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Hip Hop Star Rick Ross Joins BLM on Racism in South Florida

first_imgAmerican rapper, William Leonard Roberts II, known professionally as Rick Ross, joined protesters in Miramar, Florida to lend his voice to the protests surrounding the death of George Floyd while he was in police custody. The BLM protest in Florida this weekend became also attracted the man who also lost a son to racial violence, Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s dad.Tracy Martin father of the late Trayvon Martin attended a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Miramar, where a group of people including Rick Ross gathered to protest the killing of George Floyd.Tracy reminded the crowd how long it was since his own son was killed by George Zimmerman. It has been more than 8 years.He also talked about the fact that black people need a “manuscript” to follow if they want to leave their homes and survive police brutality.Kendrick Lamar is making his return as protests for George Floyd and against police brutality continue across the country. On Sunday, Lamar joined DeMar DeRozan and Russell Westbrook in the Compton Peace Walk from Gateway Towne Center in Los Angeles to Compton City Hall. The “To Pimp A Butterfly” rapper is said to have blended in with the crowd and made sure that his appearance didn’t take away from the moment. Lamar’s appearance at his hometown protest joins a list of several Hip Hop stars who have taken to the streets to let their voices be heard including Rick Ross, who joined protesters in Miramar, Florida on Saturday and J. Cole who was joined by Dennis Smith Junior in their hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina.Demonstrators in Riviera Beach came together Sunday for a vigil honoring the men and women they say have fallen victim to police brutality, including George Floyd.“I think it’s important that we come together and speak up,” said Maria Cole, demonstrator. “This has been going on for far too long and it’s not just about police brutality and police violence and people dying.”Demonstrators started at the Riviera Beach City Hall and before marching across the Blue Heron Boulevard bridge to Singer Island, held a moment of silence in honor of Floyd for eight minutes and 46 seconds.“I think the only way that we can be better is if we commit to doing better and I think we can only do better when we have tough conversations and it looks like everybody’s ready to have that tough conversation,” says Ladi March-Goldwire, organizer. Blueface is facing backlash after making a joke about the death of George Floyd and other acts of police brutality. On Friday, the “Thotiana” rapper was out shopping for furniture for his new place when he was shocked at the price of some of the items and asked for a “George Floyd discount.” took to Twitter to denounce the rapper’s “joke” and didn’t hesitate to light into him for trying to make light of a situation that has resulted in protesters being shot with rubber bullets, being teargassed and more while demonstrating for police reform. Blueface has not responded to his latest criticism.“Do The Right Thing” director Spike Lee jumped on his bicycle and joined a George Floyd protest in Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon. The 63-year-old told his fellow demonstrators that he was there to represent his neighborhood. The Oscar-winning filmmaker, who was wearing a New York Knicks bike helmet slowed down to speak with some protesters who recognized him.last_img read more

Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal lays foundation stone of stadium at Chamata

first_imgOILFC win Naroram Barman soccer titleOur Sports ReporterGUWAHATI: Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal today laid the foundation stone of a sports stadium to be constructed with a financial outlay of Rs 10 crore under the Uttaran scheme at Chamata in Nalbari District. The proposed stadium is to be constructed at Chamata Anchalik Sports Association Playground,Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister Sonowal underlined the role played by sports in strengthening goodwill, camaraderie, brotherhood and friendship and said that the committed efforts of the state government helped to raise people’s interest in sports in the State.Sonowal in his speech also lauded the achievement of athlete Hima Das in different national and international evens and said that several other sports persons of Assam are also making the State proud with their success in different sports events. Further referring to the participation of Mohammedan Sporting Club of West Bengal in Naroram Barman Memorial Football Tournament, Sonowal hoped that participation of teams from different states in sports championships being organised in the State would foster brotherhood and friendship as well as reinforce harmony.Industry and Commerce Minister Chandramohan Patowary, MLAs Ashok Barman and Narayan Deka, Member Secretary of SLAC for Students and Youth Welfare Lakhya Konwar, Director of Sports Pabitra Ram Khaund, President of Assam Football Association Ankur Dutta, President of All Moran Students Union Arunjyoti Moran, Deputy Commissioner of Nalbari district and host of other dignitaries were present in the function.Later Chief Minister Sonowal was introduced to the players of both the finalists of 41st Naroram Barman Memorial Football Tournament at the Chamata Anchalik Sports Association Playground. OILFC, which faced Mohammedan Sporting in the final, won the title clash 4-3 via tie break.last_img read more

