New age leadership: Our way vs my way or the highway!

first_imgOver the years as an organizational foot soldier I have worked under numerous supervisors and managers—good, bad and ugly. None was what I would consider a true visionary leader. Many of them were marginally effective due to one missing trait—they lacked empathy for their people. Their leadership style was more command and control thinking the fear factor was a prime motivator of why we work and stay on our jobs.In today s business world bullying tactics consistently backfire as a method to motivate workers.Inspiration vs intimidation is the new mantra in getting a staff team to maintain performance and achieve business results.The new age leader who can use empathy as a tool for his/her employees will be the winners in the future.The C in new age CEOs should stand for your credit unions Culture. And that culture should be a place where all can learn and contribute lead by the leader.The effective organizational leader is the champion of culture and strives to drive it throughout the organization.Creating a culture where all are valued starts with constantly having a mindset of listening and learning from employees. Look for ways to highlight and recognize employee best practices in the workplace.Patience is a virtue for the leader in taking time to develop subordinates and productive systems.And don’t be afraid to show weakness by admitting mistakes and learning from them going forward. Being empathetic towards employees fosters a collaborative spirit of us where all ideas are valued and funneled into business practices and solutions.Have a growth mindset for your people and nurture their development. Encouragement and having high standards goes a long way to get the best out of your people. Good leaders get what they expect not what they accept. Set high expectations and empower your employees to believe and achieve.Empathetic CEOs are in a good position because along with the staff and board team they have an incredible opportunity to improve the experience and lives of thousands of our members.Having a credit union team mantra of “Purpose, Passion & Service” will lead to long term success for the credit union.So I would suggest avoid being a “boss-hole” in trying to motivate your people. Successful leaders know how to use empathy, encouragement and admiration by championing these concepts into reality throughout the credit union.And that can lead to a culture of “Member-Centric” human resource performance and excellence.“Empathetic Leadership” Traits That Contribute to Employee MotivationReward InitiativeEncourage Risk TakingListen to EmployeesChallenge Employees to ImproveEncourage TeamworkLearn from FailureCommit to Training/Professional DevelopmentValue Feedback SessionsTrumpet AccomplishmentsGive Earned Positive Feedback/Recognition“Boss-Hole Leadership” Traits That Inhibit Employee PerformanceUsing Bullying TacticsOver Focusing on ProblemsIgnoring or Belittling SuggestionsBeing Too Directive or ControllingNot Clarifying ExpectationsOver Focusing on SeniorityFailure to Develop/Mentor EmployeesCreating A Self-Centered Workplace CultureRefusing to Take Responsibility for Mistakes 55SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,John Vardallas John A. Vardallas CAE, CUDE is Founder/CEO of The AmericanBoomeR Group, a Madison, Wisconsin based speaking/consulting firm. He is also Senior Faculty Advisor/Project Evaluator for SCMS and … Web: Detailslast_img

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