Two points should be noted on the chain of Shanghai Dragon

two in our special should pay attention to the way


first mention of a Links, has recently been looking for Links, but by Links find ways but so few, QQ group (the most widely used, but the platform (weak), a lot of people should take this as a chain of place), according to the link, but is some love Shanghai, noble baby and other search engines, there is a Links for Links, all-round development of it lies in, through their own a Links website to find its links to the web site through its Web site to find other links corresponding to the site, and then after we go this is progress, that is, the corresponding link information, for example, this method is particularly suitable for way Links, which can be summed up in a lot of ways and links. Do a notepad, check all the information to each other through the Links tool, can do, have a summary, and then go to the website, this is a good way, but also very suitable for Industry Station; recently I also applied in this way, always wanted to be a breakthrough in friendship link, everything is possible to use a pen, a record either on their own, or the summary is very significant, through a web link for another one, this is Links derivative, a lot of people say that Links is not good looking, but the actual situation to find the

I also do not want to say, the most popular N theory of the article, it is widely in the journal for growth is nothing, today, to see the celebrity blog can always find some of our own always love to forget, but must understand the knowledge, today said, the link way, two points should take note, one is the website links, one is Links, it is I feel very meaningful way, doing matters so much, there is always a lot to do well, but this is

there is a website link, website links, links will always have a misunderstanding, that is the home page, page, or home page, home page links are generally the most, then is it ranked and home page links? Flow on and home position? I think not, website ranking decisive is that the weights of the domain name, and correlation, and the correlation judgment directly involved is title, but a website, title is not only home only, other large and small pages, all can not be ignored, so, a web site, you need to do, want to do, one is the degree of integration in the global development of the chain, on the other hand is the chain, I want to say here is the link of all-round development, can not only do the chain to the home page, also should attend Content, columns, channels, and so on page flow is the source of these small pages, rather than the home page, after all is limited, but add up all the pages of the obtained flow is infinite, global > this is Shanghai Dragon

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