49ers mailbag: Is Jimmy Garoppolo a Pro Bowler next season?

first_imgSANTA CLARA – Our mailbag has piled up with questions ahead of the 49ers season finale Sunday at the Los Angeles Rams. Here is what’s arrived via Twitter and Instagram:What’s up with Goodwin? Will he be a part of the 49ers future? He’s regressed this year. (@Tonyferrari_)Marquise Goodwin was a WR1 coming out of camp, but after this sub-par season, he’ll have to compete with Dante Pettis for the split-end spot next camp. Goodwin’s season has been impacted by a leg injury in the season and a …last_img read more

From Dust to St. Patrick in 5 Billion Years Flat

first_imgBiblical creationists and evolutionists have one belief in common: we came originally from dust.  How that dust became organized is the difference.  Both views teach that our bodies are comprised of the same atoms found in dust, but creationists say an intelligent designer purposefully molded the dust into a fully-formed man and woman, whereas evolutionists claim the dust organized itself over aeons of time (see cartoon).  Several recent evolutionary articles seem to endow dust with nearly magical properties of self-organization.    As if pulling a rabbit out of a dusty hat, Astrobiology Magazine announced, “Galactic Dust Bunnies Contain Stuff of Life.”  The basic idea is that carbon, oxygen and iron may form in stars at the centers of galaxies like ours and blow the dust into the outer regions.  The Spitzer Space Telescope detected silicates and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), rich in carbon and oxygen, near the center of the Milky Way.  “These elements are the building blocks of all planets, including our own Earth (as well as of human beings and any other life forms that may exist in the universe).”  The implication is that there is an evolutionary connection between PAH molecules (which are like the dust in your tailpipe) and you.    The preoccupation with life-potentiating dust was also seen in another article on Astrobiology Magazine.  It began, “NASA scientists analyzing the dust of meteorites have discovered new clues to a long-standing mystery about how life works on its most basic, molecular level.”  That mystery is homochirality: the fact that all proteins in life use left-handed amino acids.  Science Now echoed the finding by Goddard astrobiologists who noticed slight excesses of one hand over the other in meteorites collected in Antarctica.  “In one of the rocks, the imbalance was 18%, the largest ever reported for a meteorite.”  The discoverers theorized that the amino acids made contact with melting ice in the parent asteroids, and become more biased toward left handedness when polarized light in space impinged on the molecules.  “Whatever the reason,” the article said (indicating these theoretical notions are not certain), “life as we know it could just as easily have been given a nudge toward the right-handed side in a different environment.”  Jeffrey Bada of UC San Diego remained skeptical.  “It’s a lot to ask from a natural geochemical process, which, basically, we know nothing about.”  Another astrobiologist mentioned the possibility that bacterial contamination of the meteorite biased the ratios.    Problems or not, the two articles on Astrobiology Magazine were optimistic that the secret of life is inherent in dust: “The study shows that biological molecules created in space and delivered to Earth by meteorites” [i.e., space dust] “ may have had a profound effect on the development of life.”  And as to the origin of the dust from stars, the other article said, “The research is helping astrobiologists understand how elements necessary for life are formed and distributed through the Universe.”  A few billion years later, St. Patrick walks the heaths of Ireland, bringing good news to people walking in pagan darkness and fear.Now we can add the Dust Bunny to Tinker Bell, Popeye and Yoda in the cast of characters in the evolutionary play, King Charles and His Magic Kingdom.  The Dust Bunny from space contains within herself all the potentialities of eagles, frogs, giraffes, starfish and humans: NASA tells us that galactic dust bunnies contain the stuff of life.  So the cosmic Dust Bunny, sent on a beam of starlight, falls to a planet that had just emerged from the dust of the sun.  All she needs is the awakening zap from Tinker Bell’s mutation wand, and her inherent potential begins to unfold.  Over billions and billions of years, left-handed amino acids, “for whatever reason,” join hands and invent codes, morphing into trilobites and squid and jellyfish and worms.  Under King Charles’ just laws, stuff happens: fins swim, legs walk, and eyes pop into existence.  The living dust morphs into mice and cavemen and Popeye the Sailor Man.  Minds emerge from the dust, till at the pinnacle of this long process, Yoda the scientist looks back, calls St. Patrick a fool, and explains how it all really happened.    More primitive versions of this philosophy were called pantheism.  Darwin Party Productions, Inc., has animated the ancient play into a new epic – Pantoonism – now playing in science journals near you.  Abadabadababacadabra, that’s all, folks.(Visited 12 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

