The practice of their own website nobility baby Sitelink

3, close the website name, core keywords, anchor text, external links and internal links between theme strategy…… Similar to the "vote" keyword network, is one of the decisive factors produced by Sitelinks.


1, the website authority: Sitelinks website in an industry, field or a specific topic, has a certain reputation.

With the

Sitelink release: "noble baby display part of the site below the link in the search results are called Web links (Sitelink, their noble baby) can help the user to browse your site. The automatic analysis of the link structure of your site will be our system, users can save time in order to find web links and allow users to quickly find the information you’re looking "

(author: Le Sishu)

protection characteristic of famous brands, and has Sitelinks this kind of website in most cases.

5, brand name:

6, keywords: to a topic specific search site name, Sitelinks, probability, and search for "Shanghai dragon", "Internet", "home appliances" such a broad definition of class at present does not appear Sitelinks.

because of the establishment of the website is not a long time, in an attempt to generate Sitelink of noble baby practice, finishing about nobility baby Sitelink generated necessary conditions:


content update, the chain construction site, gradually perfect, another embodiment of the weights of the website, namely "noble baby Sitelink", as one of the objectives of Shanghai dragon Er, Sitelink has a unique charm. This combination of online only about the noble baby Sitelink articles, some of the sites present situation analysis.

2, website traffic flow: referred to here is not a web site traffic, but in SERP, the search hit rate, which is the official explanation that "useful to the user; in addition, the amount of collection site also has a certain reference value.


4, the website weight: to specific search keywords, website ranking in the first place, this is the most important factor; in general, the website has higher weight Sitelinks.

more than six necessary conditions for the conclusion in contrast, 1, 2, 4, 5 of the sites are not in demand, because the site is currently in the new period, ranking, weight, flow, these three conditions, in contrast, can be completely ruled out these points. Here the author of the remaining keywords closely the degree of uniqueness and keywords, some guessed that the two necessary conditions for the.

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