Month: November 2017

Shanghai Longfeng optimization tips six

four: professional soft writing, choose good outside chain release platform.

two: a new website structure analysis and link analysis.

a new structure must first meet the search engines like, do is to pave the way for the next website optimization, as an analysis of Shanghai dragon Er on the structure of the website can be divided into: delete the web design is not reasonable, and strive to meet the optimization of the directory node there is site navigation and link optimization also to do the analysis, and make a record. read more

Shanghai dragon points Webmaster not only have the idea and mplementation


in Shanghai Longfeng optimization since the promotion, summed up the points webmaster do Shanghai dragon is not only have the idea and execution! Now do Shanghai dragon two or three years webmaster, actually still very experienced, skilled, know in your heart what website can make money, but also know how to do when have the effect, sometimes is no execution, because there was no time or trouble, their experience and technology so white.

Shanghai dragon is a technology live, although it looks very simple, when really can use the Shanghai dragon break a piece of heaven and earth station, now is not what Shanghai Longfeng scanty, said, just send content to send the chain to make up words, that you are a just contact Shanghai dragon soon the rookie small students from this point can be true; Shanghai dragon does not master such statements to evaluate it, although the webmaster friends know Shanghai Longfeng depends mainly on the content and the chain, but there are many details, some people never learn to understand it, such as updating method, the keyword density, the station the release of the chain requirements, details and so on, although there are a lot of so-called Shanghai dragon tutorial, but now can be used on how many; although now in Shanghai Dragon The stationmaster of a grasp of a lot, but really can make money by Shanghai Longfeng webmaster friends and some read more