‘Africa’s greenest hotel’ opens its doors

first_img29 August 2013South African hospitality group Bon Hotels has opened what it says is the continent’s greenest hotel.The R170-million, 145-room Hotel Verde, situated 400 metres from Cape Town International Airport, was officially opened on Tuesday, with Bon Hotels saying it aimed to raise environmental awareness and help preserve the natural wetlands in the area around the airport.“The team at Hotel Verde have gone to the greatest extent yet seen on the continent – from locally sourced suppliers to sustainable practices on the building site to multiple ways in which they can generate their own electricity and reduce waste to almost zero,” Bon Hotels said in a statement.Hotel Verde was constructed with concrete slabs comprising recycled materials called cobiax void formers – polypropylene hollow spheres that saved over 1 000 tonnes of concrete.Geothermal pumps have been installed through 100 boreholes 65 metres underground, where a constant ground temperature of 19 degrees Celsius will be used to maintain ventilation and air-conditioning in the hotel.Hotel Verde’s bar will make use of the geothermal pumps to maintain the temperature in the wine cellar. It also includes a “living wall”, made up entirely of plants.‘Boosting efficiency, sustainability’Photovoltaic panels, three wind turbines and a grey water recycling plant are other measures that have been introduced to boost efficiency and reduce operational costs.Water from guest showers will be treated in the recycling system and then be used in all toilets in the building; the system is expected to reduce the hotel’s water consumption by about 37%.Public areas such as lifts, toilets and passages have been equipped with movement- sensor-controlled lighting.The hotel gym has also been made part of the greening solution. “Hotel Verde will be the first in South Africa to use power-generating equipment – these machines pump power back into the hotel as you work out and shows the amount of energy you are generating,” Bon Hotels said.Guests are also able to use the outdoor gym equipment or run along the 320 metre jogging trail set amid a fynbos garden and along the surrounding wetlands.“We had the opportunity to change the status quo here,” said Hotel Verde’s sustainability consultant, Andre Harms. “We looked at different ways of doing everything, right from the word go.”Hotel Verde has applied for green certification through the internationally recognised, United States green building certification system Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and is hoping to achieve this rating shortly, following its opening.Data will be collected for a further year before the hotel will apply for LEED Gold for existing buildings.SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

Farm liability insurance — What’s in your policy?

