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From professional to amateur: this will be the de-escalation in sport

first_imgThe different strata of Spanish sport face the de-escalation of the state of alarm with the same desire to return to activity but with radically different perspectives, as much as the daily life of a professional soccer player and a municipal swimming pool swimmer can be.With four major professional leagues at the top and 21 million athletes at the base, the pyramid will be activated progressively and according to deadlines that the Ministry of Culture and Sports has detailed after the measures approved by the Government this Tuesday.This is the x-ray of the Spanish sport before the de-escalation set by the Ministry for phases 0-3:PHASE 0(From May 4 (except in Formentera, La Graciosa, La Gomera and El Hierro. That enter PHASE 1):Individual professional and federated training. Basic training of professional leagues. Contactless sports activity.Professional athletes, in general terms, are those who charge to be so. According to the terms of Royal Decree 1006/1985, those who “by virtue of a relationship established on a regular basis, voluntarily dedicate themselves to the practice of sport on behalf of and within the scope of organization and management of a sports club or entity in exchange of a retribution. “In Spain there are 3,866,867 federated athletes, according to the 2019 Sports Statistics yearbook, the latest published. The data corresponds to 2018. The average annual increase in federation since 2014 is 118,898 athletes, so the current figure may exceed four million federation licenses.There are only four professional leagues in Spain: men’s soccer, basketball, handball and futsal. None of the women’s leagues is recognized as a professional; This was one of the aspects that women’s sports expected to see resolved in the future Sports Law, whose draft was approved in the previous legislature. The Iberdrola League footballers, for example, are professional athletes since they are salaried, even if their league is not professional.Non-contact sports activity leaves out of this phase a wide list of disciplines. The Spanish federations of Boxing, Fencing, Judo, Karate, Kickboxing and Muay Thai, Olympic Wrestling and Taekwondo signed precisely this Tuesday a pre-agreement to form an association that looks after their common interests and requested “the gradual opening” of gyms, clubs, rooms and dojos.PHASE 1(At least fifteen days after PHASE 0):Opening of high performance centers with reinforced hygiene and protection measures. Average training in professional leagues. Outdoor sports facilities without public to practice sports in which there is no contact: athletics, tennis. Individual sports activities by appointment in sports centers without physical contact or use of changing rooms. The high performance centers (CAR) are state and / or regionally owned sports facilities aimed at improving the performance of high-level athletes. They attend as a priority to the needs of the Spanish Federations. They also host the concentrations of international teams that reserve a place. Some are multi-sport and others focus on a specific sport. There are currently nine CARs: two in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Sierra Nevada, Granada, Madrid specialized in golf, Santander, Palma de Mallorca and León. There are also 43 sports technification centers, autonomously or locally owned, that are not expressly mentioned in the ministry’s guide.Outdoor sports facilities for contactless sports are mostly private sports clubs. There are 67,500 clubs in Spain, according to the aforementioned 2019 yearbook, although not all have outdoor facilities. To cite the two examples mentioned by the Ministry, in 2018 there were 1,538 athletics clubs and 1,190 tennis clubs.The list of sports centers also includes municipal facilities. The census of sports facilities is from 2005 and spoke of 79,059. According to the latest Sports Habits Survey, in 2015, of the 20.8 million Spaniards who play sports, 45.9% do it outdoors: 14.5 million make parks and fields their training headquarters. 58.8% use specific sports facilities: 2.7 million go to public gyms, 4.8 million to private gyms, 17.9 million to other public facilities and 12.1 to other private facilities or clubs.PHASE 2(At least 15 days after PHASE 1):Resumption of hunting and sport fishing. Basic training in federated non-professional leagues. Total training in professional leagues. Reopening of professional championships through closed-door matches, which can be retransmitted. Outdoor sports shows and activities with limited capacity. Sports facilities in closed spaces without public.Hunting is the third sport with the highest number of licenses (317,065, behind only football and basketball) and the first in number of clubs (5,965) in the Spanish federated sport. In fishing there are 52,351 federated and 1,253 clubs, more than gymnastics, judo or paddle tennis.The non-professional federated leagues are all those that are played, in any category, under the regulations of the federations, except for the four professional ones: soccer, futsal, handball and men’s basketball. The limits between basic, medium and total training are not specified.The professional championships are those of the professional leagues. Disputing them behind closed doors means doing so without an audience and with the minimum essential personnel from outside the teams. The possibility of rebroadcasting implies the entry of the media and the workers necessary to provide television coverage.Outdoor sports competitions are back, but with limited capacity. In the stands the social distance must be kept.54% of athletes who exercise in indoor facilities will be able to do it again, but without an audience.PHASE 3(At least 15 days after PHASE 2):Average training in federated non-professional leagues. Outdoor sports shows and activities with less limited capacity. In closed spaces, public limited to 1 person per 20 m2. Matches with a maximum of 1/3 capacity.The indoor venues are open to the public, but spectators will have to watch the matches practically alone: ​​isolated 20 square meters around. The ticket policy for members and fans will have to be completely revised.last_img read more