After 13 long years, a direct airline between Dubrovnik and Budapest is being reintroduced

first_imgAfter 13 years, Dubrovnik and Budapest will again be connected by airline in the summer flight schedule. Also, LOT recently announced a direct line Warsaw – Rijeka, more about the attachment. RELATED NEWS: This was announced by Michal Fijol, Commercial Director of the Polish LOT at Liszt Ferenc Airport in Budapest, where he presented the increase of existing and the introduction of new flights of this airline in 2020. The line Budapest – Dubrovnik will operate on Sundays, the ride will take 1 hour and 15 minutes, and the first flight is announced for June 7, 2020. Embraer aircraft will operate on the route, departing from Budapest to Dubrovnik at 7:00 am, while departure from Dubrovnik to Budapest is scheduled for the same day at 8:55 am. “Our goal is to further position Croatia as an air destination, and the introduction of a direct flight between Dubrovnik and Budapest after 13 years will greatly contribute to this. I am sure that this flight to our country will attract an even larger number of always dear Hungarian guests who are among the top 10 markets from which we realize the largest tourist traffic.”, said the director of the CNTB, Kristjan Staničić. By the way, in the previous part of the year, we had about 640 thousand arrivals from the Hungarian market and more than 3,2 million overnight stays, which is an increase of 3 percent compared to the same period last year. According to the current LOT plans, this flight will be current until the end of September 2020, but the option of traffic is left during the entire summer flight schedule. Flights are already available on the website LOT. LIST OF DIRECT AIR CONNECTIONS WITH EMITTING MARKETS 2019 WINTER – 2020 POLISH AIRLINE LOT INTRODUCES NEW DIRECT FLIGHT FROM WARSAW TO RIVER Next step? First and foremost, all tourist workers from the wider area of ​​Dubrovnik must share this great news, because air connectivity is the first condition to extend the tourist season and bring better guests. Inform your current guests from Hungary via direct communication, social networks… that Dubrovnik is now closer than ever. Also, the more information is spread, the more the word about it will spread, and that is what influences the most whether the line will survive and be well filled. If not, logically and justifiably, the line will be shut down if there is no interest. last_img

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