Good Riddance to Christiana Tah

first_imgMr. Editor,After carefully reading Christiana Tah’s resignation letter, I could not resist adding my 2 cents to the discussion. It is clear that the legally-minded Madam was economical with the truth, especially after six years at the head of the Justice Ministry. Like many flunkies, Chris Tah wants us to believe her “righteousness indignation” that she was a supreme legal mind, making changes in Liberia’s judicial landscape. This is far from reality. Exhibiting an inflated sense of self-importance, she displayed a deep-seated arrogance towards her boss and to use her word loosely “collegiality” of executive peers.When did she realize that she presided over the “rhetoric of the rule of law?” can she spell rule of law? It is evident that Madam Tah did not understand her terms of reference and duties as Minister of Justice and Attorney-General. It is only in her twisted mind that she believes the National Security Agency (Liberia’s intelligence service) is subject to her authority and should be investigated by her. One senior security expert familiar with the Liberian security sector shared with me that from the days of Patrick Minikon to date, the NSA has been answerable only to the President of the Republic of Liberia, coupled with legislative oversight.My Justice Ministry contact described the recent complains of the former Justice Minister of not investigating the NSA as dishonest and manipulative. My contact said specific allegations were made against agents of the NSA and not its Director Fombah Sirleaf. Contact said the NSA had turned over all pieces of evidence to the former Justice Minister, who appeared not satisfied with the cooperation but in vindictive spirit wanted to damage the reputation of the Agency and its Director. My contact noted that NSA was cooperating fully with the Jallah Commission.The fact is Madam Tah had so many other cases to investigate and prosecute. What stopped her for the last six years from going after these cases? What did she do to correct the perennial accusation against the police force as seen in the Amnesty International, Transparency International and Human Rights reports? What legal brief did she provide the President in exercising the constitutional duties under the Public Health Laws to fight Ebola? She fell flat on her face, because she chose to misinterpret our laws, collaborate with felonious attorneys-at-law to frustrate cases form the LACC and harass professional security experts, who dare provide a counter argument to her disingenuous views of our civil and criminal laws.What is the Justice Ministry doing with an intelligence budget, when their role is supervisory and certainly not operational? Has she accounted to the National Legislature on how those monies were spent and the effect on Mother Liberia? The Ministry is a big department that had some many moving parts that needed to be upgraded and fully functional.What did she do about building the competence and capacities of the Justice Ministry? Sorry the “coming out of war” excuse will not hold water.As Dean of the Supreme Court, humility is an expected quality of all those who hold that authority. It is with good sense that the Bench gave Chris Tah the legal spanking that was long overdue. One wonders what she scored in jurisprudence as a law student. She lost more cases at the Supreme Court than any other Justice Minister recent history. In fact, no one can recall seeing Christiana Tah ever pleading at any court in Liberia. She misbehaved and refused to do the honorable thing-resign. Her greed was too overpowering.Liberia has seen Opinions of Attorney-Generals from Louis Arthur Grimes to James A. A. Pierre, providing the width and breath of legal thinking during different administrations. One wonders what Christiana Tah’s opinion, if any, would read like? What did she counsel on the Chronicle case, human trafficking case, Nov. 7th, 2011 shooting, ect?Fellow Liberians, the latter-day resignation is the handiwork of an ungrateful egotist, driven by the octopus of arrogance, greed, deceit, disingenuity, mischief, unprofessionalism, manipulation and over-weaning pride. We breathe a heavy sigh of relief with the exit of Christiana Tah from Government and hope she does not surface any time soon in any national leadership role as her stint is poor example of public service.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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