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#ShopLimerick: Taking the first steps into the digital marketplace

first_imgWhatsApp Facebook Noel Davidson Entrepreneurs AcademyFOR small businesses looking to get their products online fast, a monthly subscription to sell on marketplaces such as Shopify or Etsy is a good option.That’s according to Noel Davidson, lead trainer with the Entrepreneurs Academy, which delivers training for Local Enterprise Offices across the country.A level up from that comes off-the-shelf website builders such as Wix, Weebly and Squarespace, he says. By paying a monthly subscription, small business can use these tools to quickly and easily build a website, choosing from a selection of templates.“The downside is once you stop paying the subscription, you lose your website. The free version of these tools will give you a generic “” website address, for example, but that may not look as professional,” says Davidson.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up “You can buy a personalised website address option from these providers, but you will have to sort out a personalised email address yourself.“A website that looks great but doesn’t do a lot is really just a brochure and it won’t drive much business“The next level up is website builder WordPress, and paying for hosting with a separate provider. This gives businesses a branded email address.“It also provides the best option of future-proofing an online presence, with the ability to add downloadable plug-ins as a business’s needs grow. One such is the free WooCommerce plug-in from WordPress. You can bolt it on to your website and you are up and running in minutes with a full ecommerce platform,” says Davidson.All the platforms have easy ways to install a payment gateway such as Paypal, Stripe or Elavon. However, Squarespace, Wix and Weebly charge a fee for this to be switched on. With all payment options, when something is sold on your website, you pay a small percentage to the provider when the payment is processed.“A lot of website designers build for WordPress so if, at some stage, you want to link your accounting package to it, you can.”Features such as livechat or a booking engine are among other plug-ins.“Our advice is to give the business as much flexibility as possible, so a self-hosted WordPress website on one of the local Irish hosting companies is probably preferable. Hosting costs are about €70 to €80 a year.An SSL certificate, another plug-in that protects sensitive information such as credit card information, usernames and passwords, will cost about the same annually.“Google Ads is where Google displays your ad when people search for products and services like yours. You pay for results, like when someone clicks your ad to call your business or visit your website.If you don’t have budget for that, you can help yourself in other ways. It’s about putting yourself in customers’ shoes. A chiropractor may have the word ‘chiropractor’ all over their website, but if potential customers use the search phrase ‘back pain’, local chiropractors may miss out.“Ask your customers how they found you – that’s the easiest way to source search terms. Update your website regularly with the search terms customers are using, perhaps through a value-add blog or company updates. Glowing reviews and testimonials from customers also cut through”, he explained.Read the Limerick Post Newspaper’s guide to local retailers HERE Print BusinessNews#ShopLimerick: Taking the first steps into the digital marketplaceBy Staff Reporter – December 2, 2020 80 Emailcenter_img Linkedin Twitter Advertisement Previous articleNew fuel and fast food outlet plazas on Galway RoadNext article#ShopLimerick: Finding a way out of the digital desert Staff Reporterhttp://www.limerickpost.ielast_img read more

Complications with the opening of a tourist guide in the case of Saša Radoš Jagešić

first_imgSaša Radoš Jagešić lives in Zagreb and for the last two years he has been working as a tourist guide for the area of ​​Zagreb and Zagreb County, for which he has passed a course, ie a license. “On Saturday I move to Pula, Istria is a tourist paradise and with knowledge of English and French and the experience of a tourist guide in Zagreb, I decided to make it my future business career, but this time I do not want to work for an agency but open my own business and become entrepreneur”, Points out Rados Jagesic. Sasa Rados Jagesic (left) Related news: An advisor to the CES regional office in Pula told her that she could not use any rights as an unemployed person, and thus no incentives. As a reason, she stated that by acquiring a license for a tourist guide, all future rights of unemployed persons are automatically lost in accordance with the status of tourist guides as an independent activity. She has been unemployed for some time now, and since her husband received a job offer in Pula, they decided to move from Zagreb to Istria. The job of a tour guide became her lifestyle and proved to be a dream job in which she found herself and decided to dedicate herself exclusively to it. But her problems with opening a business don’t stop there either. “What worries me the most is that now it has started to be said that we will not even be able to open lump-sum trades for tourist guides because a free profession cannot run a lump-sum trade. And I’m already arranging jobs for the season and I’m saying I’m going to issue invoices through trades, so then it would be very inconvenient if I can’t open it”, Points out Rados Jagesic. The competent institutions should react as soon as possible about the evaluation of the status of tourist guides, because it is only a matter of time before we hear a similar story as with Sasa Radoš Jagešić. “A lot of people I talked to, my colleagues, agree that this problem can be completely solved if tourist guides stop being guided by a free profession “, explains Radoš Jagešić. “In fact, this whole story with the return of incentives and unemployment benefits is the most frightening, because in that way they consider three and a half thousand of us liars. They believe that when we entered the records, we all lied that we did not have a company, trade and the like. According to them, we are obviously liars who exploit the state.” As her life path took her to Pula, otherwise her hometown, she decided to become self-employed and open a business there. She made a business plan, enrolled in a guide course for the Pula and Istria area, started collecting all the paperwork for CES incentives for self-employment, but then she ran into a dead end. To make matters more absurd, last year in Zagreb, although she has a license for a tourist guide, she earned unemployment benefits for three months like all other tourist guides in the whole of Croatia, except in Istria, where this is not an individual case but a rule we have already written. Unfortunately, we are again witnessing an absurd complication with tourist guides, and a new example this time comes from Istria, more precisely from Pula. Let’s start from the beginning, the story goes like this. LOUD THINKING / IVA SILLA, SECRET ZAGREB: SO WHILE IT GOES, IT GOESlast_img read more

Ronaldinho faces six months jail term

first_imgRelatedPosts Suarez agrees Atletico terms Messi becomes football’s second billionaire + Top 10 Messi staying back at Barca is ‘fantastic’ — Koeman Ronaldinho must remain in jail in Paraguay after a judge on Tuesday refused a request for him to be released into house arrest, following his arrest for possession of a fake Paraguayan passport. The former Barcelona, AC Milan and Brazil forward and his brother and business manager Roberto Assis were arrested last Friday after they were caught carrying the false Paraguayan documents. Brazilians do not need a passport to enter Paraguay so it was unclear why Ronaldinho had the fake documents in his possession. The brothers will remain in a maximum security prison on the outskirts of Asuncion for as long as six months, or until the investigation is complete, judge Gustavo Amarilla said. “Ronaldinho’s freedom could lead to an obstruction (of justice) or an escape,” Amarilla told reporters. “His presence in the country is necessary.” The brothers offered a $770,000 property as a guarantee but prosecutor Marcelo Pecchi argued they were a flight risk. “The investigation is only beginning, we are looking into other conducts that may be related,” Pecchi told reporters. “If these people leave right now they will not be able to be brought to face trial because Brazil does not extradite its own citizens.” Although he last played professionally in 2015, Ronaldinho is still hugely popular with global football fans and advertisers and was invited to Paraguay by a local casino owner.Tags: AC MilanBarcelonaGustavo AmarillaMercelo PecchiRoberto AssisRonaldinholast_img read more