used to share keyword ranking query tool

now, let us together to watch the powerful effect after WordNet is:

since the contact Shanghai dragon in this industry, I want to find a can easily query keyword ranking tools, however, such a simple request, after a lot of time are not satisfied, until I met her on the keyword ranking query tool! In order to express my gratitude to the good tool, in order to share this good tool for everyone, I played percussion keyboard, start code for this article, not just for the soft

this tool relative to other tools. "


2, after giving up the manual inquiry, I found the home owners have the keyword ranking query tool, the specific effect you can see below

1, from the beginning, I was through the manual query, and then recorded in the document, but can not say that this approach is too inefficient, and soon after, I really can not stand, is looking for a solution to the more advanced.



said, this website tools are great, but unfortunately, the website is too restrictive, say, allows you to add the monitoring site total: 2, total: 6 allows you to add keywords, allows the addition of competition: 6, the total number of sites in the limit is too large, in order to be able to analysis on my hand a few websites, I even registered 4 home owners account, after a period of time, I was the tedious account thoroughly Speechless, continue to start looking for solutions.

3, after that, I met after word, and had a good time here, because after the words with several tools in front of me, it can be said is perfect, if not met the keyword ranking query tool.

I have such a good keyword ranking query tool, I also should meet, who can be called that for one or two days, this tool has some faults, can not use it? So, will let the tools search into my sight.

We look at the effect diagram:

before the formal introduction of this tool, I first talk about me on the use of tools of history:


first, ranking for monitoring, the tool supports a maximum of 100 words, 7 days can be derived for monitoring records, the number of sites, supports up to 100 sites, we must pay attention to, I said this is the free version of the Oh, take M version of the more powerful, however, for I the free version, completely enough, at last, let’s take a look at the effect of the tool bar chart.

4 is finally introduced today emphatically recommended the keyword ranking query tool.

Since the

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