Entrepreneurship for nearly 20 years to become the chairman of the group of the low-key CEO why sudd

Abstract: This is a 11 years of silence "unicorn" stealth and stealth champion, a surfaced got $500 million, there had been as fresh as the flower industry, the future want to do fresh industry integration "overweening".

fresh fruit founder Zhang Ye announced the acquisition of C+ round of financing.

The man on the stage of

, is a less sensitive taste, eat a meal together, his partner Jin Guanglei was always keen to find some seasoning dishes put more, Zhang Ye always belatedly agreed: "yes, I have not found."

before this year, Zhang Ye did not want to face the media, in the titanium media to interview him before he has been aware of, because we can not find any useful information about the CEO in the open channel.

Prior to this,

has always been the founder of Jin Guanglei in front of an interview. They complement each other, and can be called the best partner.

The two founders of

they are easy to fresh fruit, this is a day and "eat" deal, wondering how to eat, compared to the fresh taste of Jin Guanglei and industry sentiment, Zhang Ye better he is on business and industry chain operation is highly sensitive and strong strategic execution.

just announced last week, easy fruit is easy to upgrade from easy fruit fresh fruit group, and completed a "fresh history of the largest financing by Suning led C+ and Ali led C round of financing, the total amount of financing more than $500 million. This is the capital and fresh industry in the cold winter of the moment, is almost a miracle.

chairman and CEO of rare fruit Zhang Ye’s personal site and lectures, the first time a clear reduction of a fruit with what can thaw so much money in the winter story.

graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhang Ye, has got two foreign trade and industrial computer professional undergraduate degree, is a typical Polytechnic male, has a strong logical thinking, good to judge a thing from the macro, "from the overall look, the three gear to turn up together." he is in an exclusive interview with the media Ti constantly stressed, you rarely hear the perceptual elaboration from his speech.

the past 11 years, he is more behind the scenes, steered direction, easy fruit this appearance, Zhang Ye finally put their operations for many years in this big chess stand out: easy fruit is no longer a fresh, but to build a fresh fruit supply chain: the establishment of ecological easy company; the establishment of an Xianda logistics company; all retail channels online and offline system.

rich two generation

Zhang Ye changed my impression of fresh practitioners. The first time I saw Zhang Ye is in his office, there is a great difference with my impression of fresh practitioners.

from the beginning of the second half of 2015, the company has been closed down, transformation, but also some people from the pit to jump out of the fresh

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