National entrepreneurial boom behind the three hidden dangers

this is the best of times. Mobile Internet, big data and cloud computing technology to turn overtaking the business opportunities can be found everywhere. Under the support of the policy, incubators and entrepreneurs around the world have sprung up. Capital market, set thousands of pet in one of the gem and three new board is the entrepreneurial outlook to an unprecedented height.

there is no doubt that today we have opened a new era of mass entrepreneurship. In the first half of last year, only Zhongguancun (000931, stock it) newly established technology companies have more than 9000, the average daily birth of 49. This figure is 1.5 times higher than in 2013, the 6000. With the words of Baidu founder Robin Li, now there are a variety of VC in the Baidu building next to the cafe for a long time stationed every day and Baidu employees talk, want to put them out of business.

, however, often dangerous hidden people behind the madness. In the field of entrepreneurs feast Jianrugaochao occasion, it should be the guests to sit down when thinking about the essence of entrepreneurship. If the "public business" will not bring highly innovative, so after the cups light wine, Hu Gong shadow staggered lively, perhaps just a vanity.

embodies the popularity of public entrepreneurship activities, homogenization and hollowing out of the characteristics of today’s many start-ups can not be avoided three issues.


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Inpet will entrepreneurship is defined as five meanings: first, pioneering spirit; second, the desire for success; third, risk and pleasure; fourth, smart reason; fifth, the cause of the heart. It can be said that the "entrepreneur" has a rich connotation, the quality and ability of all aspects of the high requirements. In the United States, only about 4-6% of new entrepreneurs. Even in a country that is considered to be entrepreneurial, entrepreneurs as a profession are only a few patents.

today launched a wave of entrepreneurship in China, is the original elite activities are fully popular. However, the nature of entrepreneurial spirit determines that it is not a public attribute. Behind the surge in business activities if there is no corresponding level of entrepreneurship as a support, may be at the mirage of disillusionment.

global Monitor (Global Entrepreneurship, GEM) each year to monitor and investigate the entrepreneurial activities of various countries. According to the report released by GEM, in recent years, China’s entrepreneurial activity coverage rose year after year. In 2012, China 18-64 year olds working in new ventures in the proportion is about 13%. The figure was 14% in 2013 and reached 15.5% in 2014. In stark contrast, the proportion of business opportunities identified in the crowd did not improve, the proportion of confidence in their ability to have decreased from 38% in 2012 to 201>

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