Planning Division develops guidelines for potential tourism developers

first_img Share Acting Chief Physical Planner, Annie EdwardsThe Planning Department has taken a proactive approach in assisting prospective tourism investors in ensuring that their structures are in sync with Dominica’s sustainable tourism development thrust. Over the past ten months, the Planning Division in collaboration with a number of key stakeholders has been working on putting together a number of guidelines for sustainable development tourism.Last week, the Planning Division teamed up with the Invest Dominica Authority in staging a workshop for new tourism developers at the Jungle Bay Resort and Spa. At that workshop, acting Chief Physical Planner Annie Edwards spoke to some of the new guidelines which must be taken into consideration when constructing tourism related properties in Dominica.Ms Edwards told GIS News these guidelines are necessary to ensure that developers incorporate sustainable elements into their designs.“They focus on things like energy efficiency, the design of yours structure so that it takes into consideration the natural light, the natural ventilation, things like disposal of waste, design of the building in an architectural way that is in keeping with the Dominican architecture and another focus is on the environment you develop your plan within. A lot of people, when they start their construction, they go ahead and cut down the natural vegetation; they do not design it in a way that takes the natural elements of the site into consideration. These guidelines will give people some ideas of how they can design in an environmental friendly way.”The use of renewable energy is also a very important concept that the planning division is hoping that developers would consider when designing their properties.“It is predicted that there will be stronger hurricanes, more droughts and so forth. As a result, using droughts as an example, developers should develop their buildings in a way like I have said before, that takes the natural ventilation into consideration. If this is done, it will not only help in terms of allowing proper airflow but would also assist in lessening the use of air-conditioning. If it is designed in a proper way, you use less air conditions. Consequently, there will be less use of energy. You use more natural lighting; therefore there will be less use of energy. We have noticed at the Planning Division, that a lot of people use a lot of massive concrete making those buildings so uncomfortable. If they just had some guidelines, some advice at an early stage, this could have been avoided.”Meanwhile, Government recently announced a waiver of import duties on renewable equipment for tourism investors.“In regards to the renewable energy, whilst Planning has said that the initial capital outlay may be a bit costly, Government recognising the importance of having renewable, has been giving the waiver of import duties on various renewable items. Therefore, investors who want to put this in place for their establishment can benefit from duty-free concessions on the renewable equipment required for their development.”For more on other incentives you can contact the Invest Dominica Emmanuel Joseph Sharing is caring! LocalNews Planning Division develops guidelines for potential tourism developers by: – March 29, 2011 Sharecenter_img Share 20 Views   no discussions Tweetlast_img

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