Do you really have these abilities

1, pattern ability

why Haidilao staff believe the values? Haidilao chairman Zhang Yong, once in "China entrepreneur" interview on their values "hands change destiny" explained: food is a fully competitive industry, consumer experience is essential, and consumer satisfaction by employees to ensure and realize. Therefore, we established the "hands to change the fate of" the core concept of cohesion staff. Want to convey is that as long as we follow the hard work, dedication, integrity of the creed, our hands can change something.

2, innovation ability

save the ecological air-conditioning of the people of Bangladesh, the principle of ecological air conditioning units without power consumption is very simple: when the outdoor hot air from the bottle wide into the narrow bottleneck, pressure changes, air natural cooling. As we open the mouth to blow on the hand, blowing out the gas is hot, and when you pout gas is blowing, blowing out the cool.

3, user ability

valuation of 300 million to meet the user needs what tongue movie? $300 million film to meet the user’s needs, what


1) decision making. Now the number of movies too much, the quality and variety of different, if they have a higher demand for the film, it takes a certain amount of time and energy to filter. So, if there is an expert to help you select the quality and type, to provide accurate viewing decisions, it will be a lot of pressure.

2) to understand the film. Good movies often have a lot of deep meaning, it is often difficult to see through, or some interesting, specially designed details will miss. So, there is a phenomenon that many people go to see the film after watching the film, aimed at exploring more information. This movie will provide a rich knowledge of the tongue of this function, allowing users to see more clearly the movie.

3) find resonance. Good things to share, if you see a good movie, a lot of chances will be recommended to a good friend, but also to see whether the online evaluation and their viewing experience. Especially when their views and some critics have agree without prior without previous consultation, a strong sense of identity and pride. Similarly, you feel a bad movie, just described movies say bad, there is no shortage of resonance.

4) entertain yourself. Whether it is watching movies or watching movie viewing, whether before or after viewing, often very interesting. This is because the film originated in the film, and the film is mostly from the point of view of entertainment. Therefore, in addition to the knowledge of the film review, often able to mobilize the body’s entertainment cells.


4, marketing ability

a technology company, even in the sale of pizza… You may not be able to imagine that a pizza company headquarters, the largest is the IT department! 2007, >

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