Zagreb 80 Museum opened, which takes visitors back to the golden age of the 80’s

first_imgA new private museum, Zagreb 34, has been opened in the old building at 80 Radićeva Street, which takes visitors back to the golden age of the 80s.The ZAGREB Museum in the 80’s was created to experience the past in a new way. Its space is a reconstruction of the everyday life of the Zagreb family, in a unique and interactive way that intersects the past and the future, shows the way of life, heritage, memories and emotions. As the owners point out, “De ja vu” in a new way.There are also board games from that time, an old gramophone and records, a kitchen from the 80s equipped with original utensils from that time, a study with a typewriter, a bedroom with a women’s editing corner, a playroom with children’s games and toys… U through culinary books, visitors can get acquainted with the favorite recipes of Zagreb housewives. Fashion lovers can dive into the world of creations of that time. The Commodore 500 gaming computer, a collection of postage stamps, an album with badges, popular board games such as basketball and football and toys from Mehanotehnika stand out from more than 64 items, while the Museum Souvenir Shop offers unique retro souvenirs for customers of research spirit.”We have been open since mid-December, and the reactions of visitors are excellent, everyone is satisfied, both domestic and foreign visitors. The whole story about the museum is very simple and we were guided to show what Zagreb looked like in the 80’s, from the music, the way of life, fashion and the whole atmosphere of that time. Interaction is very important to us, so we conceptualize the museum so that everything can be touched and used, which is very interesting and different for visitors than in other museums where exhibits are not allowed to be touched.”Points out Anastasija Knežević, one of the founders of the Zagreb 80 Museum, and adds that she invites travel agencies and tourist guides to cooperate because foreigners have a very interesting past from the time of Yugoslavia.Also, the special feature of the Museum is that it encourages its visitors to touch, feel and interact with the exhibition, to reminisce about moments, smells and feel nostalgia. The young generation is given the opportunity to experience the way of life in the recent, positive past, so known and appreciated around the world in the 80s. “Experience the past of the great things we use every day today, such as video games, personal computers and mobile phones, as well as other significant facilities that really began their rise in the 1980s. ” stand out from the Museum of Zagreb 80.Croatia – a country with “a thousand” museumsPhoto: Batana EcomuseumThe Museum of Illusions, the Museum of Broken Relationships, the Museum of Torture, etc.… proved that there is a great need for private thematic museums that tell our authentic or thematic stories, and which certainly generate quality content that we miss so much.It is important to point out that the Zagreb Museum 80, like the other mentioned museums, is a private investment and that with their quality work they have shown how all museums should operate, especially state-owned museums that have much more resources. This is where the difference between private and state museums, which have a secure way of financing, have no imperative to earn money or how many visitors visit them, is best seen, while private museums are companies struggling in the market to survive and certainly care about every visitor and every kuna. . Yes, and in this equation it should certainly be mentioned that private “museums” have a VAT of 25% like everyone else, while State museums do not. Also, unfortunately most importantly, museums under the auspices of the State (honor exceptions) do not work on promoting and popularizing culture and their exhibits, and often do not even work on weekends, which is absurd because they have to work on weekends for tourists and domestic visitors.It would be great if, in addition to building a swimming pool, we encourage the opening of private thematic museums, primarily authentic, because they enrich the Croatian tourist offer and I sincerely hope that their success in Croatia will be an incentive to open more and more specialized museums in Croatia. for everything.Our biggest tourist advantage is our incredible diversity and authenticity. And the motive of the trip is to get to know new ways and cultures of living. I wonder, why don’t we have hundreds of private museums for all our amazing tourist, historical, cultural, authentic… stories?We have to tell our authentic stories and be proud of them, museums give added value, offer quality content and tell thousands of stories about our history, culture, heritage, innovation, identity. The motive for the arrival is not accommodation, but diverse, quality and authentic content of the tourist destination. Croatia with a thousand museums sounds great, doesn’t it?Related news:THE FIRST MUSEUM OF OLIVE GROWING IN CROATIA “MUSEUM OLEI HISTRIAE” OPENED IN PULAMUSEUM OF ILLUSION THROUGH THE FRANCHISE MODEL EXPANDS TO LJUBLJANA AND VIENNA OLDTIMER CROSS SECTION OPENED IN KRAPINAZAGORKA’S MUSEUM OF THE GRIČKA WITCH WAS PRESENTED ART PARK – ABANDONED PARK IN ZAGREB BECOMES A UNIQUE OPEN MUSEUMlast_img

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