Framing Artist

first_imgA framing artist in this article has nothing to do with picture framing.  It is a talent used by major league catchers to steal strikes for their pitcher when a pitch is just out of the strike zone.  Believe it or not, MLB keeps this statistic among all the other (useless) facts they record.The top 5 major league catchers were:1.  Jonathan Lucroy of Milwaukee who got  1,047 extra strikes for his pitchers.  Lucroy, by the way, finished 4th in the National League MVP race.2.  Jose Molina, who is currently a free agent, got his pitchers 686 extra strikes.  When I wrote this article, he had not been picked up by a major league team for this year.3.  Russell Martin of the Blue Jays saved his pitchers 672 strikes.4.  Brian McCann of the New York Yankees recorded 655 extra strikes.5.  Yadier Molina of the St. Louis Cardinals was credited with 557 framing strikes.last_img

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