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest On one hand there are the optimists. They see the glass half empty and expect the best to happen in all situations. Then on the other hand are the pessimists, who often refer to themselves as realists. They anticipate what could go wrong and spend time thinking about alternate plans for when those unfortunate things actually happen. Pessimists, this article may not be for you, because you’ve thought these things through. So optimists- read on.How often do you think about your farm liability insurance? When is the last time you reviewed your policy with your insurance provider to make sure that you really are covered for everything for which you think you are covered?Farm liability insurance is one of the most common tools for agricultural risk management. Liability coverage helps you manage your liability for harm unintentionally caused to other people or property by your farming activities. It makes payments on your behalf to an injured party. It also defends you against lawsuits brought by a third party alleging liability within the scope of your policy.We are all wired differently in our risk management personalities. For some people it seems like a waste of time to anticipate what could go wrong on your farm. You’ve got insurance; it’s probably covered, right?Maybe, but maybe not. Depending on your policy and everything that you are doing in your farm operation, general farm liability insurance might not cover as much as you think. You should annually review your insurance policies with your insurance agent to make sure that all aspects of your farming operation are covered. What levels of liability coverage are recommended?According to Virginia Cooperative Extension, the consensus of insurance professionals is that any type of farm should have at least $1 million in coverage. But $1 million may not be enough for many farm operations in Ohio, based upon the farm’s assets and activities. A rule of thumb suggests an amount of coverage equal to the extent of your assets. For example, $5 million worth of real estate would mean $5 million in coverage. Another rule of thumb from Virginia Cooperative Extension is to obtain sufficient coverage to help you sleep at night. Request a quote for varying levels of coverage, and then gauge the increased cost compared to the increased comfort of higher coverage.What should you review in your liability policy?• What is the aggregate limit of the policy? The aggregate limit is the maximum amount your insurer will pay to settle your claims during the policy period, which is typically on an annual basis. Is this amount sufficient to address your risk?• What types of incidents are covered by your general liability insurance? A standard policy covers liability for bodily injury or property damage arising from incidents related to the farm business and its premises and operations, and can include incidents arising from sales of raw produce from a farm roadside stand. Does this general coverage address all of your farming activities?• What activities are not covered by your general liability insurance? A standard policy lists activities that are specifically excluded from coverage, which might include custom farming, special events on the farm, processed food products, farmer’s market sales and other off-farm activities, and non-farming businesses like excavation, snow removal or landscaping. Are you in need of additional coverage for these types of activities?• How does your policy address harm from manure, fertilizers, chemicals or contaminants? Most often, this type of harm is deemed “pollution” that is excluded from general liability coverage. A standard policy will likely define “pollution” as a discharge or dispersal of chemicals, wastes or contaminants on the farm premises, on another property or during transport. Is there is high risk of discharge of manure, fertilizer or chemicals in your farming operation that is not covered by your policy?• Does your coverage extend to your employees, family members and representatives and their actions? It is important to understand who a policy defines as “the insured,” which typically includes you as the policyholder and any legal entities you name for the farm business. A standard policy might also include farm employees and relatives residing with the policyholder as insured parties. Is everyone involved in your farm’s operations included in the policy? What gaps might exist in your liability policy?• What changes have been made in structures, land, equipment or other farm assets? If the value of your assets has grown since you first obtained your policy, you may need to revise your coverage limits.• What additional agricultural activities or other enterprises are in need of coverage? If you are involved in new enterprises or agricultural activities, you may need to increase your coverage or obtain an additional policy endorsement that addresses the activity.• Do you need to address pollution risk? If you use, store or transport manure, fertilizer or chemicals, you should assess the risk of a discharge that could affect crops, livestock, a waterway or another’s property. Supplemental coverage is available to address “pollution” incidents, which typically addresses sudden, accidental discharges of materials used in normal farming operations. Because pollution coverage can vary widely, it is important to understand both your risk of an incident as well as the limitations of your pollution coverage. What would happen if…• You cause a chemical spill when traveling from one farm location to another?• One of your farm employees causes an accident while driving machinery on a roadway?• You are the cause of an accident while plowing snow for a neighbor?• A family member is involved in an accident while custom baling hay on someone else’s property?It can be painful for the optimist to sit down and consider the “what if’s” of life. But it is much more painful to have the unexpected happen and result in costly expenditures that could even mean losing the farm. Make the time to know what’s in your policy.last_img read more

