How to recover after the site was down the right reason and website K

(3) of the content of the website:

recovery methodIS log The content of

6. chain factors

path change The frequency of updates

8. high repetition

website important directory The revision of the ?

2.IP line is not stable, for example some space or server can only support single or support or support, Netcom, telecom, caused by the spider visit the blind spot. Even some of the server in order to save resources, the search engine spiders shield.

7. content of unstable

1. server, web server instability, move, attack or buy site itself is not stable due to server function.


(5) site title change

9. web site by others mirror

3. the content of the website contains sensitive words banned by search engines, or to deceive the user’s vocabulary.

for example is cheap clothing wholesale site, but later changed to Shanghai Longfeng exchange blog, this is completely to shut the words not only distract your weight, will cause the severe drop right.

4. website,

So now that we

K website is absolutely not because of one factor caused, it is a kind of love Shanghai website very severe punishment, it must have happened because two to three drop right caused by the behavior, then the behavior is caused by the website is the cause of the K

(1) increased the frequency of fast. For example we do every day before is to increase 5–10 chain, but if one day suddenly increased by 50 links, so that a search engine will be regarded as cheating this behavior.

down the right site because caused by K the reason is clear, it is very simple, we can use the law to exclude found our website is the cause of the K, in order to make the site is K

5. Links, because if the chain do and your site is K, then you have a link to it, then your site will therefore be implicated, cause right down.

(2) lost the chain. The chain is caused by the absence of the website server lost a credit.

(1) replacement templates


if the site in the article not original information, will cause the drop right.

1. first we need to check the site, if there is something wrong with 503.500.20064 Server HTTP code in the log, and then check whether the page 404 dead link code, as everyone knows, dead link is an important factor causing the site to drop right, to solve the 404 generation code only.

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