What are the opportunities and industries of the nternet industry in 2016

Internet era is the era of change, change is a double-edged sword, bringing opportunities, but also bring crisis. We don’t talk about the crisis, the crisis is also for a certain level of society, not on the scale for the grassroots not what crisis.

opportunities for the Internet, some opportunities look beautiful, but it is difficult to grasp the grassroots. Grassroots to do is how to get a slice of the gap in the Internet giant three, rather than grab food with them.

Ma also said that the elephant is not dead ants. So in 2016 the Internet, what are the opportunities to be able to grasp grassroots Zhu Haitao here on my own vision to talk about the grassroots can touch the Internet in 2016.


P2P financial industry

strictly speaking, P2P industry is not a grassroots industry, although in 2015 the industry’s relatively low barriers to entry, baibashiwan can get involved in. For the grassroots, so much money is difficult to get out of.

is the last year of the P2P industry barbaric growth year, because the P2P emerge in an endless stream our eyes. In which a piece of the most can be divided into two classes: first, pull out the wool platform to earn commissions, which are individual, there are a few to form a team operation, a large number of high price orders from the P2P platform.

type a can only earn a little money, can do a monthly income of more than 10 thousand is good. The latter type can be millions of years into the level, such a team can count. The second category, operating P2P platform. Platform operators every kind of platform, there are uneven in quality, formal, flicker, cheat, POND’S scam, engage in a variety of small movements. On the scale of the formal: Baidu wallet, Lu Jin, wallet network. Large financial fraud type: MMM, e rent treasure. Run away: this type of this list is not more than I come, I suggest you take a look at this article "shocking Wangzhuan P2P platform blacklist run away (the history of the most complete collection"). There are some other medium scale, orange Wukong financial finance, etc.. Of course, the vast majority of users know, the biggest move is still lending treasure, spend billions of full name promotion, I think last year, almost every city can see the lending treasure to push the team. There are some millions of small size P2P platform blossom everywhere.

over the past year, a lot of people still more or less through the P2P to make money, including I have also dabbled in. For the flow of the team and individuals, making money by P2P is also a relatively easy time.

but in 2016, it is certain that the P2P platform will be no longer scenery. As a result, after several years of development, P2P industry boom, chaos. E want to rent a treasure that relates to money scam involving tens of billions of a wide range of adverse effects, the government will strengthen supervision and rectification. Furthermore, although the herd.

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