Month: February 2017

Ningmei Guo airborne New York Times Square double round eleven

New York Times alias square Times Square, located in the New York city of Manhattan downtown district, sitting on the crossroads of the world "reputation, world entertainment, fashion and news focus. The largest the most expensive billboards located here, across the block width domineering exposed, billboard Beijing time on October 21st this collection of the eyes of the world there is a Chinese brand: Ningmei guo.

integrated computer want to change the pattern of the world DIY

to Chinese Ningmei Guo integrated computer leader identity airborne Times Square, this is an important breakthrough in the industry, Ningmei Guo was born in the DIY industry flourished, with integrated computer concept DIY concept into the Internet thinking, the electricity supplier channels and personal computer products perfect fusion, to create a new service system according to the actual needs of users. Upright Ningmei Guo again with record sales, renewed for personal computer users with feelings of hope. read more

have an appointment with the domain name

how to read the title of the article, I feel very backward, borrowed " I have a date with the zombie "

1: investment domain name depends on the economic

feel any appreciation of space domain, you need money to register, or take the money to buy the domain name, is like this, so you must know where to register the domain name more secure, you can transfer convenience, storage fees need to be like how much money this year,.Cn domain name to reach the lowest price in the world.1 yuan / year, then the.Cn domain name registration. At the same time, many people have joined the " minon " this line. I know a lot of friends, holding thousands, even tens of thousands of domain names. Then find buyers on the Internet, whether or not you want to join minon this line, or you want to see the economy, if you just think of a domain name with appreciation of space, you dont minon. read more Do not become a fake goods exchange!, please cherish your brand, do not become a fake goods sinks! Do not become a fake goods sinks!

at the end of 2015, suffered a serious image of the


is a specialize sale site, goods 100% authentic!" this is the slogan of once proud. But today, the popular slogan is like a huge bubble, a few bottles of wine to be a smash hit.

fermentation days selling fake Moutai event recently finally results. January 2, 2016, issued a statement, confirmed that the platform for the sale of fake Moutai, the goods have been returned to the relevant departments of the seal and investigation and investigation. has said that the permanent cessation of cooperation with the supplier, and has taken the initiative to the police, the police have accepted the case and the supplier starting procedure of criminal investigation, the relevant personnel have jingfangxingju, will fully cooperate with relevant departments to investigate. Moutai has been selling a recovery, said, will advance the commercial value of ten times the compensation, in order to complete the product recovery and sequestration investigation as soon as possible. read more

Online home appliance retailer Wayfair intends to finance $350 million PO


technology news Beijing on August 16th news, the U.S. online retailer Wayfire Home Furnishing announced Friday that the company plans to IPO (initial public offering) issued class a common stock, and $350 million of financing.

is headquartered in Boston, the company has a flash purchase site Joss & Main, modern home studio Dwell STudio and Birch Lane, a total of about 7000000 products.

the company's shareholders include Battery Ventures, HarbourVest Partners and

Dangdang intends to set up an independent courier company to open an open platform logistics

February 21st morning news, announced is currently working to lead the formation of a controlled Distribution Services Ltd, will build an open platform independent and efficient logistics, provide goods storage, sorting and packaging COD delivery service for e-commerce enterprises. At present, the platform technology development and company registration has been basically completed, is in the technical testing phase.

"the development process of more than and 10 years has accumulated rich experience in logistics management and logistics resources, how these resources into the electronic commerce industry of public resources, so that the majority of e-commerce enterprises to share the resources, so that these newly developed small and medium-sized e-commerce enterprises to avoid detours in the development of the logistics industry is on the road, a subject we explored for a long time, and now finally find a way." operations vice president Zhang Yun said that through the integration of third party logistics resources, and to integrate logistics and public service platform to the role of other enterprises open logistics services, and the traditional sense of the courier company and some electronic commerce enterprise self distribution team is different. read more

Zhuang Shuai that the value of traditional enterprises and the development of B2C the brand is the c

B2C ten years of development, no company successfully listed, all the bigwigs are asking for the answer, held various seminars, summit to discuss the "core issues", to explore the core competitiveness of B2C development and sustained profitability for the favor of the capital market, seeking on the city.

as a B2C practitioner, I have been thinking about this issue. Years of brand planning / promotion experience tells me that only the brand is the core competitiveness. Based on this, there is a problem, what is the "brand" of B2C? Is it a brand or a brand or a brand? read more

The domain name speculators are not optimistic. Chinese temporarily domain name called CNNC publici

webmaster network reported on October 22nd: the majority of domain name investors said in an interview with reporters, their short term is not optimistic. Chinese "domain name, and called on the Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) to strengthen market promotion.


domain name speculators think, in accordance with the current pace of development, "China." domain name is difficult to appear as unpopular situation like the.Cn domain name, if CNNIC do not take strong market strategy, "China." domain name may only remain at the theoretical level. read more

Clothing shop tips do not go pure commercial route

online clothing store market high margin, but the competitive environment is also quite fierce. Want to stand out in the tens of thousands of clothing sellers, is not a simple thing. But that is only about selling more to sell less, the novice can always make money is no doubt.

if you want to do, it is bigger, use your head to see how the buyers are attracted by the tea than anything else, is her story and customer service service two weapon.

tea, when her sophomore shop, and the shop is not as a business to do. It is the relationship between the original study of literature, like the mood to write articles on the shop, many buyers not only to buy clothes, but also like to see the article, the results of the 50% people back into a repeat. These buyers think shopping in the tea shop is a kind of enjoyment, prices are not too concerned about. read more

Group purchase website Groupon announced the details of the transaction information originator of se

Beijing time on October 29th morning news, according to foreign media reports, the United States buy site Groupon on Thursday announced the full details of self-service transactions on the business welcome page.

below for details of the project:

– merchants can promote self-service buy. It is speculated that such transactions will appear in the user’s choice of the city’s landing page, and will be included in the message. This will greatly increase the number of Groupon for each user to buy transactions. However, the number of transactions a business can not exceed two times the number of transactions per day. read more

Tencent of new business platform named QQ online shopping home exposure

Tencent new business platform named QQ online shopping Sina Francisco September 20th noon news, rumors of a super platform electricity supplier Tencent has been designated as QQ online shopping, and will use two level domain name as the test period. It is reported that QQ online shopping and QQ mall, pat and other Tencent electricity supplier business, respectively, corresponding to an independent B2C, mall class B merchants and C class sellers three categories of merchants.

QQ take the online shopping category franchise mode of operation, in 3C, sports shoes, bags, cosmetics, clothing, daily necessities and other jewelry category with a core of B2C exclusive cooperation. In the QQ online shopping, B2C companies can completely retain their own enterprise LOGO, the picture can be printed on the site with their own watermark. read more