How To Make Product Knowledge Training Effective

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Now When a sales organization has an opportunity to get their salesforce together in one place, they desperately want to give them product knowledge. This is a very good idea, but it is often executed in a way that makes it more likely that the salesperson will sell product instead of outcomes.Product knowledge training normally begins with teaching the salesforce about the new features, the things that make it better than the last version. This worked well for Steve Jobs who had a line up of super-sexy products and a market anxiously waiting to beat down the doors to buy them. But for most sales organization, there is no one clamoring to make a purchase.Features and BenefitsThe problem with features is that they are sexy. It’s what makes your product perform better. But when you lead with them, you are teaching the sales force to lead with them. This is what sticks.As new specs and features are being shared, product knowledge training moves to benefits. What’s the point of features with no benefits? So with each feature, the salesperson is given a list of all of the new performance benefits their customer or client can expect.But all of this is backwards, and it needs to be through a different lens, a different context. That context is customer problems and outcomes.Start with Problems and OutcomesInstead of starting with the product, the features, or the benefits, product knowledge training should begin with a description of the customer’s problems or challenges. It should begin by describing what the customer needs to do now and why they are struggling to do it. Opportunities are only created when a client recognizes a gap, a need. Your product knowledge training should begin by teaching them how to develop the problem and the need.Once you teach the sales force how to recognize the gap and help their client recognize it, you can teach them the features and benefits that they can apply to that problem. This is how you make product knowledge training effective.last_img read more

