Inside Dr. Shannon’s Mining Book

first_img– Advertisement – Dr. Eugene H. Shannon …Digging Into The Second ChapterThe Second Chapter of Dr. Shannon’s Mining Book consists of 30 pages which detail the importance of Pre-Investment Requirements within the mining sector.The Book, “Safeguarding the Environment In Mining Development Projects”, written by one of Liberia’s learned Geologists, Dr. Eugene H. Shannon, is one of the major Books on mining and the environment that will help improve Liberia’s mining sector and countries involved in Mining.“Pre-Investment Requirements”, according to the second chapter is centered on investors wishing to explore and eventually exploit mineral resources in developing countries.Dr. Shannon points out in his mining book that, “It is, therefore, very important that Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) be undertaken prior to the actual mining project in developing countries and in particular African developing countries”.The learned Geologist further explains that it is equally important that any investor wishing to exploit mineral resources in developing countries including Liberia should provide a management plan to the state authorities for approval before mining operation commences. “This helps to eliminate, offset or reduce adverse environmental impacts to acceptable levels.”Dr. Shannon details several reasons for environmental impact studies; among them are:Mistakes made in the past indicate that it is particularly necessary that at the very start of the project cycle environmental factors must be considered. It must be made imperative that the host country concerned demands a detailed description of the proposed development so that all the necessary guidelines may be set, and steps taken to guarantee that environmental guidelines are adhered to.Environmental assessment study must be undertaken to assist policymakers in determining environmental protection needs. Early studies coupled with detailed investigations should be able to give the kind of relevant environmental information relating to the possible impacts of a mining project. Environmental assessment study is also important so as to ensure that the project has been organized in an environmentally safe manner, such that the appropriate mitigation measures and safeguards are incorporated into the project design.Finally, the environmental impact assessment study is necessary so as to provide sufficient information for the evaluation of the EIA that will merit the issuance of the clearance certificate to commence mining operations by the appropriate government agency.The Mining Book second chapter details the major guidelines for conducting an environmental impact assessment study and explains why government authorities should make sure that projects address environmental concerns including, Waste Management, Effluent Reduction, Mine safety, Research and Development,  Reforestation, Land Reclamation, CCradle-to-GraveManagement, Meteorological and Climatological issues, and land-use management, and Sociological problems, among others.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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