companies on the IPO showed limited highlights (such as Twilio), but the acquisition is still dismal.

, as shown in the following figure, the unicorn is not acquired, not because of the lack of willing to pay a high price buyers.

The acquisition of

since the beginning of this year occurred in the 21 more than $1 billion technology company case, does not include some of the listed companies on the acquisition of other listed companies, but the mergers and acquisitions of private technology companies:

1, the acquisition of private technology companies for more than $1 billion price;

2, valued at more than $1 billion, was acquired by other companies with a majority stake in private technology companies;

3, private Holdings Company acquired private technology company

in the acquisition of 21 more than $1 billion in the case of technology companies, only 2 is the support of venture capital Unicorn technology company, before trading at $1 billion 500 million, bought by Alibaba to $1 billion 400 million acquisition of a majority stake in Jasper Lazada and CISCO.

that is to say, there is no shortage of buyers in the market, they are not interested in Unicorn company.

"Vanity Fair" with overvalued Unicorn

for people, not surprising lack of acquisition of the unicorn company, for a long time, especially in the middle of 2015, $1 billion higher than the valuation of the company’s position as a symbol of the unicorn. Founders and investors believe that this status is like

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