PPP/C has a proven track record of developing Guyana

first_imgDear Editor,The hogwash spewed at APNU’s recent meeting in Buxton has truly revealed the Party’s double standards towards national unity and development. Joseph Harmon (a man I once respected) and other leaders used that forum to viciously attack retired Brigadier Mark Phillips and shamelessly attempt to justify the lack of opportunities for youths. Their disappointing comments refreshed my memory as to why I resigned from the People’s National Congress.I am tempted to address each area of their lacklustre presentations laced with hatred, divisiveness, possessiveness and deceit. However, I rather rebut the issues of tokenism and empty promises to youths. Isn’t it ironic that the PNC is guilty of these evils but boldly accuses the PPP/C of same?Harmon reportedly tried to diminish retired Brigadier Mark Phillips’ membership with the PPP/C and role as the Party’s Prime Ministerial candidate based on his skin colour. In his attempt to reduce Mr Phillips as a token, the ugly sickening attitude of the PNC has been revealed. Apparently, if you are an Afro-Guyanese, your loyalty should be sole to the PNC instead of Guyana’s development.Nonetheless, the PNC has over the years welcomed few Indo-Guyanese members with clenched fists. For decades, I and family found ourselves as tokens. Yes! My role as an Indo-Guyanese was that of photo-opportunity— a face for the façade of inclusivity. At Congress Place, our inputs are unnecessary and disregarded.It was no different from what is being played out between the APNU and “rubber stamp” AFC. Being mum on their Prime Ministerial candidate is outright having the entire AFC as a token. The APNU believes that keeping the AFC will attract Indo-Guyanese votes. From now until elections the Prime Ministerial post will dangle like a carrot in front of the AFC.The PNC is quite aware that votes from no one race could win an election in Guyana. Only a party of true unity would be able to win the elections. There is no doubt that the PPP/C has been making inroads in communities like Buxton that were once dominant PNC supporters. It is pitiful that Harmon would bend to race talks to gain votes. On the contrary, the PPP/C has been inviting all Guyanese to join in voting the APNU/AFC OUT.There is really no competition between the PPP/C and the coalition. The PPP/C has a proven track record of developing Guyana. On the contrary, the APNU has failed miserably to achieve its manifesto promises, particularly in the area of youth development. These deficiencies were highlighted during the Buxton meeting. The presenters in desperation were begging youths for their votes in spite of their failure to provide employment opportunities, safer communities, and affordable education among others.Yours truly,Dave D Dannylast_img

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