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website profit is not easy, how to profit is also the site of the most headache!

what kind of website would be profitable?

personally, the first in line for a very simple example. You build and rent at the cost of 3000 yuan; and you are each worth 100 yuan, so long as you through the website to sell 11 products you profit. That’s one reason why many companies build their own websites.

personal website to do pure Internet advertising is really difficult. Millions of lattice is a good idea. But Chinese has a characteristic is: follow suit. You search millions of lattice, the number of classes to the site? Some of the cells might be artificially boost popularity site made himself, not everyone really willing to spend money to buy the lattice. As for other website alliance. By clicking the money. The money is not enough to say you buy the domain name money. But lots of advertisements influence website will let the members in addition to more disgusted. The first time I felt curious access to millions of lattice, no one will go to look at the ads.

N05. public service website

station when your intention is not to make money, but sometimes you have to let your money. As long as you sincerity service, for a long time, you will have a good reputation. Reputation. Good reputation. This is more important than what. The intangible value.

may bring a lot of surprises for you.

No6. free blog / forum moderator


intensive backdoor listing, the acquisition of the courier industry why the capital operation frequently?

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

why is daily express

according to public information, the Daily Express Co. Ltd., founded in May 20, 2010, since its inception, the daily express focus on logistics, express delivery business, courier business scale development, 2015 operating income increased by 50.6% compared to 2014, significantly faster than the comparable company Shen Tong, tact, rhyme and average revenue growth of 28.8% in 2016; the whole year is expected to complete the ticket is about 1 billion 260 million over the past two years, the compound growth rate of 57.30%, which in 2016 fourth quarter average daily volume reached 5 million 500 thousand more than single ticket.

Su ningyun January 2nd evening announcement said, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Suning Logistics Co. Ltd. and the Daily Express Co., He Wenxiao, Zhang Hongtao and other natural person shareholders signed the "equity transfer agreement", Jiangsu Suning logistics in cash 2 billion 975 million yuan including the transfer of stock rights transfer tax acquisition holds 70% stake in the daily express.


why buy daily express


for the significance of the acquisition, the announcement said, express delivery network every day and mature courier logistics capabilities, Suning logistics is in the eyes of the more appropriate cooperation targets. Through the acquisition of express delivery every day, can be a good way to strengthen Suning logistics delivery capacity in the last mile. With the development of online business, the distribution of single volume growth, companies need to invest more money and manpower to broaden and deepen the logistics network, through the acquisition of the daily express, can in a relatively short term integration of the two sides in the warehouse, trunk, end and other aspects of the express network resources, improve distribution efficiency, reduce operating costs, and to improve the scale and flexibility of the whole logistics network.

express industry by the capital touted the momentum has continued to 2017. On the evening of January 2nd, Su Ningyun trading company announced that it would acquire 70% yuan of 2 billion 975 million shares of the daily delivery of the renminbi by the transferor in cash. With the "SF", "three links, one Tatsu" and other large enterprises listed on the express, the future competition in the courier industry will show a white hot trend.

in the completion of the delivery within 12 months after the establishment of Jiangsu Suning logistics or courier industry operating company hereinafter referred to as the "" operating companies; by way of equity transfer and then buy some time every day to express all or part of the A round investors have the remaining 30% of the shares, the transfer price of 1 billion 275 million yuan including equity transfer tax. After the completion of the aforementioned 30% equity transfer, Jiangsu Suning logistics and its operations company holds a total of 100% stake per day express.

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