Month: July 2017

URL factors for univalent matching of Google and Adsense

in the current advertising alliance, Google Adsense although the price is very low, but most of the webmaster is still the main source of income, he did Baidu theme promotion in the 06, 07 years, income is also good, personal feeling, and from the advertising price, click rate, advertising style, and Google Adsense there is a certain gap, it is too difficult to apply. Attached to Baidu theme promotion request:

a) has its own web site and has control over the site;

b) content is legitimate, without any malicious code, illegal and pornographic content. read more

Qingyuan Qingxin district is committed to women’s employment services

rural women have been able to take care of their families while at home, the income is still relatively low. Now with the deepening of the policy forces, the government led the majority of rural women to start a business to become rich, open a new career in rural women.

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My personal entrepreneurship is how to earn 100 thousand years from rookie experience

"hold on, hold on, and believe in tomorrow and the day after tomorrow," said an older man. "I’ve always had it in mind.". Two years later, I finally switched from playing computer games and playing games, and now I’m a webmaster!

today, I am proud to announce that I was a $one hundred thousand business owners! Although this money on my side of the webmaster friends or very little but from nothing to do now I have been very happy not to show off, not for the applause, just to commemorate my two years of bitterness and also! Share my experience read more

Rookie webmaster also talk about friendship links

, the son of fish do a very short time, has been in a daze of toil, up to now there is no what achievement.

all day looking at the overwhelming information on the Internet, what SEO, what optimization, what short of traffic surge?…… The son of fish envy ah, but also want to, these are really? The son of fish is not a smart man, just know everything to go. I’ve read a few articles and heard some friends’ advice,

, the son of fish do two garbage station, to the hand, at present through the two stations, learned a lot of things are not fish have a blog system, used to write what they want to write. Key words used "fish not fish" three words, very cold key word, Baidu is absolutely the first page. Said so much, should return to the topic of the son of fish of the Links is not much, the quality is not very good and some of them to a friend or to increase station chain do only on the blog above, there is a sub unit fish links are not fish in the school work, school in order to raise PR4 sites in the imperceptibly many people said to PR high site links, but the son of fish when exchange links in the application, are often rejected, the reason is very simple: 1, the new station, no PR, no; 2, included too little, do not do; 3, type do not match; 4, the flow is too small, do not do; 5, there is no reason, just don’t do. Sometimes, the fish is not thinking, those so-called old station, PR high, large flow, included more sites, they are not bit by bit grow up? read more

Work at least in this month don’t site my site

the last time sitting in front of the computer, but in the search engine input "", and the memory of the figure is similar, although I also strive to enrich my station; the last time in the CNZZ at the deserted online list, statistics of dead and I have no vitality. Bite my teeth and stamp my feet. I made up my mind not to search for more than one article on the site search engine on a wealth link in a month. I don’t see how many people are interested in the number of articles linking to fortune. He what keywords ranking, tube he what SEO optimization?. I don’t understand, and I’m not interested anymore. read more

Mou Changqing Links magical experience sharing platform

Go9go link platform, from a launch, it was supported by the majority of webmaster. PV conversion rate is surprisingly high, the day PV close to W, Alexa week rankings also reached about 5W. Yes, I’ve done a few webmaster sites, the fastest rising popularity of one. Why are the webmaster so fall in love with go9go, and I simply analyzed, there are several reasons.

1: you can easily and easily find a lot of link information

1: high quality link information more than

Go9go is to do friendship links platform, to meet everyone can find suitable for exchange of friendship links, is the webmaster’s first demand. Before I did go9go, I saw a lot of similar friendship link platform. Found that most of the links on the platform, the quality of the site is very small. So from the beginning of go9go, I paid attention to high quality link information. So I built a PR6 and PR7 QQ group specially, and then let the high quality websites of these groups go to go9go to publish the link information. Although go9go has only been introduced for about half a month, the link information of high quality websites is the same. This conclusion, this is the result that I see more good link platform inside course of study and draw the result. In addition, the link information released in go9go is also very high. Some unreliable link information, such as filling QQ, or Baidu, Tencent, home page of the casual hair, this will immediately clean up. read more

Adsense brother, your ad, will dedicate a click

is 23 years old this year, has just graduated from University, said from the first use WORD software to make the website now, I have spent 6 years, a remote town I live in Sichuan, high school after school before opening the computer curriculum, high school to install their own teaching materials to do a "word that is a few pages with hyperlinks that together, ha ha, now think that time is really a child.

University for the past four years, is the true four years when the owners, in the four years from the foundation of "making research start to learn some programming language slowly began to learn their art, PS technology, flow slowly in the hands of the station is also high, I learned more and more slowly slowly, like income can also ha ha ha. read more

Blog on behalf of the Ming Dynasty most of the 10 factors that do not affect the ranking of the webs

many webmaster friends are very upset, website ranking is always not go up, with a lot of SEO operation method, but the effect is very little, and even appeared ranking backward or ranking disappear. To this end, on behalf of the blog summed up the most influential website rankings are not 10 factors, for everyone to analyze in the end where the problem is.

below 10 factors, the importance of descending, hoping to help webmaster friends quickly positioning problems and reasons.

influence 1: keyword optimization over. read more

Light this GOOGLE baseless PR update

there are many indications that the PR large-scale updates, a large number of Web sites PR rise is unfounded. Do not conform to the principle of PR value!


a lot of people in the industry are elusive, then I would like to make a wild guess: the rise of the PR value is generally Google performance

the last radiance of the setting sun!

everyone knows that Google has been bullied by Baidu all over the country. But Google has not given up the struggle, but also give dying kicks


but in front of the vast numbers of Chinese netizens. Under the specific national conditions of china. He Google only a dead end! read more

Let Baidu fast included new skills ZhengZhan articles

on the A5 for the first time published articles! Today tell you about my site construction experience, talk about how to let Google and Baidu quickly included all of your site,

!When I began to prepare for the establishment of a

is utterly ignorant of to SEO! Differentsomething later after they gradually began to learn SEO knowledge! Now it is SEO rookie! When the site started construction of the total love first with traffic tools for self comfort brush flow, brush with the brush included my site suddenly it was included, included the length of the geometric form of growth. Although the article inside my website is false originality, but I also did not how to do promotion. In the backward a few outside the chain of articles, think should not reach the station included the effect of it. So I have re done 2 sites, a web site using flow tools brush, a tool without brush. Do it again at the last station. Take over the discovery is the flow tool to bring me the effect. That’s how I operate. read more