Sustainability and the Triple Helix

first_img Log in Register Premium content By Tom Scott The subjectof sustainability in the Dutch maritime sector can be summed in part by lookingat the outcome of the IMO meeting in London in April last year. This resultedin the IMO announcing the goal to reduce greenhouse gases by at least 50 percent by 2050 (compared to 2008 levels). However, it must also be noted thatsustainability goes far further than the matter of exhaust emissions. It is ahugely expansive subject that, for the maritime sector, encompasses topics suchas clean air and water, safe and environmentally friendly production processes,activities that limit environmental damage, and biodiversity in operationalareas, to name just a few.Maximising sustainable operations to achieve the IMO’s 2050 goal can only be accomplished through an effective interaction between the three major areas involved: government, research institutes and business – often referred to as the ‘triple helix’. Premium Premium content You are currently not logged in to a MyNavingo account. Premium content You are currently not logged into your account. Register and get a two week trial. You need javascript to validate your login status. Your current account does not have access to this premium item. Please upgrade your membership to access this content. Go to the shoplast_img

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