In and around your city

first_imgA checklist on where to eat and what to shop for.New in town BejewelledArguably Bangalore’s most creative jewellery designer, Pallavi Foley has launched her new collection in 18k gold, diamonds, rubies and fresh water pearls called By The Lombok Moonlight. Inspired by the historic jewellery traditions of South-east Asian islands,,A checklist on where to eat and what to shop for.New in townBejewelledArguably Bangalore’s most creative jewellery designer, Pallavi Foley has launched her new collection in 18k gold, diamonds, rubies and fresh water pearls called By The Lombok Moonlight. Inspired by the historic jewellery traditions of South-east Asian islands, Foley has put together 21 limited edition sets of necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The motifs used on each piece include shapes of various elements.Price: On Request.At: Leela Galleria.RestaurantHome touchThe spirit of Coorg comes alive at this new restaurant serving traditional home-style cuisine from the lush green area of Karnataka which is nestled in the Western Ghats. The two-floor restaurant with a rooftop (set to open soon) has an indoor air-conditioned section, an outdoor smoking section and a party area alongside. The rooftop is slated for outdoor grills with music dedicated for a younger crowd. The menu has a huge variety for non-vegetarians with a handful of options for vegetarians to choose from. Start with the mutton broth and some Pandi Chops or a choice of meat that can be prepared in a variety of styles. The main course is served with a variety of rice like steamed string hoppers or rice balls. The dcor is swathed in yellow and natural light with photographs of gorgeous Coorg as well as relics native to the culture like traditional weapons and rifles used for hunting mounted on the wall.Average meal for two: Rs 1,000 plus taxes (without alcohol).At: 29, 80 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore.Tel: 30412940.-Ayesha AleemTaste of AsiaSavour the flavours of the Far East with delectable treats. Chinese Master Chef Thi Giang from the award winning Li Bai restaurant at the Sheraton Saigon in Vietnam has been invited as a special guest for this event. The menu has on offer lotus root, sweet corn soup, wok-fried flat noodles, Szechuan-style braised tofu and Chinese mushrooms.Price: Rs 995 (lunch buffet); Rs 1,145 (dinner buffet) plus taxes.At: Feast, Sheraton Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway.Tel: 42521000.EventsadvertisementSweet delightsChef Manu Chandra and pastry chef Girish Nayak bring you a selection of sugary creations. Start with their berry amuse bouche, a strawberry consomme followed by the orange meringue filled with passion curd. Also recommended is the inevitable chocolate course followed by toffee.From: October 5-15.At: Olive Beach, Wood Street, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore.Tel: 41128400.Classic collections Back with its ninth edition, the Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival celebrates the greatest playwright of all time-William Shakespeare. Inspired by the Globe to Globe festival that recently concluded in the UK, theatre enthusiasts in the city will be treated with productions from around the world as well as two from India.From: October 27 to November 11.At: Ranga Shankara, Bangalore.Tel: 9742478886.ProfileMedic AidIndiritta D’mello’s Initiative hospital guide connects you to the best doctors in your city.Finding a doctor at a time when your body, or that of a loved one, is battling against itself can be confusing. Even if you find what you are looking for, you are likely to be preoccupied with thoughts of whether you are being prescribed the best treatment possible or being overcharged. This is where Hospital Guide, a nonprofit service that is currently available online, helps. Since they do not charge for their service, they are unbiased in their recommendations to patients.Started in 2010 by Indiritta Singh D’mello, the initiative is active and has a visible component on Facebook. Their forum on the social networking website with currently more than 20,000 members, is meant to serve as a guide with the vision to revolutionise healthcare in India. Apart from being a platform for people to share their experiences with hospitals and doctors, Hospital Guide is useful if you are looking for a doctor to help you find aid for a specific ailment. The guide helps a patient connect with reputed doctors who have been chosen for maintaining a stellar record and offer support in cases of negligence.Indiritta Singh D’mello is the daughter of Rajkumari Priti Singh Kuchaman and the late Rodolf D’mello. She pursued a bachelor’s degree in philosophy at Delhi University after which she went to Oxford University for higher studies. “I was always interested in social development,” she says. She soon realised that India was home to the best doctors but it did not always translate to the best health services. She also realised that healthcare was a goldmine as it was immune to recession as a result of which, quality was an element that was often compromised upon. Moreover, with super speciality setups emerging in the medical sector, many patients were becoming skeptical of doctors, a situation that some doctors would take advantage of. With a desire to learn more about this sector, Indiritta began working with hospitals in Delhi and Bangalore. “When I started Hospital Guide, it was built with the intention of enhancing the services of healthcare in the country,” says Indiritta. This allied service, which is free of cost, is meant to start a movement through engaging people online and discussing their experiences with doctors.Indiritta relates the story of a man based in the United States who needed care for his mother in India who had breast cancer. “A hospital that his mother consulted in India recommended chemotherapy and radiation therapies, both of which are expensive procedures and have drastic side effects. However, when they came to Hospital Guide, we made sure they got a second opinion from a top hospital in Delhi which stated that just radiation would be sufficient.” Therefore Hospital guide was able to lower the medical cost of the patient as well as avoid unpleasant health repercussions. Her long-term vision is to make Hospital Guide available to all sections of society with a point based system instating rewards and recognition for good doctors. “I would also like to establish an R&D division and perhaps open a hospital someday,” she shares, Hospital Guide has over 300 doctors across India registered in its database and is active in Delhi and Bangalore, although it functions on an emergency basis in cities including Mumbai, Jaipur and Hyderabad among others.-Ayesha AleemGadgetsadvertisementAsus S & F SeriesThe new Asus S Series Ultrabooks, S56CA-XX030R and S56CA-XX056R, are aimed at the budget-consciousbuyer. With options of Intel 2nd and 3rd generation iCore processors, the S series Ultrabooks have a 15.6-inch HD LED Backlight Glare display and a hybrid SSH+HDD storage to ensure instant resume. They also sport a brushed aluminum hairline texture and have a 2.4 kg body weight.Price: Rs 35,999 onwards.Sony DSC-RX 100Using the imaging features of Sony’s Alpha range of A-mount and E-mount camera families, the DSC-RX100 promises impressive picture quality and comfortable control options in a pocket-sized camera. It is also the world’s first 1.0-type Exmor CMOS sensor with a resolution of 20.2 effective megapixels. The sensor area is around four times larger than the 1/2.3-type imager in regular point-and-shoot cameras and hence captures more light for vivid and detailed images.Price: Rs 34,990.Gogear Soundot MP3 PlayerRefreshing its portable music player lineup, Philips has introduced a funky looking MP3 player called SoundDot. The music player has a in-built clip for convenient and hands-free use. It also has a Fastcharge feature where a quick sixminute charge powers up the music player to last for 60 minutes. Price: Rs 1,599.Available at Second Floor, Koramangla, Tel 64518820; Gk Vale, MG Road, Tel 41232098; Computer Warehouse, Barton Centre, MG Road, Tel 4173972; Sennheiser Elctronics India, Cumingham Road, Tel 49037800; Sony Centre, 100 ft. Road, Indiranagar, Tel 42116677Gadget reviews by India Today G&G www.gadgetsngizmos.inadvertisementlast_img read more