We did not spend a penny but with 3 days attracted a flow of 20 million

game planner, said eating, she summed up the brush explosion of small games, to meet these features: light, easy to operate, the screen experience is good, the test results have a strong desire to share.

recently your circle of friends is "Yan test which university" your game scraper? When you see your friends to share a link to a headline: "I break the limits of human being admitted to the University by Yan monster, the main shock, and professional" share a small picture is your friend look like.

is open in the circle of friends in the environment, "Yan" test which university you play on the popularity, has become the hotspot of college entrance examination period ushered in the billions of dollars in a short time flow of the game, and this game behind our planning development team and experienced what


as a small game to do 100 thousand traffic, the server on the first day of the

the initial planning is a hot topic in college entrance examination results based on our brain hole wide open to make up nearly 40 of a wonderful title and copy, as head of 1 of the 1 first game opened a good start, while the yen value of test group was founded.

originally planned for this little game is expected to be very conservative, and we just took it as a will take 100 thousand of the flow of small game. This leads to the value measured by Yan "which you are admitted to the University" game the first day most of the time it has been in the down, the main technology is also not expected to visit such a large amount, the load of the server can support a large number of users access.

a circle of friends Tucao and hang "pressure technology to do a load adjustment in the shortest time, as one of the first night game development the lion stayed up until 4 a.m., after 2 hours of sleep and continue to work for about 24 hours in our technology is human restart the game, the first day of distress in such environment, we have also ushered in the participation of 300 thousand.


second days broke out, but was blocked Tencent

It is as expected, after second days of game server capacity, our team has foreseen the possibility of breaking it silently in the 1 million day, when the game is almost in accordance with our expected rapid growth curve.

but at noon, the number of participating in the game suddenly appeared to fall, after all, this is the first time to do a small game, we do not know whether this is the life cycle of the game itself is so short, but after the conclusion of the game is of course not the case, the internal share key function by Tencent circle of friends to shield, shielding the length of time was nearly 3 hours!


this is a completely free circle of friends based on the risk of fire up the game, we can see that this incident has a fatal impact on the game itself. However, our technical team is still in the shortest possible time to remove the function of sharing to inform

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