Why entrepreneurship partnership like marriage, after reading these 3 points you will understand

, a business partnership is like a marriage, you reap. In each step of the partnership, the similarities between marriage and business partnerships are obvious. Fatal errors such as rushing into a marriage without knowing enough about your partner or failing to resolve a conflict also show how a business partner will fail. On the other hand, a happy, happy marriage is also an inspiration for a successful business partnership.

The key to the

problem is to understand and recognize that business partnerships are a close relationship, and it may be as complex and rewarding as many marriages. If you do not treat your business partner as your marriage, you are likely to be caught up in a case where the partnership is "impossible" to successfully develop the business.

initial stage: we’re in love!

forces you to slow down and take part in a legal partnership". Spend more time with your partner to get to know him (her) fully and fairly, and to make sure that he is your ideal business partner.

if you are not going to do any of the above, you should at least prepare a partnership agreement to protect yourself in the end that the guy doesn’t want to be.

note "always" and "never" this kind of conversation is dangerous for a perfect imagination, remember that your partner is a person will inevitably make mistakes, avoid creating may make your partner to imagine.

to other people in your life to your business partners potential, don’t rely solely on their own judgment, it may be that your fervent influences the partner is "the ideal idea".

development phase: we’re getting married!

in order to strengthen the importance of your new business, you may want to consider holding a party and to inform the public of your firm commitment. If you and your partner are geographically separated or your customers all over the country, then issued a written notification and put your new relationship openly in your home or other links with your online community.

you and your fiance / wife can’t just get married. You need witnesses, or at least a professional to hold the ceremony. Also, you may want to ask some foreign consultants who can help you start, maintain and track the growth of your company and achieve your goals.

count your blessings. You are about to fall into a stage where you may no longer appreciate all the qualities of your business partner, just as you would like to appreciate all of his qualities when you fall in love. Remind yourself either in business or in marriage, and know with a like-minded company is so rare.

maturity: why can’t you do things my way?

once you have begun to feel that there is no illusion about relationships,

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