Shanghai Longfeng optimization tips six

four: professional soft writing, choose good outside chain release platform.

two: a new website structure analysis and link analysis.

a new structure must first meet the search engines like, do is to pave the way for the next website optimization, as an analysis of Shanghai dragon Er on the structure of the website can be divided into: delete the web design is not reasonable, and strive to meet the optimization of the directory node there is site navigation and link optimization also to do the analysis, and make a record.

: analysis of the site keywords and competitor analysis.

is a new station for Shanghai dragon er you should learn to do six things:

a real Shanghai dragon master is not only to make the optimization of the website has a good ranking in the major search engines, they pay more attention to is to make each page of the website have good flow, so as to give the main sites to bring more traffic.

all the major search engines are in fact very love regular website, and the content is the one and only, so as a Shanghai dragon er must learn to arrange the content of the website release time and the content of the writing, which is one of the important techniques of website optimization. The release of the chain to learn some weight high selectivity, a chain can bring tens of thousands of traffic, and some garbage outside the chain although many, but little traffic.

this work is the most important is the next Shanghai dragon optimization or fatal point, keyword analysis of a website mainly includes: the website keyword search volume analysis, analysis of competitors in the same industry, and analyze the selected web site keywords and how to make a reasonable arrangement in the framework of Web site keywords, prediction time and the effect of ranking optimization keywords.

six: Er to Shanghai Longfeng should be carried out on site traffic and access to the road.

in Shanghai dragon industry is not a long time, also add up to a year, once someone and I said it did not actually Shanghai Longfeng what, now I feel that Shanghai is not just a few simple tips for dragon or simply send the chain can, to be a qualified Shanghai dragon er you first you need to adjust their mentality, adjust the attitude because it won’t be so upset, Shanghai is a dragon hard and tedious work. But today I am here to do a little bit simple to talk about their own experience of Shanghai dragon.

three: Shanghai dragon Er also to the web site directory and web page optimization make analysis record.

five: Shanghai dragon Er search engine to learn and make friends, chat frequently.

in fact, many search engines will see Shanghai dragon is nothing more than you check the domain name of the website, want to know the web site and web site update time to learn and search engines to make friends, what good relationship is easy, often focus on it.

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