Why did you fail What is your heart

from work to now, I have been to three entrepreneurial new company, unfortunately, one has not survived. In addition, I have done my own webmaster, but also the construction of a regional website, it is also the first time to try to start feeling it.

why a lot of people are not entrepreneurial success? I recall the past, also considered some now, then I will briefly talk about why I think a lot of people have no success!

what was your first thought?

online is a very popular saying: do not forget the beginning of the heart, the party has always been. If your business is to make money at the beginning of the heart, it is possible that the probability of the party will always be relatively small, and the probability of success of the entrepreneurial followed, but also smaller.

if your heart is for a dream, or want to make a benchmark in the industry, or want to do something good for the general public, so that the probability of success is a little bit so big.

light to speak about the language may seem very pale, then combined with my own experience, to give you two examples.

in 2012, I worked at a colleague’s home office for about half a year. The housekeeping company usually let her father manage. As we all know, the domestic company is actually a service-oriented enterprises, so doing a good job is the first priority.

, however, after a few months of operation, the company found that people who do housekeeping are very poor recruitment. However, the company is still reluctant to find a job for the domestic service. Or would you like to take a little off the housekeeping staff?.

and the company always want to firmly hold the housekeeping staff, the result, the more so, the more difficult to recruit those staff. Because the company is not the only way to keep aunt deposit and seizure of identity cards.

and follow-up, because the service is not in place to do this, and later, I left, because the disagreement with the boss. The work is not so easy. And then the company went bankrupt. It was less than a year.

in 2012 of August, I entered a network company. At the beginning of the company is doing the recruitment network. I went, the site has done almost. However, some features are not complete.

but this time, the boss has a sales staff to recruit, and then to think quickly to allow sales staff to sell some advertising on the website, also is to let the sales staff to call for enterprise, allow enterprises to pay for recruitment.

so, lasted less than a year, invested nearly a million, the company finally closed down. About this matter, I once wrote an article, called the investment of millions of operating site, why only adhere to a year, if you are interested, you can go to the next look at the search.

the heart of these two entrepreneurs actually

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